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The bidness of ABH…

Posted on: April 29, 2015

Good afternoon Widdershins.  I hope this Wednesday is but the midpoint on the way to a wonderful weekend.  If you haven’t laid in your bourbon stock for the weekend, remember it is Derby and those juleps don’t make themselves.  At least not until you have had at least six of them.

Just a quick couple of observations today courtesy of my scotch-ridden synapses being goosed by some chuckleheads on the I'm on my wayteevee.

Have you noticed the conversational flow on any news show featuring a panel consisting of a committed conservative, a begrudgingly lapsed librul, and an unaffiliated independent.  The independent will go all “Nancy Reagan-esque” and stare longingly at the conservative while at the same time bear his/her teeth at the lapsed librul.

Invariably, the lapsed librul looks and sounds like a cast extra for the Walking Dead, but on those rare occasions when a good point is about to be grunted, the conservative will interrupt.  I don’t care what panel it is or what network it is.  Without fail, the conservative will interrupt anyone who deviates from the conservative’s opinion in an effort to forestall any potential alternative consideration.

This must be the technique taught by the Roger Ailes Media School where Frank Luntz is the headmaster.  The next time you find yourself watching one of these panels, just keep track of who is interrupting who halfway through their answers.

This type of preemptive conversation snuffing isn’t the only way intractable minds secure their places.  What I have been seeing of late and expect to see much more often as we progress toward 2016 is how time has stopped for those suffering from Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Those who rose to some semblance of power in the 1990’s based upon some fictitious Whitewater, Travelgate, Rose Law Firm, Vince Foster murder scandals or any number of other scandals arising out of the miasma – for those people it seems time has stopped.  Not slowed down, but just plain stopped.   It is as if the shamed politicians like Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, and Tom Delay, among others, had piled into Doc Brown’s DeLorean and drove directly to Professor Peabody’s way-back machine and had all their sins washed cleanly away.

Matt DrudgeThere is no better example than Matt Drudge (I’m personally convinced the naming gods have a good sense of humor).  Regrettably, Drudge can’t be ignored.  Last year, his was the number one site of referral traffic to the Daily Mail, CNN, Fox News, Roll Call, Breitbart, The New York Times, National Journal, USA Today, Associated Press, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, and Politico.

Of late, Drudge has been championing Martin O’Malley as a viable contender against Hillary.  That might not continue given the Baltimore uprising since O’Malley’s day job and claim to fame was governor of Maryland, but the ABH (Anyone But Hillary) psychosis is thriving.  The reasoning is simple and central to the “trickle down crowd” – it is good for “bidness”.

How do I know this?  Let’s just go to the tape shall we?  In 2007, Drudge, when he was still occasionally talking to the media, acknowledged just how central Hillary was to his site’s success.  He told New York Magazine:

I need Hillary Clinton.  You don’t get it.  I need to be part of her world.  That’s my bank.  Like Leo DiCaprio has the environment and Al Gore has the environment and Jimmy Carter has anti-Americanism…I have Hillary.

Drudge isn’t unique – far from it.  You have all of the cuddlebums at Fox, the William Crystal types who revel in all their wrongness Karl Roveabout everything, Karl Rove who has an entire ABH cottage industry, and those like Joe Scarborough who find it necessary to remind viewers every 3 minutes that once upon a time he was in Congress.  Their level of sophistication and maturation is stuck in the nineties by virtue of what brought them to the party – sowing distrust and loathing of the Clintons.  Nothing and no amount of time will shake them from their glorious somnambulism of Clinton hating.

I mention this for those of us who need to prepare for the upcoming onslaught.  Not just this book, Clinton Cash, which is nothing more than spaghetti slinging “questions”, but the Brothers Koch have promised the business of Clinton bashing will be uncommonly lucrative in the next sixteen months – good to the tune of almost a billion dollars worth of propaganda.  There are lots of sniveling cockroaches who will want to get in on the bonanza.

Let us be forewarned, it shall be an uncommonly rocky ride my friends.

I’ll leave you on a lighter and infinitely more instructive note.  The reporter from Cosmopolitan, yes, that Cosmo, provided some good fodder for thought during an interview for the new Avengers movie.  She had the unspeakable audacity to ask the male actor the questions typically reserved for the female actor and vice versa.  It is truly illustrative of a larger societal ill.

