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Human Bait Hunting in Texas…

Posted on: May 5, 2015

Afternoon Widdershins.

As a genetically inferior Appalachian, my vocabulary is pretty good – a little above average, but I find myself searching for the words today.  You see, I don’t have the words to describe someone who, like Pamela Geller, represents an utter lack of ethics.  Absolute abhorrence, beneath contempt, plain old hatred — no words seem sufficient.  You’re asking, who is Pamela Geller and why is she someone about whom we should spend even one minute considering?  Allow me to once again digress.Pamela Geller

This weekend in Garland, Texas, there was the latest installment in an anti-Muslim campaign promoted by Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America.  Both groups have been labeled hate groups by various watchdog organizations.

Geller was quick to clad herself in the American flag, the Constitution, the Paris tragedy of Charlie Hebdo, and anything else to disguise the true intent of the event.  That intent had nothing to do with free speech and everything to do with the most perverse form of self-promotion.  Here’s what really happened Sunday night.

Called a Muhammad Art and Cartoon Contest where $10,000.00 was to be awarded for the most outrageous and vulgar cartoon of the Prophet, the couple of hundred attendees were greeted with a keynote harangue by Geert Wilders, the head of a far, far-right Dutch political party.  Wilders has called for banning the Koran, comparing it to Mein Kampf.  He’s called Islam an “ideology of a retarded culture”, called for taxing women who wear headscarves, and demanded a cleansing of the Netherlands from the Trojan Horse of Islam.

This cartoon contest was in response to a January event where a Muslim group had invited nearby families to discuss religious tolerance, pluralism, and anti-extremism (it was called “Stand with the Prophet against terror and hate”) and to raise money for a cultural center to promote tolerance.  Geller helped organize a large protest outside the January event, where hundreds of people waved anti-Muslim signs and American flags. Muslim-American families were forced to walk through a gauntlet of bile-spewing hate.

Honestly, was there any doubt...

Honestly, was there any doubt…

So much for free speech – since for demagogues the only permissible bullhorn is the one spewing self-delusional pap.

Pam Geller’s name struck a chord with me because she was behind the furor around the Park51 Mosque in New York or as she famously marketed it, “the ground zero mosque.”  60 Minutes improvidently did a piece on the issue giving her more publicity and legitimacy than she could ever covet.  Her regular propaganda outlets are her blog (I will not even mention its name), Fox News, and Breitbart.  Each promoted her fear-mongering hatred.  Prior to her glomming onto anti-Muslim hate, she tried other causes, but they didn’t hold the cachet of notoriety she craved or the fundraising potential.

Some of her more infamous theories:

  • Obama is a third-worlder and a coward.
  • Obama will do nothing but beat up on our friends to appease his Islamic overlords.
  • It is well-known that Obama allegedly was involved with a crack whore in his youth.
  • Back in the early 80’s there were only two reasons to travel to Pakistan. Jihad or drugs.  I think he went for the drugs and came back with jihad.
  • Jews refuse to get on Obama’s Trains.
  • The moochers and the looters, the crooks and degenerates voted at 1 a.m. this morning to rip the constitution to shreds, to rape the American people and to nationalize medicine.
  • Geller’s blog contains 267 posts tagged “Muslim in the White House.”

With that said, no matter how odious Geller and her hate is, there is zero – zero justification for violence like that contemplated by the two shooters on Sunday evening — especially if that violence was the product Geller so longed to provoke and for which she had so carefully planned.Garland TX

The Garland officials had required extra security for the event and the SWAT squad, turned out in their best Fallujah-wear, were already on site.  Geller’s plan worked.

Now, two days later, ISIS is claiming responsibility.  Of course they would claim responsibility even though hours before the killing of the two gunmen one of them pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda.  Free publicity, claiming something isn’t what is claimed, an unquenchable thirst for acclaim, and an unrequited hatred of a belief system different from one’s own – all the creed of those with dreams of despotic control and adulation — whether it is ISIS or Pamela Geller.

For those who don’t know, bait hunting is outlawed in all fifty states.  Sunday night, Pamela Geller laid the bait and facilitated the taking of two lives that easily could’ve been many, many more — all in the quest for notoriety and self-approbation.

When it comes to sin and an everlasting peace for one’s soul, I don’t know if the two who died Sunday night reached paradise, but personally, I’d give them a much better chance of reaching it than Pamela Geller will ever have.

Take the conversation in any direction you might like.



36 Responses to "Human Bait Hunting in Texas…"

A few thoughts from the other genetically inferior Appalachian at TW….
(1) Why would the real ISIS claim responsibility for a failure?”- Aren’t they too busy helping Obama invade Texas?
(2) What say we sponsor a competition for the best jingle about Jesus being a three card monte dealer from Vegas? Could anything actually go wrong?

@1, Chat, glad to see you! We genetically inferior habitues of TW must hang together.

As for No. 1, I suspect the ISIS radio station, where the claim originated, is looking for just about anything to fill its time. As for invading TX, Obama doesn’t need help since the armed forces are having joint maneuvers which, as anyone with walking around sense knows, is a ruse for a massive invasion. Or at least that is what Greg Abbot believes since he has activated the TX National Guard to keep an eye on the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force of the great northern aggressor.

As for a competition, Westboro Baptist Church has already won. There are plenty of folks who would gladly take a swing at them.

I thought this subject would engender more interest. My topic picker is on the fritz.

Good news:

Hillary Rodham Clinton appears to have initially weathered a barrage of news about her use of a private email account when she was secretary of state and the practices of her family’s foundation, an indication that she is starting her second presidential bid with an unusual durability among Democratic voters.

