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Goosey, goosey, gander, redux…

Posted on: May 14, 2015

While I’m relatively certain with a 99.9999999% assurance factor the writers for The Daily Show have not yet discovered our little Widdershin world, their writing and video selection could not have been more apropos as a follow-up to Tuesday.

This video lays bare the philosophical quagmire associated with the “zero-sum” thinking.  Jon Stewart calls it out with the simple words of believing being poor is not a condition, but character.  In other words, being poor is attributable to a lack of character and if just the poor had more “character” they would no longer be poor.

Contrary to all the inflammatory rhetoric nine-tenths, that is 9/10, or 90%, or 9 out of 10 people receiving benefits are elderly, disabled, or working households.  This whole crap-fest began after the Georgetown University poverty summit when the President, in a twenty-second throwaway comment about Fox, made mention of the demonizing of the poor.  It’s not like the conservative viewpoint wasn’t represented since right there on the stage was a conservodroid from one of the “shrink tanks” in DC.

This demonization of the poor isn’t new, but it has been particularly potent of late:

There’s a deep tradition in America of agitating those who aren’t well-off against people who have it even worse (picture poor whites in the pre-Civil Rights South directing their ire at blacks who had even less).

Whatever the cause of this resurgence of poor hatred, be it the Tea Party or political wedge-driving, Jon Stewart perfectly captured it last evening.  The video might not embed, but follow the trail, it is well worth the effort:—did-you-even-try-to-research-this-

What are we going to do without Jon Stewart?  Who will subject themselves to Fox in order to demonstrate their rank hypocrisy?

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14 Responses to "Goosey, goosey, gander, redux…"

Prolix asked: What are we going to do without Jon Stewart?

I agree wholeheartedly sir! I was absolutely rolling when he nailed Mike Barnicle. 😆

Me too! Laker and I laughed our silly heads off. Love your redux post, Prolix. Very cool that you and Stewart are on the same page at the same time!

“The poor…they have THINGS!”. Shame on them for having a refrigerator!

I can abide people who have a different opinion than mine when it comes to distribution of the federal budget — no brainer, we can disagree, but what I can’t abide, have NO time for, are people who go out of their way to distort the facts in order to gin up the “know-nothings”.

And it just isn’t the know-nothings, it is the “don’t care to know-anythings”, the “I’m angry and where’s my target” types. They are the backbone of the Fox business model.

@1, while Barnicle, in all his plagiariziness and sycophanticness, (two words you haven’t seen before) was sublimating himself as he usually does since Tim Russert isn’t around to protect him, I think the real target was SchmoJoe.

SchmoJoe pulls this crap about every other day by making glittering generalities sound like epistles carved on stone tablets. He is also someone who believes he can never be wrong with impunity as long as he gets loud enough.

Prolix said: He is also someone who believes he can never be wrong with impunity as long as he gets loud enough.

Amen to that my brother!! I am so waiting (and please let it happen!) for the day when he starts his shite and the object of his ire just gets up and walks off.

Go Jon! There are websites that take on Faux News, but no one has a medium like Jon with such a popular show. I can’t wait to see what Morning Joe has to say tomorrow. Will Mika act more sheepish than usual? Will they and Megan Kelley and Hannity run the clip? Will they apologize? Yes, no and no. Also, Barnicle will be mysteriously missing from the table.

@8 Oh, that is sad. One of the gods of the blues.

annie, I saw another article that said he passed in his sleep. Can’t ask for much more than that, I’d say.

Oh well…(gulp), Microsoft tells me I have updates to perform (makes the sign of the cross) so I may be gone for awhile or the rest of the night.

Sad to hear about BB King.

How does Jon Stewart do it? When I see those privileged @ssh0les on Faux talking about how the poor are only poor because they deserve it, the blood around my heart starts to feel hot and my mind starts to cloud up with rage.

It takes a special kind of heartlessness to sit there and spout that kind of propaganda. While it’s clearly “just business” to Murdoch, I am very comfortable calling it evil. If any of those “anchors” at Faux had “richness of character,” they would have quit long ago.

And RIP B.B. King. Sounds like he went the way a lot of us would like to go.

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