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Take the rest of the week off…

Posted on: June 3, 2015

Take the rest of the week off.  What a week!  I mean really – what dyspepsia of the news gods has produced this amalgam of dysfunction?

Sunday was the epitome of insider cat fighting.  You had the Majority Leader of the Senate calling his fellow “stater” a demagogue and in the most granular way violating the Kentucky motto of, “United we stand, divided we fall.”  Well, both McTurtle and Randall busted their arses by falling and failing on Sunday.Rand and Mitch one day ago

McTurtle overestimated his ability to run out the clock in the Senate by refusing to take up the Patriot Act sooner; thereby, opening himself to scathing criticism.  Randall, Ron’s son, demonstrated just how close to the tree the nut can fall.  Shamelessly, Randall turned the Senate into a backdrop for his latest shameless campaign shakedown of the “black helicopter, cannabis crowd” for contributions with a television ad declaring “when government illegally collected our phone records, Rand Paul took a stand, defended our rights, and stopped them.”

Young Randall’s shenanigans guaranteed he was in the crosshairs of the Republican death squads.  The acid pen of Jennifer Rubin summed it up quite nicely:

[T]he incident should remind Americans, and Republicans specifically, how dangerous and irresponsible the junior Kentucky senator can be — and how poorly suited is his temperament for the job as president of the United States. His persistent attacks on the motives of his fellow Americans and penchant for moral preening don’t sit well when coming from President Obama; they will not be any more tolerable coming from Rand Paul.

What is clear is that Paul has chosen to be an inflammatory acolyte of his father, not a serious presidential contender. And it raises anew the question why Kentucky has only one senator who can work constructively and responsibly.

Another event Sunday caught my attention.  I admit, I’m a glutton for punishment when it comes to watching the Sunday gab fests, particularly Faux News Sunday.  It is pretty much getting the inside scoop on the enemy’s thinking while increasing my decidedly lazy heart rate.  Last Sunday was a treat.

brit humeNeera Tanden, President of the Center for American Progress, was a guest on the panel and she absolutely schooled that “boil on the butt of a bullfrog”, Brit Hume.  Hume was doing his best to be “fair and balanced in his defense of possible pedophilia” in light of the revelations about Dennis Hastert.  Yes, you read that right – Hume was trying his best to take the edge off of Hastert’s alleged wrongdoing by shifting the focus to the “unwarranted activities” of government investigators.  Never mind the undeniable illegal financial transactions of Hastert or his lying to officials – it had to be someone else’s fault since Hastert is such a good guy, as if alleged pedophiles wear flashing lights or something.

Monday brought us quite the event with someone bursting on the scene with a new-found freedom and finding his voice for something he always wanted to do.  I’m not talking about Caitlyn Jenner, I’m talking about Lindsey Graham announcing, in his best southern snark, that he too would be a “contendah faur President of these United States.” Lindsey Graham

Emboldened after kissing his sister and unable to get through even twenty minutes without dishing snark at Hillary, he opined “he had more military experience than any other candidate in the race” – as if serving in the JAG Corps of the National Guard was a precursor to planning the D-Day invasion.

Tuesday brought us wall-to-wall coverage of FIFA and its many problems.  It has so many problems you’d think it was Illinois and New York politicians running the show.  Sepp Blatter, son of Gall and the father of the diminutive, Tiny, announced his resignation from the international bribery and Ponzi scheme.  Having been just reelected last Friday and resigning on Tuesday, people were convinced Sepp was just an “overactive Blatter”.

planeTuesday also brought us news that every major city now has an FBI counter-terrorist group as well as the FBI having a private domestic air force.  While the counter-terrorism efforts are not surprising, an air force of 115 planes equipped with high-tech cameras, and in some circumstances, technology capable of tracking thousands of cell phones.  These super-snooping Cessnas were tracked orbiting major cities and rural areas in more than 100 flights in 11 states beginning in late April and running through May.  Expect young Randall to insert himself on the end of an FBI runway in the near future.

Of course, the biblical rains hitting Texas have been big news for the past week or so.  What I have found interesting is the lack of coverage on a front that we have all come to expect these days from the religious “ain’t nothing” right.  I have yet to hear one single, solitary television minister proclaim that the Texas rains are “the product of the sinning and sinful ways of Texas”.  Not the case when it was Hurricane Sandy, which we all know was because of the rampant sinning of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

Another interesting bit of hypocrisy is that the Canadian-Cuban senator, Ted Cruz, who so derided the aid to the northeast during Sandy, was front and center wondering why the Kenyan-born, Islamic President was dithering on rebuilding Texas.  Logical consistency is so overrated among the top-tier of world-class demagogues.

There’s such mishegas and it is only Wednesday.  Take the conversation in any direction you might like.  Enjoy the craziness.





34 Responses to "Take the rest of the week off…"

Sepp Blatter, son of Gall and the father of the diminutive, Tiny,

STOP! I’m falling off the chair here!!! 🙂

And don’t forget that Senator Huckleberry J Butchmeup was not-so-fashionably late for his own announcement. That damned concealer can be a bitch to put on, so I’m told.

Sorry to be so late in posting today, but real life got in the way as it sometimes does.

@3: No problem, but glad you made it.

@2, sorry Fredster, but you are going to have to be more specific because Sen. Butchmeup could be any number of possibilities.

I hadn’t realized it, but 5% of the Senate is running for Prez — give us strength.

@5: Hahahahaa! Of course I meant Lady Lindsey.


Some one should remind Rick that even Pope Benedict told people to not teach religion as science.

Oops! He forgot. 😦

@7 – Suh-NAP!

Great post, but Prolix, really?

It has so many problems you’d think it was Illinois and New York politicians running the show.

