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The “weak-end”…

Posted on: April 25, 2015

It’s the weekend and I’ve found some stories for your not too contemplative pleasure.  I hope you have a great weekend.  Next weekend, of course, is the Derby so remember to get your big hats and seersucker suits out of storage.  There is nothing so dampening to a Derby party than the overwhelming stench of wafting mothballs interfering with the aroma of beaten biscuits, country ham, cheese grits, and copious amounts of flowing bourbon.

As always, I am particularly beholden to the compilers of the weirdest news from around the world for these news items, but I plead guilty to the editorial comments.  The pictures are from the eruption of the Calbuco volcano in Chile.

Eyes of the Beholdersvolcano-eruption-calbuco-chile-5__880

The National Gallery of Australia hosted a special series of tours of “James Turrell:  A Retrospective” earlier this month.  Among other things making this retrospective special was the fact that all the guests were nude – not scantily clad, nude as an Olan Mills pictured baby on a fuzzy rug.  Stuart Ringholt, an artist himself, staged the tours and was clad in his finest skin being that he was nude for the event.  The post-tour party was also staged completely in the nude giving a decidedly new meaning to the term cocktail reception.  No unsightly stains were reported, but there was a nasty burn from the hot cheese dip.

Family Affair

On February 9th of this year, during a single traffic stop in Alderson, West Virginia (I’ve been there for the great whitewater rafting — not visiting Squeeky Fromme who was housed at the Alderson Women’s Prison), six people from the same family were arrested.  The family business seemed to be trafficking in stolen power tools.  One relative traded a leaf blower, hedge trimmer, and weed trimmer for Percocet tablets.  I guess given Chinese currency manipulation, stolen power tools just don’t buy what they once did.

volcano-eruption-calbuco-chile-1__880Not to be “out family arrested” in the event America’s Funniest Home Videos was watching, a month later, members of an even more charming family were caught in raids in Elyria, Ohio.  Thirty-four people – all related to each other – were arrested in connection with a $400,000 drug operation.  Family reunions have been postponed for at least ten years unless early probation intervenes.

Wait, What?

In March, two men serving time for anti-gay murders became the first same-sex couple allowed to get married behind bars in Britain.  The romance blossomed after the two men met at the prison library — inevitably, in the psychology section.

How Difficult Can It Be?Calbuco b&w

Kimberly Kitchen, 45, was as successful estate lawyer in Huntington, Pennsylvania.  She had more than 30 clients and was successful in her ten-year career.  So successful she had been made a partner in her law firm and had served as president of the local bar association.  That all came to an end last December when someone quite inconveniently revealed she wasn’t an attorney.  Her diploma, bar exam results, and other documents were all forgeries.  Charges were filed against her in March.  No word yet if she will represent herself pro se.

Occupational Hazard

Wayne Clark, 52, dropped dead of an apparent heart attack after walking into an Aldi grocery store in Edgewood, Maryland.  Mr. Clark had entered the store and promptly announced he was robbing the joint, but was unceremoniously stopped in his tracks by the heart attack.  Mr. Clark was not taken into custody.

The selection of these volcano pictures had nothing to do with Shimiken's story...

The selection of these volcano pictures had nothing to do with Shimiken’s story…

Waiting for Superman

While thousands of Japanese women accept commercial pornographic movie roles, only a dwindling number of males are available.  One estimate puts the number at only 30 males industry-wide and they are referred to as “stallions on call”.  The undisputed king of Japanese porn is an “actor” known as “Shimiken”.  He is 35 and in such demand that he works as many as six movies a day with very few days off.

Shimiken’s oeuvre, according to Details magazine, includes 7,000 films, with at least 7,500 “co-stars” including once “starring” with 72-year-old twins or considering they were twins, twice.

Speaking of Japanese Whoppers

For a limited time and only available in Japan, Burger King is offering a Burger King branded cologne.  Early reviews have been favorable.  The cologne’s scent mimics the Whopper’s savory “flame-grilled scent.”  Nothing says romance like the smell of raw meat rendering down over an open flame.


What’s on your mind today?  Take the conversation in any direction you might deem necessary and proper.  Better yet, take the conversation in any direction you might deem neither necessary nor proper.


42 Responses to "The “weak-end”…"

Correct the Record has compiled all the “cash” debunkers in one place. They are legion but you’d never know it from most of the media salivating over this BS book.

Excellent chance for the much-reviled Clinton Foundation to shine: deadly quake in Nepal.
As it happens, I wore my seersucker dress to Cissy’s wedding, so the season is on.

@2, wouldn’t it be interesting if the government of Nepal made a request for CGI to help. That could be accomplished in one phone call if the phones are working in Nepal.

Why wait? Just grab those “ill-gotten gains” and go “peddle some influence” in the rubble!

You have some great ones here Prolix! Loved the lawyer story. If she was successful and the clients happy I guess they can’t complain, right?

The crime families were hysterical. Powertools for pills. LOL!

The drug trade in eastern KY and southeastern OH is out of control. The pharmacies call the drug dealers if they run out of Oxycontin.

They have finally cracked down on the drive-thru doc-boxes where it was a script a minute type of thing. The big thing on the rise now is heroin. Unbelievable.

Well, sure. As oxycodone is synthetic heroin, when you can’t get it, heroin is a dandy substitute.

My favorite is the one about the murderers who killed gay men, getting married to each other. This is what the expression “WTF” was meant for.

Prolix@6: Now Prolix!! Didn’t you watch Justified before the series ended? Boyd Crowder was running all of that oxy into Harlan county and making a fortune off of it with the help of that rotten Wynn Duffy in Lexington.

