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Sadly remarkable or remarkably sad…

Posted on: June 24, 2015

Sadly, the horrors of the massacre at Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston were numbing.  It’s an all too routine occurrence in the country these days.  This time it was nine people in a church as opposed to a school with twenty first-graders and their teachers. Police Line flowers

Remarkably, it looks as if the northern Virginia battle flag will be withdrawn from the capitol grounds of South Carolina.  The swiftness of this action is unprecedented.  What is even more exceptional is that it took something this horrific for everyone to take a breath, realize the undeniable racist symbolism, and unshackle themselves from the lies told to justify the hatefulness.

It is remarkably sad that this is what it took to bring people to the point of just listening to facts — facts that haven’t changed in 53 years.  In 1962, the battle flag of Virginia found its way to the South Carolina statehouse after segregationists took it as their symbol of open rebellion against civil rights.  In this instance, the Stars and Bars had little to do with Civil War heritage – other than being a continuing subterfuge of tacit racism.

WhyIt took nine good people dying to spur a simple conversation based upon irrefutable facts – facts heretofore unacceptable and unspoken because they fell outside preconceived opinions.  If this is a lesson from the Mother Emmanuel massacre, wouldn’t it be extraordinary if it was a lesson capable of being applied to other divisive issues?  For instance:

What if people took a moment and considered that the Second Amendment did not guarantee any individual gun rights until the case of District of Columbia v. Heller?  What if there was a realization such an interpretation of the Second Amendment was considered laughable prior to 1977 and only after the NRA was taken over by cabal of gun manufacturers did such an interpretation gain traction?  There has never been a historical “right to bear arms” only an unflinching greed to sell more guns.  A greed not constitutionally sanctioned until 2008.Flag at half mast

Or what if people took a breath and realized abortion did not magically appear in 1973 by virtue of Roe v. Wade, but existed as a right from the beginnings of the country.  Under English common law, legal medical assistance was available for pregnancy termination until the time of quickening (first perceptible fetal movement usually at about four months).  Our incorporation of English common law formed the basis of our legal system and with it, the right to abortion services.

Or what if people were disabused of the notion that the biblical definition of marriage is synonymous with only opposite sex marriage?  As recorded, the biblical definition of marriage was in constant flux – from polygamy to taking the wife of a dead brother to forcing a rape victim to marry her rapist to prohibition of interracial or interdenominational marriages and that’s only a few variations of sanctioned biblical marriage.  “Traditional marriage” is merely the latest incarnation of a constantly changing cultural practice with same-sex marriage being far from the most shocking installment along its evolutionary trail.

Before Sunday's church service...

Before Sunday’s church service…

A little self-reflection would go a long way for everyone no matter what their political leanings might be.  Just think what would happen if Texans had to drive 550 miles, both ways, to exercise their “constitutional right” to buy a firearm — the equivalency of what a Texan woman must do now to exercise her constitutional right to access legal abortion health services?  Just think what would happen if older Americans, incapable of childbearing, were denied marriage licenses under the same logic used to bolster opposition to same-sex marriage?

Just think of the progress we could make if everyone would stop, take a breath, listen, and consider irrefutable facts before rushing to distort them in favor of baseless opinions.  It’s sad that nine people had to die at Bible study to remind us of something so remarkably simple.

Take the conversation in any direction you might want to explore today.





38 Responses to "Sadly remarkable or remarkably sad…"

There is a cultural sickness in SC. It has been there for a long time and it manifests itself everyday in small ways all the time. It’s unfortunate that it took a shooting to finally bring attention to it.

@1, why do you think that is? I have only spent limited time in SC around Charleston and the Spoleto Festival so my impressions are very superficial and not to be trusted.

Fredster, little Piyush is running for President! It’s going to be difficult deciding who’s driving the clown car — and of course, the chorus of “shotgun” is deafening.

Prolix, brilliant post as usual. Thank you for bringing up these excellent points.

It sickens me to think of the $ that is being wasted on these vanity campaigns. One would think that the repub party would be embarrassed at having such a ridiculous number of prez candidates, and that they would discourage this nonsense. Apparently, stupid, embarrassing and wasteful is what they do.

Which of the repub clowns do you guys think would make the worst president? Lil Booby?

Prolix it goes back to the civil war and never dealing with the truth. They have made up this complete myth about so much history. Remember the Duck Dynasty guy saying that black people were better off in slavery? Too much belief of that kind.

@annie and Prolix: Well it’s “offishul” that lil booby is gonna make an ass out of himself.

On Morning schmoe they were talking about it and the consensus was his chances were “slim”. 😆

Lamar White had a good piece on him and the target audience he was seeking to reach. It’s mainly the whacko evangelicals and home schooling crowd. By that I mean the ones who use those “Christian” home schooling programs.

