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Weak end for the weekend…

Posted on: June 13, 2015

Happy weekend Widdershinners – hoping your week was a good one.  In order to assure you have an appropriately weak end to your week, I’ve collected a few stories for your enjoyment from the News of Weird.  Let’s begin by explaining why this post is adorned with the art work of Mark Rothko. Untitled Blue and Yellow

Mr. Rothko is an abstract impressionist who has been quite successful according to the New York Times.  Mr. Rothko will never be accused of being complicated in his painting.  In fact, some critics have compared Rothko’s art to the “squiggles of playful toddlers,” but eye of the beholder and all that art appreciation stuff.  Sotheby’s auction house announced last month that Rothko’s “Untitled, (Blue and Yellow)” sold for $46.5 million.  As you can tell that is $15.5 million per rectangle.  The Sotheby’s catalog described the painting as one that shows “how truly miraculous a painting can be.”  Funny, I thought I knew the definition of “miraculous”.

Speaking of art appreciation…

The students of the University of California, San Diego’s Visual Arts 104A class were seen as truly appreciating art since they were “truly being seen” during art appreciation.  For the final exam students were to make a presentation while nude, but not to worry, the room was darkened and the professor was also nude.  The professor had been conducting his final exams in the “all together” for eleven years and no student had ever complained.  I can only imagine what Visual Arts classes 101 through 103 entailed – pun sorta intended.

Untitled PurpleNow, here’s a complaint…

According to the London Independent, British forensic scientist Dr. Brooke Magnanti recently filed a lawsuit accusing her ex-boyfriend of libeling her.  Dr. Magnanti has written two best-selling books and even inspired a teevee series based on her life.  Part of Magnanti’s marketability cachet was that she claimed to have paid for her education through prostitution.  Her ex-boyfriend had the chauvinistic temerity to say Dr. Magnanti was NOT a prostitute, ergo the libel suit.  After the breakup, the ex-boyfriend should have stuck with whispering the sweet-nothing of, “What a whore!”

Speaking of horizontal activities…

According to the Daily Telegraph, Mike Holpin, 56, told reporters he was just “doing what God wants.”  Mr. Holpin, unemployed since he lost his promising career as a carny, claims to have fathered at least 40 children.  Those children are now aged from 3 to 37 and the product of Holpin’s carny barking with some twenty different women.  Mr. Holpin explained, “In the Bible, God says go forth and multiply.  I will never stop.  I’m as fertile as sin.”  If anyone from TLC is out there reading TW today, I nominate Mr. Holpin and his extended brood for the time slot formerly occupied by the gold Duggars.

Speaking of religiosity…

The Associated Press reported about the activities of an energetic Catholic Monsignor named Kevin Wallin.  The Monsignor is a young-at-heart 63 years old, but Wallin will be at least 68 when he is again free to roam the environs of Bridgeport, Connecticut.  You see the good Monsignor was sentenced to prison for running a meth distribution ring.  In addition, to cover the lucrative profits from his grassroots pharmaceutical marketing the industrious Wallin also operated a sex shop.  You know what they say about idle hands.  In any event, Wallin had faced a ten-year sentence, but because of his history of charity work and 80 letters of support from high-ranking clergy, he will only be sidelined for five years during which he will undoubtedly be a virtuous paragon of prison wisdom.

Speaking of needed counseling…Untitled Red and Blue

In March, following the departure of Zayn Malik from the British band One Direction, an executive with the Peninsula employment law firm in Manchester, England, told London’s Daily Telegraph that he had received “hundreds” of calls from employers seeking advice about workers who were requesting “compassionate” leave because Malik’s resignation had left them distraught.  I was distraught when I had no idea who Zayn Malik was and even more distraught when I learned there was a band called One Direction.

Crying at the office…

I would have said, “Crying all the way to the bank,” but these people are already at banks for the most part.  Lightly regulated hedge funds failed last year, for the sixth straight year, to out earn ordinary stock index funds.  Following the advice of their high priestess Ayn Rand, you would think such poor performance would be punished by the “invisible hand of the market,” but no.  The top 25 hedge fund managers collectively earned $11.62 billion (not million – billion with a “B”) in fees and salaries for an average of over $464 million each.  Making sure this is understood:  Twenty-five people split $11.62 billion in fees and salaries.  Twenty-five people!  Eleven point Sixty-two billion!  But, six years of failure does take its toll on a person so perhaps they can find solace in their subsistence wages.

They do it for love of the gaming…

A 21-year-old man in Hefei, China, collapsed last month after 14 straight days of Internet gaming, yet when paramedics revived him, the man begged them to leave and put him back in front of the screen.  Then, two weeks later in Nanchang, China, a 24-year-old female gamer took only a minutes-long break at an Internet cafe at 4 a.m., to head to a rest room and give birth — returning with her blood-covered baby in her arms to resume her place at the mouse pad.  Now that is the type of initiative Ayn Rand was talking about.

Contemplating RothkoJust something you need to know…

From the New York Times:  Almost half of the DNA collected from a broad swath of the New York City subway system matched no known organism, and less than 1 percent was human. Weill Cornell Medical College researchers announced in February that they had collected the DNA by swabbing passenger car and station surfaces, finding abundant matches to beetles and flies (and even traces of inactive anthrax and bubonic plague), but that since so few organisms have been fully DNA-“sequenced,” there was no cause for alarm. The lead researcher fondly compared the bacteria-teeming subway to a “rain forest,” deserving “awe and wonder” that “there are all these species” that so far cause humans relatively little harm.  In related news, the lead researcher was voted “Mr. Optimism” by his coworkers.

