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The fog of moral clarity…

Posted on: May 27, 2015

What do Baltimore, Muskogee, Josh Duggar, the Family Research Council, Ferguson, and Waco have in common?  Is it the lack of oxygen in the vacuum of moral superiority?  Is it the total detachment from reality that can only be borne from ignorance combined with an extraordinary talent for ignoring the world?  Is it the world as described by the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, “I know a lot of people without brains who do an awful lot of talking?”  Or is it, as you suspect, all of the above?

Suffice it to say, the road to absolute moral clarity is one paved with hypocrisy.  Allow me to digress and explain.Baltimore

After the unrest in Baltimore, blame was being apportioned in heaping helpings by the increasingly righteous Right.  For example, John Nolte, of wrote, “Baltimore is what happens when you replace the two-parent family with a welfare check and union-run public schools.” Or Laura Ingraham, the talk-show host, “No fathers, no male role models, no discipline, no jobs, no values equals no sense of right and wrong.”  Or Rich Lowry, the editor of the National Review, “Baltimore is a Great Society city that bought fully into the big-government vision of the 1960s, and the bitter fruit has been corruption, violence, and despair.  This is a failure exclusively of Democrats.”

Or from The Wall Street Journal, never shy about trafficking in baseless blame on its editorial page:

Let’s not forget who has run Baltimore and Maryland for nearly all of the last 40 years. The men and women in charge have been Democrats, and their governing ideas are ‘progressive.’ This model, with its reliance on government and public unions, has dominated urban America as once-vibrant cities such as Baltimore became shells of their former selves.

But what about rock-ribbed communities governed by the pure hearts, virtuous minds, and never idle hands of conservatives?  That is the question asked by Thomas Edsall in a wonderful essay well-worth the read.  Mr. Edsall compared Baltimore and Muskogee, where the Okies “don’t smoke Marijuana, don’t take trips on LSD, and don’t burn their draft cards.”  It seems as though, times they are a’changin’.

As Edsall points out:

Today Muskogee, Okla., a city of 38,863, has nine drug treatment centers and a court specifically devoted to drug offenders.  A search for “methamphetamine arrest” on the website of the Muskogee Phoenix, the local newspaper, produces 316 hits.

Comparing both cities, the violent crime rate has fallen over the past decade, just as it has nationwide, although the 22.3 percent drop in Baltimore is four times as large as the 5.6 percent decline in Muskogee.

On an even larger comparative scale, the highest rates of white teenage pregnancy in the 30 states with available data are all in the reddest of red states. While the national white teenage pregnancy rate in 2010 was 38 per 1,000, white rates were at least 10 points higher in nine states: Oklahoma (59), West Virginia (64), Arkansas (63), South Carolina (51), Alabama (49), Mississippi (55), Tennessee (51), Kentucky (59) and Louisiana (51).

Josh Duggar and FRCThese mysterious things are called facts and you never hear them when blame is being preached or sin is being apportioned.  Such factual heresy brings me to Josh Duggar and the Family Research Council.  Duggar was the Executive Director at the FRC before that “awful, dreadful episode of teenage exuberance” came to light before a judge got around to ordering the police records destroyed.  Neither Duggar nor the Family Research Council has ever shown a whit of reticence when it comes to apportioning the ills of the world upon anyone not sharing their world view.

In this case Mr. Duggar, as a juvenile of 15 or 16, he sexually abused a series of girls and was never charged.  In fact, his egotistically fertile father and mother kept the crime a secret as self-described “good God-fearing parents” because who would ever want to air the family’s dirty laundry.  To the best of my knowledge, suborning criminal prosecution is not a biblical commandment — it is a crime, but under the Duggar crime-o-meter, only a crime for those whose morality falls outside the contortion of the fun house mirror of self-delusion.