How ya doin’ Annie? Feeling any better?

annie@5: I think it’s just impossible to choose since there are so many choices there and none are good in my opinion.

Prolix said: “Traditional marriage” is merely the latest incarnation of a constantly changing cultural practice with same-sex marriage being far from the most shocking installment along its evolutionary trail.

Don’t forget to include that many times marriages were for the preservation or expansion of “property”.

Welp, getting close to local news time so I’m going to watch the streaming news from one of the nola stations to see the little pissant make his announcement.

There was supposed to be a “demonstration” of protesters against Booby at the Pontchartrain Center in the suburbs but it was sooo funny watching the nola millenials asking questions like “I don’t have a car, trying to go green, can I get a ride with someone to Kenner?” ! So, the Great Protest may have not gone off.

Fredster, thanks, I finally got some antibiotics yesterday, and already feel a little better, but have the stomach upset that goes with them. it’ll take a few more days. This has been a really awful month for me. I had just started my spring cleaning and gardening projects when I got sick, so my house is a mess.

annie@12: Oh that’s terrible that antibiotics mess with your stomach. I guess I’m lucky in some ways, never had a problem with them. I’m also glad I can take penicillin based antibiotics. I know sooo many people who are allergic to it. Just glad that at least for now I can keep that in the list of ones I can take. It’s cheap too! 😉

Just caught a glimpse of the protest crowd at booby’s announcement. It looked like a crowd of tens! 😆

For Prolix and anyone else interested in reading, here’s the article by Lamar White about Bobby, the evangelicals, home schoolers and what he believes can win the election for him. it wasn’t on Lamar’s personal blog, but rather on Salon.

Yeah, I have amoxicillin, which is good. I’m just sensitive to everything, healthwise. Too bad there weren’t more protesters, that’s a shame. I will check out the article later. If he’s counting on homeschool parents and evangelicals, he’s nuttier than I thought.

@14, Piyush’s suit is either: (1) Really, really cheap; or (2) His internal thermostat is broken and his internal oven is on broil. His suit lapel and collar looks like it was hung in an accordion last night. Just sayin’ if you are announcing for Preznit, you might want to press your suit.

@6, thanks for that. I’ve been hearing folks from SC advancing those types of arguments — romanticizing the Civil War instead of facing the fact it was about maintaining slavery for the economic aspects of greed.

Don’t you find it amazing that people who claim to love their historical heritage are in love with something that didn’t exist?

@5, Annie, hope you are feeling better. I’m one of those people who can’t take penicillin — so allergic I am that I break out in these large hives, so large and pronounced I look like a 1920’s tufted sofa.

I can’t say who would be the biggest hemorrhoid inducing clown — you have the Dunceald Tramp of course, but he’s too obvious. Ben Carson has some pretty cray,cray stuff going on, but it’s hard to pick on him since he is so clueless.

Then there’s Carly no-finesse Fiorina. She comes pretty close to my definition of evil — no chance to win, but throwing shade at Hillary at every turn for the purpose of advancing her chances of being a VP contender or getting a Faux News contract now that Caribou Barbie has been axed.

There you go, making perfect sense again, prolix. What a great post.

Interesting article about drones delivering abortion pills to countries with restrictive abortion laws.

Politco says Chris Christie will announce next week. Enough already! This was funny for awhile, now it’s making me nauseous.

@20, hmmm, Poland and TX have something else in common other than being led by zealots — they have crazy abortion laws. Perhaps we could take a lesson here — we could drone TX with contraceptives and Plan B pills. As I’ve already said, I can’t think of a better place to promote contraceptives than TX.

annie@16: That’s good that you can take the amoxicillin and too bad for you Prolix, it just reduces the available meds for you. I do believe though that people who aren’t allergic to penicillin can have that change on them and develop a reaction. Just holding my breath that I stay okay with them to have a broader base of antibiotics available to me.

Prolix, he always looks like that. Maybe he thinks it gives him the “whiz kid” look or something, but that train left the station a long time ago.

And Prolix, you know those Texans would target practice on the drones. 🙂

@23, the scene opens in a large TX field. Two Texans are talking:

First’un says: I killed myself a drone bird.

Second’un says: Ya did?

First’un says: When I had the Mrs. flour hit up and fry hit, hit was mighty crunchy, but it shore does stay witcha.

Second’un says: Ya did?

And scene…

@24: ROTFLMAO!!!

Oh and as to who could be the worst of the Repub candidates?

