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Posted on: April 24, 2015

Hello Widdershins.  Happy Friday!  I hope your week has been a good one and your weekend is even better.

My ego wants to believe you might have questions as to where I’ve been, but realistically, if I have an ounce of self-Snowballawareness, you probably never missed my specious ramblings.  Beginning around the first of February, I started to have some health problems.  In fact, not since I finished my very first ski lesson on the bunny slope and decided to make a run on one marked by pretty black diamonds have I gone downhill so quickly.  In addition to my health issues, my old computer had issues of its own where it burped, belched, farted, and failed on its way to that frozen blue screen in the sky.

The good news, at least for me, is I’m doing much better and getting stronger each day.  I am now the proud and frustrated owner of a new computer with Windows 8 that has set my technical knowledge back to just beyond cave drawings.

I want to thank Chat, MB, and Fredster for covering for me during these last couple of months.  I really appreciate their long-suffering patience.

On this my first day back, I’m going to touch on a variety of topics without delving too deeply beyond my usual fleeting superficiality.

Redemption From Reality Act (RFRA)

The story from Indiana or as Governor Steve Pence calls it, the “Land of the Friendliest Bigots,” was illustrative of a larger truth no matter upon which side of the debate you might find yourself.  Remarkably, the RFRA debate was one of those issues where both sides can find the resolution equally repugnant.  Let me explain.

Refuse to serveThe argument surrounding this issue proceeded headlong without so much as a cursory thought as to the implications to the people and families it touched.  The people directly affected weren’t referred to as fellow Americans, they weren’t called family, friends, or neighbors, and for that matter they weren’t even called humans.  They were merely dismissed as sinning, leftie libruls bent on destroying the Hoosier way of life — whatever that is.

Not until these folks, whose only transgression is loving someone and wanting to take the conservative step of marriage, were referred to as potential “customers” did any argument find purchase in the media or with politicians.  In fact, for those against same sex marriage, once the “customer” label was introduced, the theretofore stalwart pandering politicians trumpeting their religiosity folded like cheap suits.

Here’s why I think this is important.  If we have devolved to the point where the way we treat other humans is only relevant to the extent of the economic benefit they represent, then our ethics have no meaning.  If our values don’t aspire beyond the bottom line on a spreadsheet, we have lost any goodness of our humanity.  If doing the right thing is contingent upon the dollars gained or lost, then our morality is nothing more than a math problem.  No debate is ever necessary.  The Constitution can be replaced by a calculator.  That is wrong.  In fact, it couldn’t be wronger.

Same Sex Coupling

While we are on the subject of same sex marriage, something has caught my attention as it relates to the herd of Republican presidential candidates.  While they are opposed to same sex marriage, they are coupling up with billionaires like it is closing time at the Manhole bar.

In the wake of Citizen United, it seems the well-dressed presidential candidate must have at least one billionaire on his or her sleeve.  Marco Rubio has Sheldon Adelson.  Scott Walker seems to have the Brothers Koch.  Ted Cruz has $6.0 Billion in back taxes owing Robert Mercer.  Of course, Rick Santorum has his old main squeeze Foster Friess.  Jeb Bush has any number of billionaire suitors.

I guess cash green is this year’s new black.  Like that is something new.

The Height of Hypocrisy

In the inimitable words of Frank Underwood, “The road to power is paved with hypocrisy.”  Here’s an example.Ted Cruz and Joe McCarthy

Do you think America is ready for a president who is half-white, Harvard educated, a first-term Senator who pulled himself up by the bootstraps, who, by all reports, is a good husband and father of two girls, is a gifted orator, and has an ego considerably larger than Texas.  Add to these aspects, significant questions about his qualifications for president based upon his nation of birth.

You might think these questions have been answered with President Obama, but they are the same exact questions being asked about the uncanny McCarthy-esque reincarnation, Ted Cruz.

According to the Underwood standard, that is one mighty thick layer of hypocrisy.


I’ve noticed in the comments the talk about the early arrival of Clinton Derangement Syndrome.  Here’s my take.

I'm on my wayWhen you have 100% name recognition it is difficult to significantly drive favorability one way or another.  In the current political climate, the exceptions are the millennial voters who were born after 1990 and therefore, have limited exposure to the Clinton years of peace and unprecedented prosperity.

The Republicans have learned their lessons from 2008 and 2012 – you can’t wait too long to influence the first impression.  Accordingly, the Rupert Murdoch published book, Clinton Cash, and the incessant coverage on Murdoch’s Faux News is directed primarily at the millennials.  Trouble is — we will all suffer through it for the next seventeen months.

One last observation:  There will be a miraculous event coming to pass the day after the 2016 election.  It will be the day when about 11 million bigoted racists are miraculously transformed into rabid, unrelenting neanderthal sexists.  One step forward – two steps back and there you have the conservative shuffle.

What’s on your minds?  It’s good to be back.  Thanks again to MB, Chat, and Fredster.

Take the conversation in any direction you might desire.