We resemble that remark! 😉 Actually, unlike in Chicago, our NY Dems haven’t been that bad for a while. It’s the Repubs in Albany who are just horrendous. You know why our roads are so crappy here? Because the Albany Repubs stole the infrastructure money and put it into their pet projects. Nice, huh?

And we won’t even talk about the MTA. Fuggetaboutit!

My favorite part of the post was how the wingnuts somehow are neglecting to blame the Texas flooding on sinful Texans. Hey, the Duggars don’t live in Texas, do they?

If I were a Republican, I would really be upset that Fox “News” has been given the reins to decide who debates on their channel based on polls. If everyone was heard, those polls just might change. This should be up to the RNC. This is for the Presidential nomination, for heaven’s sake.

The other news channels should figure out a way to include them all and show what’s truly fair and balanced. Besides, I think everyone needs to see ALL the crazy! It might switch a few to our side.

The Repub debates in 2012 were wonderfully entertaining.

@12 and 13:

Does anyone remember this?

So we would have Republican Deathmatch. The last candidate standing becomes the nominee. 😆

i’m with Fredster @1, hilarious post! It’s 1 in the morning here and I woke up hubbie laughing. What a great roundup. Also laughing at #2 & #7. I didn’t know that about this pope. He’s pretty interesting.

annie@15: Francis is definitely much better than Benedict, but he’s still gotta work on the womens issues and bring them more into the Church.

Poor Lindsey…where he got the idea he has a chance at this, I don’t know. Sorta like our clueless governor in Louisiana.

Just watched Rick Perry announce. Gag me.

@17, I see your gagging and raise you two retchings.

Give us strength.

Could the gold Duggar story be any more unbelievable? The devaluation of the daughters is so tragic. From the WaPo story:

…[T]he teenager (Josh Duggar) received a “stern” talking-to from the state police officer.

That officer was Joseph Hutchens, now serving a decades-long prison sentence for child pornography. “We had no idea what that officer was going through,” Jim Bob said.

After seeking counseling and speaking with the police, the parents believed that Josh was “not at all” a threat to their daughters, they told Kelly.

No sirree bobtail. The real threat to the Duggars comes from Christian-hating libbruls and others of such ilk. They are victims, one and all. Just imagine the nerve of society to impose their crushing regulations on good honest folk who commit themselves to condemnation of gays, transgenders, and other child-molesting types. Three cheers for life’s little ironies!

@17 and 18: Was he acting sober this time?

I caught a blurb of something involving two of the Duggar daughters and they were in tears and I don’t think they were taking the family side on this. Impending Duggar schism perhaps?

Thank you Rude Pundit for stating something we knew all along about the great stet of Looziana.

Louisiana sucks because a study by the National Women’s Law Center placed the Bayou State at the bottom for wages for working mothers as compared to working fathers. Mothers who have jobs earn 58.2 cents for every dollar employed dads make.

@22: Nope. The daughters are firmly entrenched with the family. They are being victimized by the media.

@24: Yep, I just saw the clip I caught previously, with more detail this time.

Oh and Rude Pundit chimes in on Duggar dirt also. And hey! so did our resident Alaskan genius.

” And because no Facebook post by Sarah Palin is ever complete without a moment of total monkeyf*ck insanity, she jabbers, “Such obvious double standards applied to equally relevant stories underestimate the wisdom of the public, discredit the press, and spit on the graves of every American who fought and died for the press’s freedom.” Damn, that’s the kind of leaping that’d make a parkour expert say, “How the f*ck did you get there?” –

Mike Huckabee. The Duggar’s endorsement is gone! 😆

@26, ROFL!

Laker loathes Ted Cruz the most and asked me to post this:

Cruz mocked Joe Biden yesterday. After the poor man is preparing for his sons funeral. Lowlife.

Not surprised about Huckster and the Duggar endorsement. I read a post about why all these idiots are running, when most of them must know they have no chance in hell of getting their nomination, and the writer said they do it for the fame, they live high on the hog while campaigning, and that it increases their job prospects, speaking gigs and the like.

And most are on book tours.

I saw that about Cruz…just disgusting. Apparently the man was never given any lessons in common decency.

@29: Of course that’s what they’re doing Annie (job prospects). Does the guv of Looziana really think he’s got a shot at being prez? If a Rep wins, lil booby wants a cabinet job. If Hillary wins, he wants a talk show on Fox.

@28, and Cruz doesn’t really apologize for being the embodiment of anal seepage, he said he was sorry for the “timing” of his comments. That thing (I won’t even call him human) is loathsome.

@27, I’m stuck on the endangerment of the Duggar children. Here’s the course of events: Josh Duggar tells his parents he has committed sexual abuse on his sister. Nothing. Josh tells his parents he has committed sexual abuse on another sister. Nothing. Josh tells his parents has committed sexual abuse on another sister. Nothing. Josh tells his parents has again committed sexual abuse on another sister. Nothing.

Then, and only then, he commits sexual abuse on a “non-family member” — they realize they have no power to keep the babysitter silent. Off they send Josh to his uncle’s place calling it a treatment center.

Upon Josh being brought home, he is taken to a state police officer to confess his crimes. That officer is now spending decades in jail for child pornography

And here’s the kicker — it was the year they were negotiating their tv deal — months before they made their national tv debut.

These people are hideous and hypocrites. They should be in jail for subborning child molestation and child endangerment.

Prolix@33: Apparently there was more info available as InTouch magazine did a F.O.I.A. request to another police agency there in Arkansas.

And then Jim Bob (yuck) stopped cooperating with the police.

Of course all of us heathen folk are the bad guys for digging up all of this shit. Yeah rite.

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