Take this conversation in any direction you might like and have a great day.




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I have made a career out of successfully ignoring Matt Drudge. 🙂 But seriously folks…great post, and the video is amazing. Imagine if men always had to answer those types of questions (“do you have a cleansing routine you recommend? what are you wearing on the red carpet?”) instead of questions relating to the actual film they are promoting. They would go nuts!

Not only was O’Malley Guv of MD, but his previous day job was mayor of Balto. How’s that for bona fides?

Drudge is doing the same thing he (and Rush) did during the primary of 07 and before then against Kerry, etc. He is supporting the person who is attacking the strongest candidate. The next step will be for open primary states to encourage republicans in states with sure candidates on their own side, to instead vote against Hillary. They do this all the time. Drudge has no use for any D unless that D is attacking the front runner. An enemy of my enemy is my friend. Old republican trick they use because they have no real values or morals or convictions.

Hillary kicked ass on her speech. It is here:

2 and O’Malley had TONS of bad publicity there and lots of links to really bad deals for the people over corporations paying his way. People who lived through him don’t like him. He is treacherous. Perdue dumping “chicken shit”, literally, in the Chesapeke. I have been meaning to check his latest polls in MD but they aren’t good, iirc.

k4C@4: yes there was even a bad movie made about the Chesapeake dumping stuff.

Prolix said: and those like Joe Scarborough who find it necessary to remind viewers every 3 minutes that once upon a time he was in Congress.

YES! Much like the local high school football jock who can only relive his glory days. If it was so great Joe, why dincha stay in Congress?

@6: Likely the dead intern found in his office had a bit to do with it,

A more perfect epistemic biosphere does not exist than Drudge to Rush to Fox and then back again. Bottom feeders who share with one another.

chat@7: Oh I thought that thing blew over and he was cleared of any issues with the situation. But then, as Edwin Edwards said…

@prolix: In other words:

Re: O’Malley apparently there was a poll where in the D primary he was polling like 6% in his own state. Hillary had something like 50 or 60 points on him. And now with Bernie jumping in he’s going to suck up whatever little oxygen O’Malley had left. I will just die laughing if Drudge et al start promoting Bernie after they’ve been saying he’s an awful socialist et. al. Drudge was a one trick pony back in the 90’s and while people might click to other sites from his site the truth is he doesn’t have any power anymore. The one now that seems to have sway is breitbart.

Are they trying to incite riots in Baltimore? First, the police says no report will be forthcoming, but will be referred to the District Attorney. Now, this is being reported by WaPo:

A prisoner sharing a Baltimore police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” of the vehicle and believed he “was intentionally trying to injure himself,” according to an investigative document obtained by The Washington Post. The prisoner, who is currently in jail, was separated from Gray by a metal partition and could not see him. His statement is contained in an application for a search warrant, which is sealed by the court.

12, Maddow, just reported a search warrant for a police uniform to do DNA test. Also the WaPo story about the other prisoner and self injury you posted. Time will tell. It all comes out in the wash one way or another. Glad to see peace winning. Non-violence is always the best way to protest. Cummings is a hero.

12, I just can not imagine how a man who is handcuffed from behind could have the leverage to hurl himself against the walls until he broke his own spine. In how many places? 6 or 8? Nope, not buying what their selling. The other prisoner had to be either threatened or expected to plea bargain.

As a native of Baltimore, I feel so horrible for everyone there. The problem is not race in this case, because there are plenty of black politicians and police. The problem is that the law enforcement community has no accountability. Absolute power…..

@14: Actually he could. I have seen people do the damndest things. That said, there would have been evidence of trauma – swelling, abrasions, bruising, etc. – and I’m pretty sure that someone would be waving an autopsy report documenting such with 8×10 full color glossies to boot. Further, I remember the PC clearly stating that the other prisoner observed nothing, and the timeline suggests that he would likely have been at the very least semi-conscious at the point that the other prisoner arrived.

chat, yes I thought about the evidence of trauma – swelling, abrasions and bruising. That same trauma could have been from being beaten by police. I didn’t know about the timeline. I fear the autopsy reports are going to be a powder keg. Then there will be other autopsies done. It’s going to take a lot of patience to see this through and I think that might be in short supply these days.

