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Activist Monday: Hillary’s Coming-Out Party

Posted on: June 15, 2015


Hillary on Roosevelt Island, 06-13-15, courtesy of the New York Daily News

Good Monday, all! This Saturday, as most of us are aware, Hillary Clinton gave her first major speech of the campaign in New York, and by my lights, it was a smashing success. She hit all the right notes, from her shout-outs to FDR (the location of her speech and the four pillars of her platform, mirroring FDR’s Four Freedoms), to her positions on income inequality, taking action on climate change and creating jobs, voting rights for all, equal pay for equal work,  the overturning of Citizens United, freedom from discrimination for LGBT, and pretty much everything a good FDR Democrat’s heart would desire. Everything, that is, except her stand on the TPP.

Welp…wonder no more about that.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Sunday urged President Barack Obama to work with congressional Democrats who rejected his trade agenda last week, and to seek tougher labor protections in a proposed Pacific trade deal.

Clinton had until now declined to take a stand on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but her comments amounted to an implicit rebuke of Obama and a nod toward liberal critics of the deal.

At a campaign stop in Iowa, Clinton said Obama should work with opponents like House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, who engineered the defeat of a related trade package last week.

“I am willing to try now to see whether you can push to get rid of the objectionable parts, to drive a harder bargain on some of the other parts,” Clinton said.

If Obama does not get the best deal possible, “there should be no deal,” said Clinton, who is the front-runner among candidates to be the Democratic Party nominee for the November 2016 election.

With her landmark speech, her new campaign video, “Fighter,” and her first public foray into taking on Obama directly on domestic issues, I feel like for the first time since 2007, we are seeing the real Hillary Clinton.

In the last campaign, as we all know too well, Our Girl was betrayed by her own Party, who engineered Obama’s “victory” through a torturous and corrupt process involving changing DNC rules, over-weighting red-state caucuses, and assigning “half-vote” status to delegate-heavy states Clinton won decisively. Every time she or anyone in her campaign dared to say anything negative about Obama, criticizing him either on policy issues or on the way he was running his nasty, sexist campaign, Hillary was viciously lambasted in the media, while Obama got a pass on…well, everything. In short, she was hamstrung, unable to fully be herself and say what she wanted to say.

To those of us immune to the Obama Love Virus spread by the adoring mainstream media and the “progressive” outlets, however, it seemed clear that despite the restrictions placed on her by the DNC, Hillary was the one who was truly laying out a progressive agenda, not Obama. And so it was…7 years later, Obama’s only real left-leaning accomplishment remains the Affordable Care Act – and even that was based on Mitt Romney’s plan as Governor of Massachusetts, straight from the decidedly-Not-Liberal brains at the Heritage Institute. In terms of fiscal, economic and military policy, Obama hewed fairly closely to Bush’s agenda, as we feared he would.

But now, Obama’s eight-year term is coming to an end, and Hillary, with the full support of her Party at last, is free – free to express her true beliefs, the way she truly wants to. The only other Democrats running are not serious contenders, and besides, they are positioning themselves to her left, providing her with air cover to court liberals as enthusiastically as she wants. This is it – her coming-out party, and I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

This is an open thread.


28 Responses to "Activist Monday: Hillary’s Coming-Out Party"

A tweet/comment I saw out there on the internets:

” I imagine the pro-left will be asking ‘Why didn’t Hillary mention what I wanted?’

Quiet around here today.

In Dallas today…haven’t had a chance to check in.

I heard that the TPP was one of the biggest question marks for “progressives,” whom I suppose equal the “pro left” in your quote, Fredster. I still don’t consider those people left, though

mb@3: Oh I didn’t mean you. 😉
yes i would say the “progressives” = pro left.

Saw another tweet retweeted from an A.A. guy who was at Hillary’s launch and said something like “she just mentioned ‘inner cities’, which I guess is code for black.” I tweeted back ” No inner cities = #gentrification “. LOL

MB: Lookout for the rain heading your way in TX and then heading east as Invest 91L/Bill comes ashore and then moves inland.

Just spoke to chat since I haven’t seen her around today. She is still involved with some familial issues that are keeping her occupied. She said it will probably be a few more days before she’ll be back, but she’s fine.

@8: Some people are geniuses at that stuff. Me…not so much.

Kill Bill.

Wonderful & uplifting post, MB!! Sorry I wasn’t around either. I have been sick for almost a week now. I can’t believe I’m sick in June, but we have actually had quite a bit of cool weather, even rain, this month.

Fredster, love your funny pic @7!

I saw this on lakers fb page and thought it was kinda funny (its probably old and rehashed): “We had the war on drugs and now we have more drugs; we fought the war on terror, and now we have more terrorists; what say we have a war on jobs and prosperity and see where that takes us.”

@11, good god! Those stats! I’m for dialing down the armed forces myself. I don’t even see why we need as many with drones and stuff.

annie@13: I agree with you completely. However for the congress critters, the D.o.D. budget and the military means jobs in their districts. When Congress starts talking cutting their budget, the generals and admirals make their visits and calls to congress folks and talk about which programs they’ll have to shut down and how many jobs will be lost. Then the congress folks start singing a different tune.

Okay, since we just had the season finale of Game of Thrones, here’s a quiz you can take to see which Game of Thrones character you are.

Just my luck, I’m Tywin Lannister who died by a shot from a crossbow while sitting on the pooper, fired by my dwarf son. 😯


@16, brilliant!

@17: Yep, ya think it was gonna be about the Donald and up pops Carly. 😆

annie@19: Wow, there were some nasty comments there!

Hmmm… Los Angeles Chargers perhaps ?

@20, yeah, I noticed. I think there was one rethug troll commenting as multiple people, I noticed the same spelling mistakes and writing styles for the rethug comments. What did we used to call those creeps back in ’08?

@21. Huh. I don’t know what I think about that. I wish we could have a newly created team.

Great post, MB. Well said.

What did we used to call those creeps back in ’08?

Uh, @ssholes? 😉

annie@23: It would be difficult to create just one new team because it would probably throw the numbers off in a conference or division. I think though that the Chargers are using it as a bargaining chip with San Diego.

Hahahahahahaaa! Darrell Issa wanted to crash the Benghazi committee meeting and he got escorted out! 😆

Madama B, we are mind twins!!! OMG, did not I think the same exact song, and Hillary just laid it out all out for everybody! There was no room for misinterpretation. If there is, it’s parsing for imaginary dust particles. She is on point, Hasn’t she always, and flawlessly? I loved every second of watching the speech. So glad to see that finally FDR Democrats are getting some damn credit. And with all respect to Bernie Sanders, whom I also extremely respect, but this is not his game to win, however, he’s a good pointmaker. Hillary the Populist is the real and true Hillary, and that’s who she is, like it or not, she don’t give a damn and that’s okay. That’s why she’ll always be the candidate I’ll support.

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