29 Responses to "He’s back…"

You have been sorely missed, my friend,

Hello there, nice read. No shoes, no shirt, no service to gays, we are brotherly loving our neighbor christians and hate you. I cannot fathom these people or their line of thought from preaching love on Sunday to hating everybody the rest of the week.

So Cruz is Obama 2.0…. but, but, but… Cruz has an R after his name and that makes him teflon and impervious to those attacks. He also has a win-doggie way of pandering to those gullible evangelicals.

Another nice read – debunking the bullshit at the Times:

@1-Seconded! So happy to see you back!

Thanks, it is good to be back.

@2, Cruz is Joe McCarthy reincarnated. Thanks for the link to the NYT explanation.

I love that picture of Hillary! Oh, Inauguration Day 2017 can’t come fast enough…

We’re ALREADY starting again with WWTBQ and it’s been two weeks of a campaign.

@6: par for the course, I fear. The Benghazi committee is scheduled to strike again in May. Hmmmm…… might just be time for some Exec branch investigations into Congress and money trails. Would that just not be a hoot?

@6 & 7, would someone explain to me why every Democrat and their dog aren’t screaming from every rooftop and doghouse, “There have been six, count them, six investigations including one just concluded by Congress, finding nothing whatsoever implicating Hillary in anything that happened in Benghazi.”

There is nothing to Benghazi. The GOP knows it and it is why they are begging Hillary to meet them in private which she is refusing to do. She is saying open meetings only.

@8: Is the seventh time the charm?

Prolix!!! Welcome back friend!

That is interesting about the millennials…didn’t even cross my mind it was directed to them.

As far as Benghazi, the repubs just know that if they keep searching and holding hearings that they’ll find out something, despite the previous 6 attempts.

Prolix said: I am now the proud and frustrated owner of a new computer with Windows 8 that has set my technical knowledge back to just beyond cave drawings

And I got a glimpse of Win10 (they skipped 9?) and it’s the same er, stuff as 8. 👿

From the C&L piece quoting the Times:

The increasing scrutiny of the foundation has raised several points that need to be addressed by Mrs. Clinton and the former president.

Hey NYT, here’s an announcement for you: The former President don’t owe you squat. Got it? Good.

When Schweizer accused the Clinton’s he also accused people of paying to play. He is on the wrong side of some pretty wealthy international people who will hopefully sue his ass till they own him.

And all of them are philanthropists and several have been praised as heroes throughout the world. He is slime. C&L on Giustra.

6, the media sure is loving them some Hillary bashing. Good times, just like the good old days when they could use her as a place to focus all their mommy issues.

k4C@15: Hahahahaaaa!!

@12, Win 10 — ten ways to drive me to a major come apart while trying to find the power button.

Prolix@17: And fwiw, watch your Windows updates…Microsoft is going to slip the Win10 upgrade into the updates! If you don’t check what’s there, you will install it along with the other updates. Sneaky b@stards! I have my updates notification to basically “alert me but don’t install”. That way you can choose when and what to install.

@Prolix, and here’s the reason the MS CEO thinks folks will “luv” Win10.

@19, I’ve grown immensely tired of people telling me what I am about to luv — if Win 10 was bacon flavored it might be true.

Prolix@20: LOL!! 😆

22, “The dynamic duo” – on Fox. Priceless.

In that vein, a celebrity “coming out” as conservative. Jenner is delusional, not about sexuality but about politics;

“Bruce identifies as a conservative. When Diane Sawyer brought up President Obama being the first president to ever use the word “transgender” in a speech, Bruce said that while the president deserves credit for that, he doesn’t consider himself a Democrat. “I’m more on the conservative side,” said Bruce. While support for this issue may be harder to come by in the Republican party in Washington, Bruce said he would absolutely ask Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner to help champion this issue. “I think they’d be very receptive to it,” said Bruce.”

Good Luck with asking them Bruce. (If he is looking for a champion – I know a great one…)

Yesterday was the hidden article about Rand Paul’s son getting in trouble for his second DUI, this one a serious crash with belligerence to cops. Today there is a Sex and Drugs scandal in of all places, Mississippi Republianville. Do not let Republicans near your family, they are not respectable folks. 🙂

Jenner also said that he’s a Republican because he believes in the Constitution.
I don’t give a damn what’s between his legs; Bruce is one dim Sylvania.

@24, this is young William Hilton Paul’s third arrest. This last one is particularly problematic since it was a Sunday morning about 11:30 and he was as drunk as Cootie Jones on a bender. Either it had been a long night from the night before or young Billy Hilton is an early riser and an over-achiever.

Before he demolished the car he was reported to be just sitting in the car gunning the engine. I guess that qualifies for a full blown oopsie.

@26, I blame his parents for giving him the middle name of Hilton.
Glad you’re back.

Prolix@26: INTERVENTION, INTERVENTION!!! Dr. Phil can handle him and Kim Richards (B.H. housewife) at the same time. LOL!

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