Americans now view Mrs. Clinton more favorably and as a stronger leader than they did earlier in the year, despite weeks of scrutiny about her ethics, a New York Times/CBS News poll has found. And nearly nine in 10 Democrats say the nation is ready to elect a female president.

Laker asked me to post this funny quote:

“I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.”

American Kennel Club

@5, and I trust people who trust a dog’s opinion and I especially trust a person who posts quotes about dogs.

I apologize for arriving late to the party! 😦 Real life sometimes intrudes

Prolix I think you forgot the one about Obama being the love child of someone…Maddow mentioned that one last night. Oh! Malcolm X!

Now don’t talk too much about Abbott and the invasion. I have something planned for later.

I love that quote and the same for Prolix’s comment.

Also on Maddow’s show last night I saw she mentioned one of the whack jobs who is also against Grover Norquist, the destroyer of state economies, and said nutjob said Norquist was an agent of the muslim brotherhood because he is married to an Arab woman. Oh if only we could turn that around on lil booby.

As a genetically inferior Appalachian

We should all be so inferior!

Me@9: How could I was Frank Gaffney who started the stuff about Norquist. And to think these people make a quite good living off of this shite.

The “unknown cartoonist” from La. who lampoons lil bobby. All we really know is that he’s likely a state employee who is hanging on by the threads. You may have to click on the image to see it full sized.

@12, whoever this person is, he/she is talented. Those are great caricatures.

@7, I should have added the love child of Malcolm X — that is a good one.

Prolix@13 & 14: Yes I saw a comment by the artist on La. Voice and I do recall he’s an unhappy camper/state employee. Can’t blame him there.

Watching Maddow last night when she said that about the love child thing I almost fell out of the chair. 😆

Aww… Pam Geller and Ted Cruz make such a lovely couple. Can you imagine their offspring?

Other topic: I’ve been browsing around but can’t find a video or transcript about Hillary’s roundtable today on immigration reform.

Thanks chat. Maybe huffpost is worth checking again.

@chat: And of course some talking heads are noticing there’s been a change in her position on some issues, like drivers licenses.

Prolix, enjoyed your post and agree with you as always…Geller is utterly vile. Sorry I couldn’t comment earlier, we were leaving to go to L.A. and I only had time to put in Lakers comment. We went to see the Moody Blues at the Greek Theater. They were great, real music and fabulous voices. Justin Hayward can still sing as well as he did 40 years ago–and no lip syncing!

Hillary is the lead story on huffpo right now, and they picked a beautiful picture of her.

annie: is that the one chat has the link to?

I really like to read crooks and liars, but there are a few seriously vile Hillary haters commenting there. A post about Hillary’s immigration talk turns into a rabid BernieLove fest. I like Bernie, but there is no way someone who identifies himself as a Democratic socialist is going to win the general.

here’s an article on the Texas response to the arrival of The Great Northern Aggressors. I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Gagal said: I really like to read crooks and liars, but there are a few seriously vile Hillary haters commenting there

Really? I don’t go to very many of the bigger or national blogs. I know some folks go there, others I know go to TPM and the one I hate seeing is Politico. Those jerks can be sooo snide at times.

@24: Oh well, that was going to be my thing for tomorrow. 😉

Sorry Prolix, and I had actually been talking to a Texas friend about this! She is mortified and demoralized by all the crazy hatred.

I don’t want to let anyone slide on this. The Muslim extremists did not contemplate violence because of the exhibit, they opened fire.

That being said, Geller deserves all your epithets, and many more I am too polite to list. She seems to think being Jewish immunizes her from being sane about Muslims. Most likely, by siding with that Geerts lunatic, she is allying herself with a neo-Nazi. Ah, irony.

@26 – it’s okay, do it! I would love to hear your take. My friend linked me to the story and said, “This is not from the Onion.”

mb28: Oh I was just going to say they’re whacked-out crazy there!

This kind of shite reminds me of when arch-segregationist Leander Perez in La was going to block the Feds from coming into Plaquemines parish to, I believe, enforce integration. I think the Feds came in with some military backup. “Uncle Earl” Long the governor called Leander and asked him “Whatcha gonna do now Leander? The Feds have got the atom bomb.”

@26: What @28 said.

@29 – LOL!

My sister said she was called a progressive on Facebook (not in a good way) and she asked me what’s the difference. I really didn’t know what to say. I told her to just tell them she prefers liberal Democrat. That will really piss ’em off.

@32: Tee-hee!

@24 and 26, sorry Fredster, but I can’t pass up this line from the story Chat linked:

[s]ome have suggested the military plans to subdue Texans…

Now really, “subdue Texans” — I don’t think the military will have to worry about a state that rewrites textbooks in order to doctor history and science to conform with the idea the Flintstones was a documentary. Or a state that to make a cheap political point allows one-quarter of its poorest families to be without health care. Or a state that, if they could figure a way to do it, would put in a drive-thru lane in the death chamber. Or a state that its economy is dependent upon the undocumented workers who are vilified from pillar to post by the very same people who are benefiting from the workers. Or a state that has a record number of teenage pregnancies and is second in the nation on repeated teenage pregnancies and continues to deny sex education other than that taught out of a grocery store’s produce department.

Texas is doing a mighty fine job in subduing their own — no help needed.

Prolix@34: No problem.

Texas is the state where the folks in La. sent “Uncle Earl” to put him in the loony bin when we thought he was crazy. They sent him back and said they thought he was just fine. H/t to the late great Molly Ivins for that one.

Re: Pam Geller-when Donald Trump thinks you’re a crackpot who shouldn’t mess in politics, it’s past time for some self-evaluation.

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