And then we have Ferguson and Waco – one a community where an unarmed, young black man is gunned down in the street and the other where nine were killed and eighteen wounded in the parking lot of a “breastaurant”.  In Waco there were at least 153 OMG (Organized Motorcycle Gang) members taken into custody in what looked to be a relaxed atmosphere of extreme tolerance and good humor on the part of the local police.  In Ferguson, demonstrators were met with armored personnel carriers and swat teams in full Fallujah-wear.Waco

What struck me as noteworthy is how easily the word “thug” tripped off the tongue of those describing Ferguson.  Inexplicably, thug was never once used to describe the Bandido or the Cossack gang members even though the FBI describes the groups as “criminal enterprises involved in running drugs and guns”.  Obviously, a thug is not a thug when any other name is available for white, gun-running, motorcycle-riding drug dealers.

My reason for exhaustively detailing these examples of hypocrisy is that too often we “libruls” accept all the smears being thrown our way.  Whether it be from a desensitivity to being blamed for the world’s ills or plain old liberal guilt, for the last thirty-five years we have rarely taken the time to question those who fling such accusations.  It is time that changed.

In the long run it’s a fool who persists in trying to adapt the world to his philosophical whim and circumstance.  The future belongs to those leaders who reasonably adapt themselves to a world with an ever-changing course – that is an inheritance we need to pay forward.

Here’s hoping your Wednesday is a good one and please take the conversation in any direction you may desire.





38 Responses to "The fog of moral clarity…"

An excellent post Prolix. Kudos to you!

I have always enjoyed a chuckle or two whenever the issue of the word “thug” comes up. I have no idea where the current use began, but I think it was in rap music. However, as you know, it was the term used for a group of assassins in India.

As to the Duggar imbroglio, I cannot help but feel a bit of schadenfreude over it. As an aside to that, this site has a link of the pictures of Republican prez candidates who lined up to kiss Duggar butt.

There was a discussion of the Duggar mess over at LaVoice and one commenter stated “Well he has asked the Lord for forgiveness so who are we to judge?”. Here’s an interesting piece on his “forgiveness” over at WaPo.

@1, one thing that folks forget or at least I had forgotten, is that Jim Bob was and is a politican in Arkansas. He was a state legislator, but now he is a behind the scenes puppet master. The cover-up of Josh’s crimes were motivated by political survivalism as much or more than by his parental instincts.

@2, I have no problem with redemption or rehabilitation or any other form of moving forward without hurting others, but the question I have to those folks who are pleading the “redemption defense” — where is the same type of understanding for those of the urban persuasion or those of librul persuasion or anyone who happens to fall outside their proclaimed normalcy of behavior? To say these folks are selective in the application of their forgiveness is like saying Dick Cheney was discerning in his spinning the Iraq War.

To say these folks are selective in the application of their forgiveness is like saying Dick Cheney was discerning in his spinning the Iraq War.

Can I get an “Amen!” ?

Prolix@3: And it took forever for the family to finally admit that no, Josh did not go to any type of established, professionally run program after this came out in the family. but instead was sent to an uncle or some family member to do construction work. 👿

@5: Damn! They’re going to have to get the Republican Clown 747 or something. 😯

@2: I seem to remember that Jim Bob ran (unsuccessfully) for the US Senate.

Lightning popping like crazy around here right now. Gonna shut it down for awhile. BBL

I thought Romney already said he wasn’t running?

Prolix, what an amazing post. I love the first pic, with the kid sitting on the curb and all the cops in riot gear. Just speaks volumes.

The whole Duggar situation sickens me. I can’t stand that creepy “quiverfull” movement, can’t stand republican politcos, and can’t stand people that want to get rich by putting their personal lives on a “reality show”, so I think these are the worst type of parents. Those kids must be really screwed up. I’ve never watched their show, but have read a lot about them the past couple of days, and I am stunned that this level of freakitude has been held up as some kind of perfect family. One good thing is that the sponsors of that show are dropping them, there are several, don’t know if it is all. However, I read on another site that they are on the tv schedule in 2 weeks!?! That cable station, TLC, must be really sick. It stands for The Learning Channel. What the hell are they teaching? I think I read they’re the same ones with that ridiculous duck family show.