It was good news about the ACA, but all this hoopla about the decision really isn’t hoopla-worthy when it comes to legal precedent. For the Supreme Court to strike down the ACA, the Supreme Court would have had to either strike down, ignore, or explain away Chevron v. NRDC a major SCOTUS case from 1984 that firmly entrenches administrative deference. To do anything else the Supremes would have called into question a whole line of cases — they would never have done that or better said, the justices without a political axe to grind would never have done that.

@27: I saw that mentioned in the decision. I d/l’d the “slip” decision, whatever that is. But perhaps 6-3 will send a message: just leave it alone!


There’s a direct parallel with religion, specifically the Catholic religion, and ironically enough, Poland.

The Catholic religion and the rest of the major religions in the U.S., with the exception of the Jewish religion, are overtly, unapologetically anti-woman. They do not allow women any say in their own government, neither in the law making or the law administering parts of their enforced rule. Because this is only done to women, males don’t notice, males don’t raise their voices, males don’t protest. These religions have carried on terrorist campaigns that have changed the laws in this soi-disant democracy.

A woman led the movement for freedom under Communism in Poland and was jailed for this, but when it was near success and gained the international spotlight, a male took over and the entirely male ruled Catholic church took over after that.

Catholic apologists have said, right along with Confederate supporters, that their religion has everything to do with heritage and nothing to do with those they enslaved. Doesn’t this irony stand out to you? If not, why not?

A woman led the movement for freedom under Communism in Poland and was jailed for this

I didn’t know that. Who was she?

Good article here on lil booby.


Fredster, I believe it was Anna Walentynowicz but women have been so submerged in the national media I don’t have the name immediately available any more.

I do remember, as a feminist and a passionate follower of events in the former USSR, I kept close track of politics there throughout the eighties and early nineties. It was just known throughout the women’s community that a woman was leading this heroic change and then – wham! elbowed aside by this Lech Walenza guy who grabbed the spotlight. Then, even more outrageously, a religion explicitly hostile to women stepped into the space she’d helped open up.

It followed the pattern I’d seen that had been left out of the cold-war dialogues: that Communism, for all its faults, was the only revolutionary or national movement that ever gave anything even close to parity back to women for their participation. Education and jobs, for one. If I have the name right, she was a shipbuilder, something near impossible for women here then and now, and she used her full integration into that workforce to start a rebellion.

@32: Thanks for that info. I had no idea. That’s sad.

@29 & 32, Pat, thanks for fleshing out the history. I fear all too much of history is colored and overly influenced by the patriarchal nature of those placed in the position of recording and eventually writing history. Now the earliest transcribers of history are lazy teevee people who probably have the intellectual depth of a mirror. Once the first draft of history is done, it is a self-fulfilling exercise in muscling up the first transcription.

I’m glad that at least she was a shipbuilder because the genesis of the Polish renaissance has always been credited to the shipyards. If some enterprising historian does his/her job, maybe she will get the credit she is rightfully due.

@28, a slip opinion is the cleaned up version of the of the delivered “bench opinion”. In fact, it is the version that is actually sent to the printer.

All of this hoopla on the Right about the opinion is so overblown and as per Scalia, “pure applesauce”, it is laughable. I don’t know if you read this any place or not, but there is not a single, solitary legal scholar at any law school or think tank who ever thought there was a snowball’s chance in hell for the legal theory here. It is just laughable. In fact, if the full DC Circuit had passed on it en banc, the three judge panel would have been overturned and the Supreme’s could have denied cert. Problem would have been solved.

Prolix@34: Well said.

@35: Thanks for the clarification. As a layman, I would have thought “the state” would have meant “government” I guess. I would have never thought it meant the individual states. Of course I have a vested interest in it and I’m glad the 6 decided the way they did.

Oh my God..from Media Matters:

On his June 25 show, Rush Limbaugh promoted the theory that Roberts — who in the past has more typically sided with the conservative justices — had been influenced by outside businesses in order to come to his decision affirming the law.

Limbaugh highlighted a link on the Drudge Report to CNBC, which explained that health care stocks had increased after the decision was announced. He told his listeners to “follow the money,” claiming the stock increases were evidence that some in the Republican Party are more responsive to “money people” and “donors” over voters.

While Limbaugh said “I’m not accusing anybody of anything,” he also argued that “when you follow the money, a lot of questions that seem unanswerable become clear.” He accused Chief Justice Roberts of rewriting and interpreting the Affordable Care Act “outside the bounds of law” in order to come to his desired conclusion.

I’m so glad that radio stations are dropping him like a stone. 🙂


Agree that history is now more than ever “written by the victors”. It’s frustrating, to say the least, for oldsters like me with long memories.

Fredster, when she died in a plane crash, obituaries such as this one in the New York Times listed some of her achievements, but she has been largely airbrushed out of history. One reason among many may have been her uncompromising and dangerous (at least for Western business) insistence that all workers must move forward together.

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