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Lazy Weekend Music: This One’s For the Girl

Posted on: May 22, 2015

Happy Friday, Widdershins.  And has this not been a fascinating week?  The news has been grim – biker gang shootouts in Waco (what is it about Waco that gives so many iterations of Waco Wackos to the world?), worsening news in the Middle East (while democracy is messy, this is way past messy), while Jeb Bush looks like he has never even run for President of the Stamp Club. Fascinating though it might be, I’m ready to leave it all behind and spend the weekend listening to music.

Last week we made many helpful suggestions for campaign music to the Republicans, and today we should give equal time to the Democrats. To be completely fair, the Democratic nomination is not a done deal.  Feel free to post suggestions for Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, as well as your thoughts for Hillary Clinton in this open thread.

(1) To Martin O’Malley, former Mayor of Baltimore/Governor of Maryland:  This Is My Town, by Montgomery Gentry

(2) To Bernie Sanders, Senator : Share the Land, by The Guess Who

And now, for Hillary Clinton:

(3) Roar, by Katy Perry (suggested by the artist herself)

(4) What Doesn’t Kill You, by Kelly Clarkson

(5) I Am Woman, by Helen Reddy


38 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: This One’s For the Girl"

For Bernie Sanders, the music of one Brooklyn-born boy ( Aaron Copland ) to another:

Excellent choice.

Thanks for the music! I’d like to join in, but my brain is not working due to my sinuses beaten down from pollen. I’ll keep trying. I just realized I know zero about O’Malley and very little about Sanders. I’m going to have to research them when I can “think” again.

Remember way back when Katy Perry offered to write a song for Hillary and she responded “You already have. Roar.” I still think it would be cool if she did that, but really Roar is perfect.

Sophie Hawkins for Hillary…

Oh, come on, people. We found lots of songs for Republicans.

My NE Georgia roots:

For Elizabeth Warren

For Martin O’Malley:

Also for Mr. “Perdue” O’Malley, from the Tonight Show:

For Bernie, who wants us to have the Scandinavian type of democracy, a song from Scandinavia:

For Mr. Joe Biden, who has “expressed interest” in running, our old friend, the Great George Thouroughly Good and his band, The Destroyers:

For Republican/Democrat Lincoln Chaffee (has an exploratory):

Not music but for Liz Warren. Does she or doesn’t she? Will she or won’t she?

For Jim Webb, who also has an exploratory, and is on his third marriage, and to salute BB at the same time:

annie@20: Oh I forget about him!

Great choices. Y’all are on fire.

Awright!! Yay for Blue Plate Mayo. It’s all we used for years.

For Hillary Clinton:

Another one for Hillary Clinton:

Beata @24, I love that song. Its on my workout playlist. Also love Bonnie. Laker named his strat (an American one) Bonnie after her.

Fredster, I would like to try the Blue Plate. I usually buy Best Foods, which is the same as Hellman’s. I love mayo.

You can tell I shut it down early in the a.m. Having the nasty cough, drainage and all the good stuff. Yuk!

Annie@27: Whenever we’ve been in the south (from military days) we always use Blue Plate when we could get it. When we were elsewhere and couldn’t get B.P. we would use Hellmans or Kraft.

Until I read the article I didn’t know this about Blue Plate:

Not only did it have the shortest ingredient list, but it was also the only brand that used egg yolks alone (no whites) for a richer, deeper flavor.

Lemme see what I can find about how to get some B.P. to ya.

@29: My part of the South uses Duke’s

@31: Yeah, they advertise it here too. I’ll still take the B.P.

Can’t comment either way, as I don’t like mayo.

I put it, and the sandwich spread in my cart @ Amazon. Looking forward to trying it.

When I make tuna, I add in tons of stuff, pickles (kosher and german), onion, celery, sometimes a hardboiled egg, fresh ground pepper, dill (the herb) and some curry powder. Also, I rinse the tuna so it doesn’t taste too fishy.

I cheat sometimes with tuna and just use eggs, tuna, the mayo and sandwich spread. I could just slap that together after I got home from work.

That’s interesting with the curry annie. How much kick does it give it?

chat I tried the Dukes since it’s advertised up here and just preferred the Blue Plate.

Heh…even though he still needs to work on the women things.

From the Politico article:

Francis may be popular with the general public, but key Republican primary constituencies — hawks, climate-change skeptics and religious conservatives, including some Catholics, are wary of the pope’s progressivism. Some, pronouncing themselves “Republicans first and Catholics second,” even say they would look askance at a candidate perceived to hew too closely to the bishop of Rome.

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