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Lazy Weekend Music: Dear Mom,

Posted on: May 9, 2015

We made it to another weekend, Widdershins.  This week was particularly fascinating – tumultuous elections abroad, variable weights in footballs, FEMA camps and invasions of Texas, and multiple more announced Republican candidates for 2016.  It’s time to take the weekend off and honor our mothers.

I lost my Mom was I was twenty-three, but at least she got to meet my daughter.  Said daughter is now the mother of my three wonderful grandmonsters, one of whom just married and may make me a great-grandmother before check-out time.  Plus I still have my step-mother. So to all of the above, and all of the Moms out there, this weekend is for us.  If your Mom is still with you, call her.  If not, remember the good times that you had along the way.

Please feel free to post songs for your Mom of any sort  The word “Mom” does not have to be present – it can just be a song that Mom liked or one that reminds you of her.  For that matter, post anything at all that you choose to discuss.  This is a wide open thread.

(1) The Mom Song – Sung at Northland Church

(2) California Dreaming – The Mamas and the Papas

(3) Mother’s Little Helper – The Rolling Stones

(4) Mama Told Me Not to Come – Three Dog Night

(5) Mama Said There’d be Days Like This –  The Shirelles

My Mom’s favorite song:

(6) Autumn Leaves – Nat King Cole


37 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Dear Mom,"

I don’t know that she ever heard this song, but her name was Margaret and a friend told me about the song. She probably would have laughed her ass off at it.

My mother never actually did this, but as a single mother not widowed but divorced (gasp) in 1965 in a small southern town with three girls, I’m sure it was not easy.

Someone please fix this for me if it doesn’t work. I’m having trouble linking lately. And thanks for the post and music.

Gagal@6: Good choice! (and it worked too!!)

@6: That was not an easy row to hoe back then – not that it’s a piece of cake now.

Great songs you guys. All I could come up with was this:

annie@14: Hey, nothing wrong with that.

Okay…so this is cool: Mississippi State will lead universities running national drone research center: AP

but, will they have cowbells on them?

Hooray for Stark Vegas!

And be painted Maroon and White,

Happy Mother’s Day, Widdershins!

My mother used to rock me in the rocking chair while she sang this Irving Berlin song. She was “always” there for me, although the rocking chair thing got a bit awkward by the time I got to college. ( Okay, whatever. Like you all don’t have your own family issues! )

{{{Waving}}}} Hey, Beata! Great to see you again.

Hi, Chat ( and Fredster ). I’m deep into gardening these days!

I’m also ready for Hillary 2016. Let’s go!

We’re ready.

Hello Beata!

chat@17: But of course. 😉

chat@18: That was a nice video. Watching it, I thought I saw some of Chelsea’s features in her grandmother or vice versa.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! {{{Hi Beata}}}

For those missing their mothers today…

Hi, MB. Good to see you. Beautiful video. Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms here!

OT: I think Sundays would be a good time for us to review the week and try to choose which politician said or did the dumbest thing. Rick Santorum said we should bomb ISIS back to the 7th century. Ben Carson said “I didn’t say Obama WAS a psychopath, I said he has the traits of a psychopath.” When Jeb Bush was asked who his foreign policy advisor was he said his brother, George.

I’m going to go with Jeb because this was triple dumb. Thinking it, doing it and saying it out loud.

@26: That was lovely.

GAgal: Oh that had to be the winner of the week. 🙄

Well!! And a happy Mothers Day to you too!

@31: Dear God.

@32: Isn’t that lovely? And the article was written by a woman.

Thanks all…Caballe is hard to beat.

GAGal….I am going with dear Jebinator as well. Although I will say that Rick Santorum calling for the killing of religious extremists shows a singular lack of self-awareness.

madamab, I’m still trying to figure out which century Rick and his sanitorium live in.

Hi Beata! Nice to see you! Glad you’re enjoying gardening.

I love the Hillary video. So beautiful.

@35: LOL!

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