I fear that it won’t end well, which leaves me to wonder when exactly the break-point arrives. It’s not only Baltimore that has little or no police accountability.
I count a number of officers as family and friends. Individually, they are the nicest people that you would ever want to meet. As a group, there’s a gang mentality.

chat@16: Have the autopsy reports been released yet?

MB@15: No matter how many black cops and politicians they have, greed and corruption will find a way in. Didn’t you ever watch The Wire ?

From what I was seeing and then reading online, it looks like a lot of the”urban renewal” money that’s been around for a long time didn’t seem to make it to some parts of Baltimore.

Well, well, well…it seems our darker brethren feel just about the same as us with Fox News.

Ewww. O’Malley. i will always think of chicken shit when I hear his name. And companies like Perdue are why I buy organic gmo-free, cruelty-free, air chilled (not soaked in dirty water with bleach and thousands of other chix) chicken from a ranch within a few hours of here. It’s not that much extra $ for me, because we don’t eat meat at every meal, and I am always making stock for soups.

I was looking at some of the huffpo threads about Bernie, and the progs dominated, saying crap like “thank god Bernie is running,” “a real liberal,” and other BS. No one mentioned his age, but that is the first thing I thought of when I heard he was running. If he won, he would be 75 years old when sworn into office! He is six years older than Hillary! None of the anti-Clinton idiots, who probably carried on about Hillary being too old, mentioned Bernie’s age. I wanted to, but not badly enough to open a Facebook account. Anyway, I would like to see more questions about whether Bernie is too old for prez. How many times have the anti-Hillary dems brought up her age as a problem? Let’s bring up Bernie’s.

Really the whole idea is ludicrous. Can you picture a presidential race between some young, cocky rethug and a 74 year old socialist Bernie? Would the indies and repub women that would swing for Hillary, swing left for an elderly socialist? It’s a scary thought. Hillary, please take excellent care of yourself.

Fredster, great clip. Geraldo looks so lame, smiling through that whole thing.

annie@22: Now I love Bernie to death and it’s because he is for the middle and lower class folks…like me. But that being said, he’s there as a protest candidate.

Now even ole Rude Pundit who is decidedly to the left knows what to do and apparently has gotten some grief over it.

Even Skooks/Jeffrey is not happy with Hillary and views Bernie as just a side show. He believes Clinton is too tied to Wall Streeet and the DLC. I just hope he takes Rude Pundit’s advice.

Annie, I would not bring up age anymore than I would color or sex. McCain or Romney were just wrong. Palin and Bachmann wrong. It wasn’t age that made Reagan wrong. Bernie is a socialist and although there were people speculating Obama was one he ended up being a far more run-of-the-mill traditional dem than he seemed to be as a candidate.

Bernie is there as a foil for Hillary. He actually enhances her and keeps the party active and talking and voting in the primary and listening. If there was just Hillary this would be a very long and not very interesting slog to Nov. 16

24, love that STFU title. The more Fox and the RWNJs attack her the more the left will rally around her.

The introductions from the President of Columbia, the Dean and from Dinkins for Hillary were absolutely gushing about her long credentials for liberal issues. It is amusing that the media has no clue how deep her base is and how wide. Lots of us will not take no for answer.

They try to swift boat her in Oct 16 we will not roll over.

I have been reading up on TPP and so far it is not necessarily worthy of a knee jerk opposition. There are many on the left calling Warren reactionary and not realistic, there will be a deal whether we are part of it or not. It is not cut and dried at all.

Hillary hasn’t seen it or been privy to it for years. Warren, Sanders and Obama have and O says we will see it for 60 days before the yes or no vote – if they pass fast track.

The websites like HuffPo where people engage in “troll” commenting or strategic talking points where people stir up crap to divide the party, should be ignored. If you go to sites which allow points for comments and there are those type trolls engaging, they have very few points or thumbs up. Most comment boards in the media are filled with paid Republicans to attack anything positive about Hillary. (Just like it was when we were dealing with that obot army of basement dwellers.)