8 dem senators voted with the repubs for that stupid XL pipeline. Fortunately, not enough to override an Obama veto.

Love this post. I wish our liberal spokespeople were as adept at meme resistance as you, Prolix!

Ugh, the Duggar thing is so unsurprising. You just know that an environment in which the parents are constantly breeding will produce kids who have sex-related problems.

All that crap about forgiveness is so unfair to the girls Josh Duggar abused. How will they ever get over what he did if he is never brought to justice?

MB said: All that crap about forgiveness is so unfair to the girls Josh Duggar abused. How will they ever get over what he did if he is never brought to justice?

Oh but the religious fanatics are saying how awful it was to bring all this up again! That it will remind them of something they’ve put behind them and is in their past. Yeah rite! I don’t believe that they ever received any type of professional counseling after that mess. 👿

annie@13: You want to tell us how you really feel? 😆

@17, heh, heh.

I posted this late last nite on previous thread, it’s a new law California passed about religious pregnancy counseling centers. Its like the opposite of all these anti abortion laws passed lately:

Back to that quiverfull thing, remember that woman in Texas who drowned her four small children…weren’t her and her husband in the quiverfulls? I think thats such a dangerous practice for raising a family (having as many kids as the poor woman can pop out). The few families I have known who have been this way are really screwed up.

annie@19: Oh I saw your comment and the link and I replied “Yay for Cali!”.

Oh Gawd! More shite with “those people” the Duggars. But get this:

But with such a large cast to work with, and a hit franchise at stake, TLC is mulling the efficacy of plucking popular newlyweds from the now tarnished Duggar family setting, and launching them in a show of their own, sources say.

@22, Ewww.

I work in TV and yes, I have no doubt TLC is desperate to figure out a way to keep the franchise on the air in some form. Social responsibility and moral responsibility are not in any network’s vocabulary. They are in it purely for the money. They are waiting out for the outcry to die out and then announce their grand decision that Josh will no longer be featured on the show or something. And they’ve paying for the kids’ counseling. Etc. All to protect the kids. And keep airing the show.

I once edited another, fairly innocuous TLC show where Duggars put in an appearance for one episode. I edited the episode. They are really a piece of work, all of them. Jim Bob’s eyes are dead. You just look in and there’s nothing there. Michelle acts like a 5-year old, speaking in eternal sing-song. The children – even the very young one – were very righteous and judgmental, throwing around words like “whore” and “slut” to describe non-related women around them. It was a freak show.

George Pataki has declared his Presidential run.

@25: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Rick Santorum has declared as well.

DYB said: I once edited another, fairly innocuous TLC show where Duggars put in an appearance for one episode. I edited the episode.

Too bad you couldn’t have edited them OUT! LOL!

chat@27: Last night some of the talking heads were saying Santorum was the one of the lot that speaks the best. Well otay!

Oops, forgot: Hey DYB!!

@16, Fredster said: Oh but the religious fanatics are saying how awful it was to bring all this up again!

That fanatical thinking is consistent with: “For the good of the victim, never commit assault, but always commit murder, that way the victim remains free from any chance of harsh memories.

Thanks Annie and MB.

Chat, how are you feeling?

Good to see you DYB and thanks for the confirmatory experience with the “gold Duggars”.

Beata, Pataki’s dreams are everyone else’s nightmares.

Dennis Hassert indicted for “providing money to an unnamed person in order to “compensate for and conceal his prior misconduct” against that person.”

Now, who wants to bet this unnamed person wore a onesie when Hassert was a wrestling coach?

@32: Still sniifling, sneezing, and wishing that the pollen count would drop.

prolix@31: And don’t forget: no witnesses…well most of the time.

@33: Oh that’s exactly what went through my mind when I first saw it.

Wooo-hoo! Rachel talking about Bob Livingston wanting Clinton to resign over the Prez b.j. and then Bob who the repubs picked as a new speaker, had to resign over *his* peccadilloes! Of course Bob is now a lobbyist in DC. 🙄

DYB, thanks for the story. I can’t say I’m surprised that they’re all jerks.

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