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Just some damned nasty people, what can you say…

Posted on: April 22, 2015

Mean men fitzgerald

Good afternoon Widdershins!  And although the image says mean men, the meanness isn’t limited to the men in this Presidential cycle, as you will see.

As all you Widdershins are aware, the Republicans held a little conclave in New Hampshire this past weekend.  No, they weren’t selecting a Pope, but rather each indvidually was trying to show why he or she would be the best person for the Republicans to pick as their nominee for the 2016 Presidential election and Lordy what a crappy bunch they had to choose from.  So there they all were and instead of trying to put forth their best effort to show exactly why each of them should be the nominee, they seemed to collectively think it was a better use of their time to bash Hillary, the presumed Democratic nominee.

Take Rand Paul (puhleeze take Rand Paul).  Said he:

“I think her dereliction of duty, her not doing her job” on Benghazi, “should forever preclude her from holding high office,” Mr. Paul said to a standing ovation.

Benghazi, Benghazi!  No, they’ll never stop. He went on to rip her further on Libya’s disintegration, and “Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of contributions from foreign nations, including some with poor records on women’s rights”.  Well Rand, if they have poor records on women’s rights wouldn’t that be a good place for the Clinton Foundation to start?

Scott Walker brought up issues which sounded like a generalized attack on Dems, saying:

“she thinks the way to grow the economy is to grow Washington” and would not reform federal entitlement programs that many Democrats cherish”

Well that’s right Scott:  we Dems loves us some Social Security and Medicare.  You see, they are programs that we paid into.  And further Scott, there are fixes for those programs that don’t involve cutting benefits to older Americans.  It’s just that those fixes involve the one percenters coughing a few more dollars, but who can afford it more?

Walker also thought it was worthwhile to opine:

“This isn’t a third term of Bill Clinton — this is a third term of Barack Obama,”

No Scott…no it won’t be.  People know that Hillary was Obama’s opponent in the 2008 race.  They also know she was her own woman as much as the restrictions of the job as S.o.S. allowed her to be.  Nope Scott, that one won’t fly.

Marco Rubio had to throw in his already stale joke about Chipotle:

he warmed up the crowd by noting that Mrs. Clinton might try to raise as much as $2.5 billion for her campaign.

“That’s a lot of Chipotle, my friends,” he said to laughter.

Then there was Rick Perry who seemed to be…oh hell I don’t know really.

…took Mrs. Clinton to task on foreign policy in an effort to show off three years of what he called “intense study.”

“She’s the one that literally brought the reset button to the Kremlin,” Mr. Perry said, referring to Mrs. Clinton’s presenting the Russian foreign minister in 2009 with a mistranslated red plastic button to “reset” relations. “They did reset us, that’s for sure. They reset us back to pre-1989.”

However, I would say the meanest comments may have come from Carly Fiorina and had absolutely nothing to do with Hillary as a U.S. Senator or Secretary of State:

Perhaps the most personal remark came from Carly Fiorina, the former business executive, when she made an unmistakable reference to Mr. Clinton’s affair with the White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Discussing a cable TV segment in which questions were raised about whether women had the hormonal capacity to serve as president, Ms. Fiorina said sarcastically, “Not that we have seen a man’s judgment being clouded by hormones, including in the Oval Office.”

Oh Carly, just remember that quote by Madeleine Albright.  (more about Carly below)  But here’s the important thing I took away from my reading of the Republican confab in New Hampshire:

In the 30 minutes they each had to engage the audience through speeches, question-and-answer exchanges or both, the 19 Republicans faced the tactical decisions of whether to attack Mrs. Clinton openly or target her in subtler ways, and whether to go after her in personal terms or on policy — or ignore her altogether.

Was this a good use of your time people?  I think not.  It sounds like what they had was a gathering of Republican wannabes and they couldn’t even sell themselves as a nominee because they were all too busy attacking the presumed Democratic nominee.  Waste of time.

In case you didn’t know, Rand Paul has had a secret

But of course you do know Rand’s little secret now.  And his secret was going to be something that Rand said would “shock people” and undermine her presidential campaign.”.

The secret is the book Clinton Cash written by a totally in-the-tank Republican whose idea was to try to Swift Boat Hillary Clinton.  The problem is that people already know it’s a hatchet job written by a bad “scholar” and bad writer.  Media Matters already has a list of incorrect facts and other errors the author has previously committed.  As you may know, Media Matters was founded by David Brock after he came to his senses and stopped working with the Republicans.  If anyone knows anything about Republican dirty tricks, it’s David Brock.  Here’s Brock on Maddow’s show the other night.

And finally about Ms. Fiorina…she was apparently on Morning Schmoe recently and Mika Brzezinsk interviewed her on her cracks comments about Hillary.  Fiorina is very proud of her time at HP and loves to talk about the merger with Compaq as something good.  While it may have been good for management and the stockholders at HP, it was awful for the customer.  Compaq made terrible computers that were basically crap.  Anyway here is Mika interviewing Carly and Steve Rattner who just calls ’em as he sees them.  (H/t to SophieCT for putting this video up at Uppity’s place.)


Then after her Morning Schmoe experience, Carly couldn’t wait to get over to Fox and speak to Megyn Kelly.  Bless her heart.

Okay Widdershins, this is an open thread.  Talk about whatever is on your minds today.


88 Responses to "Just some damned nasty people, what can you say…"

Rand Paul makes me laugh. Apparently a conspiracy theory doesn’t exist that he doesn’t buy into. Alex Jones seems to be his mentor.

Fiorina has lost every political office she’s ever ran for.