I posted a link to The People’s View site which has a three part primer on TPP. It also has Debunking Warren, Randy Abraham stimulus TPP, Trade-Phobia, Labor digging own grave on TPP, as well as the education series on trade. All very interesting and all answer the responses, which are very shallow, from Labor and Warren and Sanders. Not that I support TPP without seeing it and not that I trust obama, but lets wait and see why Hillary supported it and why obama was willing to go on record saying Warren is wrong. I don’t trust the rebublicans siding with obama. It makes my hair stand on end. That said it is quite possible that the solid US corporations backing this deal are looking out of course for their bottom line but also, that would mean their employees as well. If US companies get a windfall we all have a better chance of labor growth than if our companies are excluded.

It also reverses the worst parts of NAFTA and does regulate environment and worker and human rights – supposedly. We will see.

There are a lot of progressives speaking out for TPP. Greenpeace even has a somewhat favorable look at it as of the last mention in December or so, with a research piece on it linking to The Guardian and Euro concerns which obama addressed back then. Fascinating deal.

k4C@27: Thanks for that link. I’ll check it out.

From that 2nd link above:

Provisions within the deal would expand patent rights for big pharmaceutical companies, which would keep important medicines overpriced around the world. One of these provisions, “patent term extensions,” would allow companies to extend their patents beyond the original twenty years, preventing other companies from bringing the medicine onto the generic market, which generally lowers costs by 30-80 percent. Other provisions would allow companies to re-patent drugs after twenty years for developing “new uses” or slightly altering the chemical.


Out of all big industries making billions in profit, the pharmaceutical is probably the most ethically questionable. Okay, for less consequential conditions like erectile dysfunction, profit is fine. But when companies that make billions every year charge astronomical rates for life-saving medicines, there must be a debate.

In 2013, 100 experts in chronic myeloid leukemia wrote an essay that examined the high prices of cancer drugs and argued that companies had moral obligations to make them more affordable. In 2012, out of the 12 new cancer drugs approved by the FDA, 11 were priced at above $100,000 per year, which is nearly double that from a decade earlier, when the average was $5,000 a month.

Fred, that’s definitely a red flag and not cool. Will check if that is one of the things they are still working on. Some of the protests against it were just not true at all. Some may have been true in an early version but were fixed. Lots of information and disinformation all over. I found the thing I said about Greenpeace (above) was not true. The White House has a website touting support from a bunch of environmental groups (not GP, but others like Sierra) and that WH site is wrong according to the same groups it cites on So once again we perhaps see a case of well known barackbamboozle.

Bernie and Hillary will have something to discuss. 🙂

Sadly, a really bad case of CDS here. 😦

Fred, I just went to the doctors without borders site and that article you link to is from March of 2013 – over two years ago. So things have clearly changed since then.

34, Fred, that library loon isn’t worth linking to. you just gave him hits on his site. I refuse to even read any links to the NY Times or to Fox. The hell with them both, they do not own the news, there are a billion fish in the internet sea.

karen, supposedly Hillary is against this Investor-State dispute settlement. I say “supposedly” because I have not heard her speak on this recently.

But as far as industries that don’t need any help at it, it’s big pharma. They like to tout how much they spend on “research” but as that 2nd link above stated, a lot of the money for that R&D comes from government.

karen, I’ve enjoyed Jeffery’s posts when it comes to nola issues. I don’t know what bee he has in his bonnet with Hillary. To be honest, he’s too young (41) to know much about the time when Bill was prez and the good economic times that moved the country in the right direction.

I’ll enjoy his nola posts and his tweets and skip the rest.

I felt the arguements about ISDS were not based on anything concrete. They argue in a vague way because at this time there are no known specifics at all. The open democracy article is vague. The author is a KOS diarist who says some kind of ISDS might be included or is expected but basically at this point, Hillary even would be talking out of her rear since it is unknown by the public, including even her.

The people who are guessing (presumably all but a few hundred people in the world with access – and they aren’t allowed to discuss it and disclose.) are all doing so with abandon bringing up NAFTA and such when this deal is specifically supposed to END that agreements issues.

