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Posted on: May 1, 2015


Good afternoon Widdershins!  Chat is having issues with Windows 8 on her computer so in order to prevent her from tossing the thing until help arrives I said I would do a post for today.

With the news this week consisting mainly of the situation in Baltimore and then the awful news of the earthquake and avalanche in Nepal, I thought we might take a light look at something we’re going to be seeing a lot of in the coming year, political commercials.

If we are already getting candidates to announce they are running for President, it cannot be much longer before the inevitable commercials start rolling.  I find political commercials to be odd ducks of a sort.  I’ve never to my knowledge had a commercial sway me into voting for a candidate, but I’ve sure had some that convinced me to go in another direction.

I’ve dug up some amusing examples and they aren’t all of a political nature.  Some of them are just funny commercials.  Feel free to add whatever you wish to the collection.

A funny commercial for Evian.

This gentleman is trying to quit smoking and not lose control.

I have no idea whether Gil Fulbright was running for the U.S. Senate from Kentucky but whoever this is, he made a funny (and truthful ?) commercial.

This next one for Huckabee (last Prez cycle?) would have had me running the other way.

If we thought “attack” ads now were bad, just take a look at what they might have been like in the 1800s.

I guess I’ll give this guy points for props.

Here’s a “threefer” for you.

Here’s the “the politicians don’t pay attention to us” meme.

This one has to be up there in the “bad” category.

This one is a parody but it is still funny.

Okay Widdershins, do you have any particularly bad or funny commercials you can recall?  They don’t have to necessarily be about politics, just anything that caught your eye.  I’ll close with this commercial within a skit done by the great Lucille Ball.

This is an open thread.


27 Responses to "And now a word from our sponsors"

Hey Fredster, thanks for the post! I can’t wait to watch the videos when not at work. 😉

Freddie Gray was murdered…six police officers charged. I’m so upset. What is wrong with these people!!! I cannot fathom this mindset of thinking you are above the law.

And by the way, the prosecutor who made the decision to charge the police officers is a WOMAN – 4 months into her job and all of 35 years old. Maybe if more women were in charge the right thing would be done more often. Just sayin’. In any case, she deserves a huge amount of credit for going where the evidence led her.

MB: Thanks for the info on that. I haven’t turned the tv on since very early this a.m. I’ll go check it out now.

I hope someone decides to cooperate so we can get some info from one of the police officers. I want to know what provoked them to doing whatever they did to the man.

I wouldn’t assume anything provoked them. They could have just been hopped up on the adrenaline of the arrest.

I never watched “The Wire,” but I did watch *Homicide: Life on the Street,” also set in Baltimore. Of course this was more of a cop-friendly POV.

mb@4: That well could be (adrenaline rush of the arrest)

Oh and Homicide: Life on the Street was a great show.

Funny post Fredster! Yes, we can always use some funny vids to lighten up the day! I remember that Chuck Norris one. Remember those jibjab things?

I’m glad they arrested those cops. It is so depressing, what they did to that young man, over nothing.

Those babies are so adorable. I hope I get to be a grandma some day!

Holy cow, that Gil Fulbright ad was so bizarre! Is Prolix from KY? I wonder if he’s knows about this guy.

annie@6: There were a ton of them to choose from but I didn’t want to put so many in that the post would take forever to load.

I hope I get to be a grandma some day!

No pressure Laker, no pressure. 😆

@8: I think it was a commercial by a political group. I saw him as the same character in a couple of commercials on youtube.

@10, haha! Don’t worry! He doesn’t feel any! Says he’s not having kids. Anyway, I don’t want him to have any when he’s too young.

@11, Ah! That was dense of me!

Ah! That was dense of me!

Oh not at all You’d never really know unless you saw the others on youtube.

I agree Annie, that Gil Fulbright one was amazing. It was Onionesque.

Speaking of.which…not.strictly a commercial, but…remember this one? Absolutely perfect!!!

mb@14: Oh I remember that!

Let’s hope they don’t think the same thing about us after the election and hope we don’t act like them either.

I remember that Onion piece also! So funny! Ah, good times. Sorta.

Here’s some crazy political ads from last year:

annie@17: Oh I like those!

Here’s a gem:

@19, so is he the star player for the red tide?

@20: Oh my! Now that’s an odd couple. LOL!

Yep, he was a running back for Bama. The Jacksonville Jaguars just drafted him.

The Jaguars? Poor guy. I always thought the Jags have nice looking uniforms though. 🙂

There is still a lot of hoopla about the Rams and/or Raiders coming back to L.A. Oh, Laker just says the Chargers are in the mix as well, but Laker says it would be a disaster waiting to happen if the Raiders and the Chargers had to share a stadium. Me, I don’t think we need two pro football teams.

@15 – I agree – I think we are Hillary fans here, but hopefully not so hypnotizable as the Obot army was. 🙂

Annie – that video was such a relief to me when it came out. I know what you mean….I felt vindicated, but wished I had not gone through the months and years before Obama’s victory.

mb@25: I think we have enough common sense and aren’t as gullible as those Obots were in 2008.

annie@24: Supposedly it would be a situation in L.A. like the Jets and the Giants sharing a stadium, although if I were a Charges fan I don’t know how I’d feel about having to drive from S.D. to L.A. for the games.

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