MB@8: And of course gay marriage is legal in England. 🙄

That must have been a touching marriage prison.

The grooms wore complementing outfits with a striped motif and peach blossom (symbolizes “I am your captive”) boutonnieres. They will be honeymooning for twenty-to-life at a facility chosen by the Department of Corrections.

chat@12: Martha could have helped them with decorations of the library and the “honeymoon” cell.

Stole this from over at Uppity’s place. These poor Fox women just about lost it. And I’ve got to say, these women are no Megyn Kelly and I mean that as a compliment to her.

“most safe” campaign? Perhaps “safer”, “safest” ?

I just caught the caption on one of Prolix’s volcano pics and it’s about the Japanese porn guy.

The selection of these volcano pictures had nothing to do with Shimiken’s story…

LOL! 😆

chat@16: I found a youtube clip of that exchange.

Which helps to provide an answer to those questions of:

What’s her record?
What’s she done?
What did she accomplish?

GAgal: Thanks for that link.

@18 and 19: Yet it was just fine when Mitt would not release specific tax forms. Hmmmm…….

I remember when that hearing happened in 2009. It was beautiful!

For those who dared not soil their brains, I watched Fox News Sunday as well as Media Buzz, the Howard Kurtz Fox sideshow after he got canned for unethical behavior at CNN. Let me just say they are in full, blind tilt about “Clinton Cash” — they are frantic in a major come apart. Obviously, Roger Ailes and the Aussie/British/American felon Rupert Murdoch has put the word out from on high.

The best quote was from Brit Hume, that laugh-a-minute guy who always seems to have just sucked on a lemon. Hume said something to the effect, “There isn’t any evidence or facts of wrongdoing or quid pro quo, but it the Clintons are guilty of the appearance of impropriety.”

What I’ll point out to pucker-puss Hume: Who is making the judgment as to the appearance and upon what is the appearance based? There’s always a difference of opinion when the opinion starts from a point of contamination. Just look at the people who believe Fox is an actual news source — that opinion is certainly contaminated.

Guilty of appearing to have done something or another of an improper nature, even if they haven’t? Seriously? A newly lowered bar, even for Fox!

Prolix said: For those who dared not soil their brains, I watched Fox News Sunday as well as Media Buzz,

I commend you for your bravery sir!

and he also said:

Just look at the people who believe Fox is an actual news source — that opinion is certainly contaminated.

R O A R!!! LOL!

Prolix, am so glad to see you back and read one of your funny posts! I hope you’re on an upward momentum, health wise. It’s not as easy to be healthy once you hit middle age, I know. Love the volcano pix and funny stories. Scary about the heroin spike. My mom says there is a ton of heroin being sold in her county, Whatcom in WA. She said one weekend a bunch of heroin users were sent to the ER and several of them died.

I can’t comment at Upps place, so weird that there is no trouble here.

annie@27: Yep there’s something going on with WP at Upp’s site. I could comment if I went there with I.E. but that was the only way. Also, I didn’t have any issues with other WP sites.

Just read GAgals link about the Clinton Found. I thought it was very nicely done. Some really vile comments there though. Ugh, CDS.

I just watched that fabulous video of Hillary answering that repub creep. Did he say, after his insanely long question, “I yield back to the gentleman?”

I haven’t been able to watch the Fox/Dog video, either here, at Upps, or on youtube itself. Weird, huh?

annie@31: Really on the youtube? I can watch it here and on youtube. I hope the issues with WP aren’t spreading!!

annie@30: I think he was yielding back time to someone who gave time to him.

I did love Hillary’s face though in that vid. It was sorta like “Okay…lemme ‘splain this one more time to you fellas.”. LOL!

34, we have mansplain it is time to add Hilzsplain to our lexicon. It is when she has to repeat over and over the same things for 40 years before some people understand.

31, Annie, do you clear your cache? Years ago Upps recommended a great free download called “Periform Cashe cleaner”. I use it once a week or so since she told us about it on her site and it does help keep the computer running better. When things don’t work right, I clear the memory with it and use the register cleaner on it too, and it removes tons of temp crap off the PC. That and I call my daughter, my free tech service. Why would it be only her site on WP? Did a moderator accidentally make any changes recently?

I have long been a fan of Greenpeace (joined when they were founded in the early 70s) but this news makes me love them even more:

Politcus, MM, Correct the Record and C&L are indispensable now.

Karen, thanks, I do clear the cache occasionally. Deadenders (scott) taught me how to do it years ago. They are having some kind of glitch over there. Only the moderators can comment (except Fredster earlier) and now I can’t even get to the comments at all. When you click “comments” nothing happens. I hope it wasn’t hacked.

Hilzsplain is very good!

@34, thanks Fredster, I should have figured that out. I must be especially dense today!

@37, haha! couldn’t happen to two nicer guys, huh?

Prolix, I used to use “My Way” as my home page and found their tab for “odd” news to be a great way to deal with the horrors of the serious news tabs. Truth is stranger than fiction.

I spent most of 2007 and 2008 hopping mad at the O campaign. The tension still lingers and my trust will never be given to any of his minion from Axelrod to Oprah. That said, I watched the WHCD video and lmfao at his routine. Seriously funny, not a bad moment of the whole speech.

The Hillary mentions were not mean, very nice and funny. Living out of a van in Iowa and Luther – she will get the money…. Game of Thrones … meaning – the woman will come into power and she will get tons of donations to beat the republicans.

The jokes against the media were the best part. AND McCain on the WH lawn with a broom! Funny stuff.

Not to mention the list that rhymes with “bucket”.

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