I am not giving it the benefit of the doubt, and I am not doubting it, either. I understand not taking a hopping mad opinion on something that isn’t even known yet. A lot of far left drama queens panting and freaking out and the more they do that the less actual information in their pseudo rant based on a crystal ball view.

38, I am not an economist but they say NAFTA did give our economy a bounce and much of what was wrong with it was that it had seperate enviro standards and worker protections – not part of the main pact.

This one, obama said, incorporates those things into the body so they are enforceable.

I know one thing – Hillary will NOT agree with and will not support anything that is not good for this country. No how, no way. If she looks it over and says it is a good deal or a bad deal I will listen very closely to her explanation but my first instinct will be to believe she is right. 🙂

Lots of leaking info on Freddie Grey’s death. Of course it might be wrong, time will tell. The reports are saying the van made more stops than originally reported, now saying 5 stops. The wound in the throat matches a bolt in the area where he was held. With no seat belt on and his hands cuffed – was he was perhaps tossed into the bolt when the driver made a short stop? All speculation till the results come in from all the investigations and autopsy.

Karen, I usually agree with you, but I think 75 is too old to start a presidency. I don’t think Bernie would win a primary anyway, but yeah, it bugs me that Hillary’s age is constantly brought up everywhere, but a man 6 years her senior jumps in and I haven’t seen one mention of it. Totally sexist. And I like Bernie for a lot of things, but not president.

annie@42: Me too on Bernie’s age, but I think he’s just doing it so the “progressives” will have someone to listen to them. Does he have a real chance against Hillary? No.

Ginsburg is 82, Mandela was 95. I would vote for a 75 year old like countless heroic people of age who had all their lights burning bright.

Should Ginsburg retire today? Should she have done so a decade ago?

People can be poor leaders in youth or middle age and brilliant ones in old age. I have seen articles on Sanders age. Time has a big one now, headlines about oldest ever will be all over. For me, it is the person.

Cruz and Paul at their prime do not hold a candle to Bernie at 75.

43, he is a foil, the DNC needed someone to debate Hillary who would play nice.

I lived in Vermont and have friends there and it is a very politically active and intense state. They fiercely protect the environment and always have. Radical politics and Ben and Jerry (old company, not today under Corp) is the norm. Bernie is only possible to spring from a place like that. And the best parts of Dean show his roots there too. Far ahead of the nation in running a tight and closely watched by the communities type Govt.

Btw, Annie, if we do the math, And as you say he is 6 years older than Hillary, does that mean that Hillary should only serve one term if elected?

Would you vote against her run to take office in Jan of 2021 through Jan of 2025? Born 1947 – 2025 still in office…

If it would be ok for Hillary then it is ok for the old man too.

One last thing before I go. Bernie on the issues —, ignore his age for the moment, would you vote for him if he was the candidate against Bush, Paul or Cruz or Santorum, or Newt or Walker? I sure would.

@47: Karen, yes, I’d vote for Bernie. I cast my first vote for George McGovern; Bernie would suffer the same electoral fate.

Caught a glimpse of Barney Frank on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” the other night. He said that he was still mad at RBG for not retiring and allowing Obama to pick another Supreme.
For God’s sake, why? Replacing Ginsberg would not change the makeup of the court and I don’t remember liberals begging John Paul Stevens (at a much older age) to retire-quite the contrary.
Barney Frank just became Barney Crank to me; talk to the hand!

The news of 6 cops charged with homicide, manslaughter, misconduct, wrongful arrest, etc. is a relief to many in Baltimore seeking justice. It is hopefully going to allow the city to return to some level of normal – including removing the troops from the streets asap.

In lesser news, but news that makes me smile nevertheless, Chris Christie is in the center of the Bridge closings. With Wildsteing pleading guilty and implicating Kelly and Baroni the whole thing is going to land in Christie’s lap. Wildstein’s atty again said they have proof Christie knew.

@43, Fredster, agree with you.

