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Lazy Weekend Music: Help Is On the Way

Posted on: May 15, 2015

Happy Friday, Widdershin!  The end of the week is upon us, and that means that it’s time to escape reality and bury ourselves in nicer things.   I propose that we spend the weekend trying to assist the Republican candidates – and there’s a busload from which to choose – with a suitable theme song.   After all, look how far Jay-Z and “99 Problems” took Obama in ’08.

You can find an exhaustive list of candidates here.   No, I have never, ever heard of some of these people, either.  Feel free to chose any/all of them to gift with a proper background song, and please feel free to select any of my choices to better with one of your own.

It took all of 15 minutes for me to find suitable tunes, and y’all are younger, smarter, faster, and undoubtedly much better with computers than I.  So post your favorites here, along with anything else that you might like to discuss in this otherwise wide open thread.

*  A quick memo to the aforementioned candidates:  Please remember to ask the artist if you can use his song before adopting any of the wonderfully helpful suggestions that you may find here.

(1)  To Jeb Bush:  He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother by the Hollies

(2) To Marco Rubio:  New Kid In Town by the Eagles

(3) To Rand Paul:  My Father’s Son by Joe Cocker

(4) To Ted Cruz:  Hello, Calgary (unknown vocalist)

(5) To Chris Christie:  Friends In Low Places

(6) To Carly Fiorina:  Sheep, by Pink Floyd


62 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Help Is On the Way"

Great idea, Chat!

A surfing song for Sen. Aqua Buddha who seems mentally stuck in adolescence:

Excellent choice.

For Rick Santorum ( this video is painful to endure, as I predict Santorum’s campaign will be ) :

Here’s one for exploratory candidate Skip Andrews:

Death for Tsarnaev. I had hoped that a Boston jury would recognize the potential for martyr creation and vote life without parole.

chat @5 Me too. Plus I feel the bombing would never had happened without his brother’s influence.

Did y’all see today that Rick Perry has announced he’s going to announce?

Rick Perry announced he will be making a “special announcement” on June 4th. I’m so excited.

For you, Rick:

And the hits just keep on rolling!

Those song picks are hilarious! What a funny idea!

Re: Tsarnev or whatever his name is…I think death is more mericiful in this instance. Imagine spending unknown decades trapped by yourself in a horrible cell and only getting out for an hour a day, knowing everyone hates you, knowing that you destroyed your life and many others by making a horrible decision in your youth. i would prefer a quick death. Plus, doesn’t he have horrible wounds from the shooting?

Re: him being a martyr, the fanatics that admire what he did will view him as a martyr/hero whether he’s in supermax or dead. I doubt if they will have a more favorable view of America if we stick him in prison for his lifetime, which could be a very long time.

I don’t at all understand why the parents of the little boy said that if he’s thrown in prison, he will be forgotten. It never works that way. We hear about murderers in prison all the time. Charles Manson is in the news a lot. The creep that murdered John Lennon gets conjugal visits fgs. We will probably hear all kinds of stuff about this guy, how some idiot women want to marry him in prison, etc. IMHO, I think it will be easier to forget him when he’s dead and buried. And I am not gung ho about the death penalty; most of the time, I don’t think it should be done, especially if the convicted person says they didn’t do it, and there’s not definite proof. But sometimes, I think its for the best, and this is one of those times. Save the murderer decades of misery, save the taxpayers millions of dollars, close the chapter on this horrifically sad story.

I thought the jury makeup was interesting, 7 women, 5 men, and the death penalty had to be unanimous.

Rick Perry too!?!? Good grief! How many are there now? And all of them utter dolts.

Who is Aqua Buddha?

@12, it seems to fit.

Krugman goes after Jeb:

“Jeb Bush wants to stop talking about past controversies. And you can see why. He has a lot to stop talking about. But let’s not honor his wish…”

What a fantastic article. One of the commenters stated something to the effect of in a better world the article would end Jeb’s candidacy.

For perennial candidate Mitt Romney, in honor of his fight with Evander Holyfield/

And for Mike Huckabee:


“Who Are You” is one of my favorite Who songs. I think Daltrey is one of the best “screamers” of the rock vocalists.

Slight change in the title: Here he comes, he’s Sheldon Adelson’s clown?

How about one for the entire effin’ car load of them.

Well Lindsey Graham is making his noises about running so naturally…

Fredster, great choices!

For Chris Christie:

For Donald Trump; G-d love him, he needs more publicity:

Also for The Donald:

To Rick Perry:

To neurosurgeon Ben Carson:

To Rand Paul, opthalmologist:

From me to Carson and Paul:

For Jeb-Boy:

For Rick Perry and Chris Christie:

The 2016 GOP clown car has gotten so crowded, the candidates have rented a cabin on an ocean liner:

LOL! The political use of classic rock!

Love the Krugman article. “Fraternity of Failure” Man we should all be repeating that phrase over and over again and it applies to more than just Jeb.

For Dr. Ben.

again, for all of ’em.

Hilarious choices, all of you!

Another one for, as Charles Pierce calls him, Huckleberry J Butchmeup.

Okay this is not a musical thing for the wannabe Prez candidates. However, it is a wonderful article about a clueless former Congress critter, Allen West. He was soooo quick to make a point about something that just wasn’t there the way he thought it was.

Dear Alan. He represented the Jupiter area, which seemed reasonable……….

Courtesy of the Rude Pundit, several other things that Jade Helm could be.

I am reasonably certain that the portions of Texas that were recently struck by tornadoes will be seeing government intervention in a whole new light.

@42: Oh and don’t forget the areas that got flash flooding too.

Congrats to my LSU baseball Tigers who have wrapped up the SEC regular season championship even before the tournament is held.

You guys are on fire!

What the Glove hopes voters are thinking about him…

Carly for Carly

S&G for Rand Paul

Melissa Etheridge for Marco Rubio:

LOL. Great choices, Sophie!

What Beata said!

Whoops…this is what I meant to embed for Mitt’s hopes:

I agree – love it, SophieCT!

Great choices Sophie, especially 48!

For Dr. Rand.

Sophie, you’re so funny!

For Bobby Jindal:

@55: Don’t you know that little turd has found some people in Iowa who are buying his bullshit! Meanwhile the people of Louisiana know better. This one’s for Piyush.

Not that lil booby is cynical or anything. May have to rt click to read the captions.

I think this is it for me on this post. Its taking forever to load and is locking up the browser.

Oops! Breaking news. Lindsey is gonna give an important 2016 update!

But first, he has some important thinking to do.

You’re right. The post had a good run. Thanks, everyone.


Lindsay Graham to announce 01 June.

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