And finally, for some political news…

Holly Solomon, 31, of Phoenix, pleaded guilty in April to aggravated assault and sentenced to three and a half years in prison.  It seems Ms. Solomon was attempting to press her then-husband’s clothes with him in them.  She wasn’t using an iron, but was taking the novel approach of using her Jeep.  It seems as though Ms. Solomon ran down her spouse because she was angry that he had neglected to vote for Mitt Romney as he promised to do.  Romney won Arizona quite handily even without her hubby’s vote, but voting is a responsibility Ms. Solomon takes quite seriously.


That should about do it for now my Widdershin friends.  Enjoy the weekend and feel free to allow the conversation to roam in any direction you may wish.





35 Responses to "Weak end for the weekend…"

Hillary’s speech is the best I think she has ever given. Move over O’blahblah we are about to get a Democrat in the White House.

Watching right now Prolix!!!

WOW – she referred to FDR right away!!! OMG…

Prolix – I am so proud of what she said – and yes, Obama was an 8-year mistake. I hope she can lead this country out of its political gridlock and move forward with the Rooseveltian vision of democracy that made us all want to be Democrats.

@4, I agree. She is going to have to go over the heads of the media because they are stuck in 1998. There wasn’t one thing in her speech that didn’t make sense for a middle class family, but the media want to talk about the over flow area was not chocked full.

It was a brilliant speech. Roosevelt Island was the perfect setting. Couldn’t ask for a better campaign launch rally.

Prolix@5: I didn’t even notice that the over flow area wasn’t full. The crowd seemed so enthusiastic.

MB@4: Very well said. I hope she will continue to run as an FDR Democrat. A lot of young voters know little or nothing about him. Let Hillary educate them.

Me@8: I know that Hillary is an FDR Democrat and will remain one. What I meant was that I hope she will continue to evoke the memory of FDR in her speeches.

@7, yeah, a couple of the reporters were trying to find something negative to say so they came up with, “the overflow area wasn’t overflowing,” but they finally admitted the area was not planned to be populated since it was an overflow area, hence the name. Just the normal stuff of trying to find something negative to say about Hillary.

@10, I saw that, too, on CNN, Prolix.
Brianna and Fredericka are the worst. The crowd looked awfully big to me and couldn’t have been more enthusiastic.
Hillary gave a wonderful speech; she has become an excellent public speaker. She struck the perfect balance between the policy wonk extraordinaire and the warm and personable mother and grandmother.
May our dream come true, finally.
My mother didn’t live to see Hillary in the White House.
God willing, we all will.

@11, it seemed like every sentence got an applause and it was a huge crowd on a perfect day. People are ready for someone with her common sense and good Democratic values. And I agree, she’s been working on her speeching — she was excellent.

Since I was on the night shift I’ll have to watch the replay of Hillary’s speech.

Prolix said: The top 25 hedge fund managers collectively earned $11.62 billion (not million – billion with a “B”) in fees and salaries for an average of over $464 million each
And at what rate are they taxed on that money? 👿

I nominate Mr. Holpin and his extended brood for the time slot formerly occupied by the gold Duggars.

Fits right on on the channel formerly known as The Learning Channel.

Fredster@13: C-SPAN’s listings show re-airings of the speech tonight at 8 pm & 11 pm Eastern Time.

Thanks Beata! I’m making myself a big post it note to stick on the computer screen so it’s right in front of me.

BTW Prolix, the post was headscratchingly good. People are endlessly strange, awful, wonderful and entertaining. I wonder who would pay $46.5 million for a painting of three rectangles?

And as for whether or not Hillary’s overflow area was full, I wonder how full Rick Perry’s overflow area was?

@20: But if 2 of them were Koch brothers, that could be a problem!

I love Rothko’s work. Seeing it in person, I find it very impressive.

Beata@21: LOL!

Oh I loved her speech! It just finished on Cspan.

I’m watching all the folks getting selfies with her!

Yes, her speech was magnificent. I was crying at the end.

Prolix, enjoyed your post, as always. I like Rothko also, but good grief! That is a lot of $ to shell out. His stuff keeps going up and up. Hubbie loves his stuff. He loves modern art.

Um, count me out on the Rothko. Sorry.


(sigh) I’m back in the goofy hours thing again. Dozed off and knew I would so I set the alarm on the phone for abt 40-45 mins. Just keep resetting it until after 11:30 or so. Now I’ll be up for a few more hours and then I’ll have to go zzzz again. Schedule completely fubar’d.

I’m so glad they had good weather for this. Those are braver souls than I am. 😆


Rothko refuses the Four Seasons commission:

Well Beata….just not my thing. Let’s say I just don’t know “awt”. 😉

Excellent new pro-Hillary site for men ( and the women who love them! )founded by Peter Daou and Tom Watson:

Fredster, do you ever hear from Fuzzy? Is he okay?

@33: I”ll check that out.

@34: I emailed him one time and he answered and said he had been really busy and also had to buy a new computer and was learning about it which makes me think Windows 8! 👿

Also, I saw a few tweets he did about Hillary. 🙂
I’m glad you asked though, I’ll send him an email this week.

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