Karen, I said I think he is too old to s t a r t a presidency, and I still do. My mom is 85 and in amazing health for her age, works out with weights, walks every day, takes care of her 3 bd 2 bath house herself, cooks amazing and healthy food, does community service, and is constantly helping her kids and grandkids out with various things, and has a busy social life, as busy as one can have when ones friends are dying off at an increasingly fast rate. I love my mom and think she’s almost perfect. Do I think she’s too old to be president? Yes, certainly, because no matter how much she takes care of herself, she could die at any time and does not have the energy or memory for the most demanding job in the world.

I don’t think Bernie does either at this stage of his life; however, if the election were Bernie against any repub, I would certainly vote for Bernie. I don’t know why you are taking offense at my comment, you answered my comment with 4 comments, #46 or #47 being particularly sarcastic. I am not “ageist” or whatever you think I am. I have always loved and spent as much time with my elderly family members and elderly friends (hubbie & I regularly visit elderly friends who are alone and have for all our marriage of 26 years) and took squads of young people to do community service work at elderly homes for years on end, when I was involved with educating kids. I took care of my Dad with Alzheimers for 7 years and he died in my home. I love old people who do amazing things and stand up for equal rights. However, I can see quite plainly that people lose stamina, strength, and cognitive function as they age and especially when they are elderly. Being prez is a horrible job, probably the most stressful in the world, and every prez seems to age dramatically while in office. Personally, I loved that Bill C. was in his 40s when elected. I wanted someone with a younger perspective after Reagan & Bush Sr. I will love Hillary being in office at age 69 because she is utterly amazing. How ridiculous to suggest that I would vote for her for a first term and a second.

Finally, and most importantly, you have clearly missed my main point, which is that the progressive side of the dem party has ranted long and loud about Hillary being too old, (I have seen tons of comments about this over several years) but are just relieved that Bernie is running and haven’t even thought about his age. Its sexist.

Ooops, meant to say, “How ridiculous to suggest that I would vote for her for a first term and NOT a second.”

Annie, it is discrimination in my world view. Too old for the job even if they are fully capable mentally. Physically doesn’t matter, as history tells us he could be in a wheelchair and preside.

Death can happen to youth, too, or not. McCain is still kicking, he would have made it two terms if he had been the choice – many said he was too old as well. We all know people who are still of very sound mind at age as well as some who are not. I strongly believe in judging people by their individual merits, not any category they happen to fall into.

There is nothing personal at all and I am sorry if you took it that way. I was at the computer and thought of different things, not all at once so as I thought about it, it came out in 4 spurts instead of one comment with all 4 thoughts. I do not like labels. I never have. Too old for him not for Hillary is contradictory that is why I asked. Not meaning to be snarky, it is not logical to me. Debate is what sites like this are for, no?

Bernie is only possible to spring from a place like that.

Except he’s from New York. 😉

@karen and socal:

My opinion: We know that Hillary has the stamina for the job of Prez because she handled the office of S.o.S. and all the traveling and such that’s involved with that job.

I don’t know about Bernie’s health and I mean just that: I d-o-n-‘t know. If he’s serious about his candidacy he’ll probably release some health info since most of the candidates do. I’ll put it this way: barring anything drastic, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about it.

54, oh! I did not know that. Well, I spent 47 years in NYC among those socialist rabble rousers in Green Witch village, (especially those of us for McGovern and going to all those anti-war protests and listening to that subversive music) and yet he would not have gotten far in NY with his views. NY swings both ways – R and D, with abandon, but it wasn’t until De Blasio that they got a leftie in the mix. Vermont has few people but they take their politics very seriously. Obama won that state by something like 70%.

k4C@56: With that accent Bernie has? Even my “southern ear” picked up that accent. LOL!

Fred, what accent? He sounds like me, now that you mention it.

Ok Fred, I looked up his bio. He left NY in 1964 and has been in Vermont over 50 years. So…. seems relevant, no? Maybe some of his Bklyn has worn off. US northerners all sound alike. Jersey or Bronx is a fine line. Queens or Staten Island.

BTW, NOLA sounded a whole lot like NY to me, IIRC, when I was there for 10 glorious days Jazz fest pre-Katrina.

Take care.

He left NY in 1964

Yeah, but you can’t take the New Yawk out of a New Yawker. 😉

Indeed, yes, some folks in Nola do have an “accent” similar to some New Yorkers and it was described by A.J. Liebling:

The origins of the accent are described in A. J. Liebling’s book The Earl of Louisiana, in a passage that was used as a foreword to A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy Toole’s well-known posthumously published novel about New Orleans:[6]

“ There is a New Orleans city accent . . . associated with downtown New Orleans, particularly with the German and Irish Third Ward, that is hard to distinguish from the accent of Hoboken, Jersey City, and Astoria, Long Island, where the Al Smith inflection, extinct in Manhattan, has taken refuge. The reason, as you might expect, is that the same stocks that brought the accent to Manhattan imposed it on New Orleans

Good lord. i can’t believe this thread is still alive, but since it is, thank you Karen for 1) saying its “not personal” that you think I’m discriminatory; and 2) bolstering my argument by bringing up FDR. As you know, he was first inaugurated into office at age 51, not 75. 24 years is a lot, about a third of a lifetime. I read a lot of books about FDR, and they say he was a powerhouse of a man, and of course, brilliant and charismatic. (Hillary reminds me of him) But of course being prez eventually wore him down and killed him shorty after he was inaugurated for his 4th term, which I’m sure you already know.

I don’t see what being in a wheelchair has to do with being president, (sounds almost discriminatory to me, being married to a man who is also an energy and personality powerhouse and who happens to have muscular dystrophy). However, the brute fact is that physical heath or abilities is a factor in many different types of careers. For instance, I was in excellent shape when I was young, but never strong or tough enough to be a fireman or nurse, like my mom, or to tackle other jobs that were physically demanding. How many people can be a model, or singer, or cook? Different people have different strengths. I’m sure most of here dreamed of some career we just weren’t cut out for.

For the point we were discussing, being too old to be president, yes, many elderly grow in wisdom as they age, like RBG, but many do not, like St Ronnie of Alzheimers. Obviously the job of president would demand more than wisdom: a super human energy, hardiness, vitality, a thick skin, and the ability to maintain these qualities when dealing with unimaginable stress and lack of sleep. RBG’s job isn’t anywhere near as taxing.

Hillary is 6 years younger than Bernie, which is a lot as we get older. I would be thrilled to have the energy and health I had 6 years ago. Also, as Fredster pointed out, we know all about her, and her dynamic energy and fearlessness. So no, I cannot agree that its “contradictory” to say that Bernie is too old and she isn’t.

All of this “debate” is meaningless anyway, as no one thinks Bernie has a chance to win. He is popular with the Obot crowd, and I like him myself for many things, as I mentioned upthread, but he would never get the crossover repub votes that Hillary would, from women, and non-fundie repubs like Dog the Bounty Hunter. I heard he raised 1.5 million on the day he announced, in “small donations” (LOL). I also read that a lot of that was funded by the Koch Bros. I think he has his own agenda in running, like what Fredster and you mentioned upthread. Incidentally, I thoroughly enjoyed his no-frills announcement, out there on the grass, saying he didn’t have a lot of time for questions, cuz he had to “get back”. Hilarious in a satirical way. I will post it after this comment.

Lastly, (and I do mean lastly), I’m glad for you that you view this as a “debate”, but I find it negative, draining, and not useful. While I am always interested in your opinion, I don’t appreciate being schooled in such banalities as “Death can happen to youth too”, which ironically, I read after I got back from the cemetery yesterday evening after putting fresh flowers on our other sons grave. So the discriminator is done here, but I hope you have a pleasant and relaxing weekend.

Bernies awesome rollout:

annie@62: And with that we’ll call this one “closed”.

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Kellyanne Conway’s new job

Take the kids to work? NO!

That moment when *your* pussy gets grabbed

You go gurl! h/t Adam Joseph

“The” Book

Nice picture of our gal

Time till the Grifter in Chief is Gone

Hopefully soonerJanuary 21st, 2021
2.5 years to go.

Mueller Time!

Wise Words from Paul Ryan


Only the *best* politicans bought by the NRA

Marching for their lives

Perfect Picture

Rudy: oh shit the pee tape IS real!

Need Reminders?

Never too early to shop for Christmas

“Look this way”

Manafort’s Jail Photo

Indeed who?

Trump spam