Ga6th: It must be something that Rand learned as Aqua Buddha or maybe from Daddy. LOL! 😉

I think the Republicans just want to use Fiorina as an attack dog on Hillary, with a woman attacking another woman.

Rand had to stop selling Ray Bans that he put his logo on. The man is too stupid to know licensing laws do not allow you to steal someone’s product and put your brand on it. No clue. Clowns. Bufffoons all the way.

Scott Walker is an eagle scout so can handle anything. And he took on the unions, albeit with a gazillion dollars from job busting billionaire Koch’s.

Rick Perry – there was a funny article at one of the political sites the other day, I forget which, and it was about Rick being an utter mess.

Carly can’t understand it is not about Hillary being a woman and it never has been. She won the senate and became SoS because she was most qualified and most desired. She wants cracks? hmmmm – how about 18 million of them?

About TPP and fast track. I saw bo on tweety and am more convinced than ever that something is rotten about all this. First of all, just that the republicans are supporting it with him makes my hair stand on end in fear as a red flag. Mr. Bamboozle is not to be trusted.

The public can’t see it – just like the Pelosi line about ACA, we can see what is in it when they pass it. Fast tracking it might be so the other negotiators do not have to worry about Congress making adjustments after it is agreed to by the other nations, but then again it sucks if there are problems with it that it is take it or leave it, no adjustments allowed for problems or discussions on what needs to be done to improve it.

Trumpka is a lot of things, (I was in AFSCME which is under AFL-CIO) but one thing he is for sure is for jobs and the middle class. Say what you want about him otherwise but the man is who he is because he gets blood boiling furious when jobs are at stake and he is at peak on this issue. Good interview with him over at Vox and lots of very specific things he will not let go about it. Currency manipulation is mandatory to include for example.

Warren is saying – show us the deal, let us see it. It isn’t classified. If the citizens are going to hate it when they see it then he is hiding something.

Hillary supported it provided the issues in it were addressed before signing. I would trust her doing the negotiations, not him. Not BO.

I think Rand is in it for the money. His dad got nowhere and neither will he. It strokes his ego and he wants power. He sure has no credibility except for true believers riding the crazy train that follows him.

If Jeb is the candidate I am going to get the bumper sticker that says:

Buy 2 Bushes, get 1 free.

@karen: Yes I’m very leary of this damned TPP thing. If it’s so good, why all the secrecy?

Love that about the Bushes! 😆

I have a family full of Eagle Scouts. Walker is no Eagle Scout.
As for Carly:

8, Chat, not sure if you mean he is but doesn’t act like one or if you think he really isn’t one. When he was asked his qualifications for president he mentioned his past as an Eagle Scout. He didn’t have a degree from a college and had no experience so that is all he had. That Eagle Scout bit had lots of people dropping their jaws but then he topped it. He said he could take on Iran since he took on the Teacher unions in Wisconsin.

8 omg. That is the first time I saw that ad for Carly. I am scared. Hold me.

Sorry to be unclear – he certainly missed the whole “cheerful service” to others, unless he interprets the maxim as cheerfully serving the Koch brothers. He may well be one, but he sure doesn’t seem to fill the bill. But then again, neither does the Texas Bell Tower Killer, and he was an Eagle Scout.

Oh Gawd I remember that Carly commercial. And isn’t it interesting that it took a librul like Jerry Brown to get the state back on its feet? Amazing.

Meanwhile in good ole Looziana with lil booby jindal in charge with his “no new tax” pledge to Norquist, we have the “flagship” university getting ready to file “academic bankruptcy”.

@13: Holy academic crap, Fredster. Listen, if it would be of any help to y’all whatsoever, there are a couple of your D-linemen that we could take off your hands. Your food bill will drop considerably. Just pack them up and send them to Athens…… Glad we can help!

@14: Thanks for the kind offer there chat, but athletics funding is okay mostly due to the Tiger Athletic Foundation. Now whether there will be courses available for the kids to take is a different story.

Fredster, great post! Agree with you that the rethugs in power just want Carly in the race to attack Hillary. Watched that ad that chat posted for Carly–good lord! What a creepy ad. Everything Fiorina touches turns into junk. Like an old crappy, non-functioning computer, millions of them sitting in landfills polluting the earth. What a horrible record she has, and now demonic sheep commercials!

Walker does not have a college degree?

I checked out the media matters page on Schweizer. They have a lot on him (paid to counsel Sarah Palin on foreign relations?!?!). I don’t know how anyone could think he has an ounce of credibility, but Faux news and the rethuglican clown car of prez hopefuls will be pushing it nonstop to those patriotic Americans who are too dumb to read and do their own research. Utterly amazing that the NYT and WaPo would be associated with this lying jerk. As my son frequently rants, mainstream journalism is dead.

Oh, there is a funny gossip “blind item” about a top repub prez candidate that is being blackmailed for having some guy on guy action at some ritzy conservative enclave called Bohemian Grove or something like that. Supposedly he is paying the bm $ out of campaign funds. Oh, please let this be true! And please let him win the repub nomination! And then please let the story come out then! That would be as hilarious as the 47% video!

Bohemian Grove

Oh my! That’s a ritzy little place up around San Francisco. The property is owned by the elite Bohemian Club in S.F. Oh geez I hope it’s true too!

annie said: Everything Fiorina touches turns into junk. Like an old crappy, non-functioning computer

When I was working at a couple of different agencies, when the I.T. folks said they were bringing you a new computer it would be like “happy, happy, joy, joy”. Then they’d bring you a Compaq and it was like “oh shit”! LOL! They were just such garbage.

annie@18: I am so glad Media Matters did that piece on Schweizer. I think anything the Repubs try to use from that book will be an epic fail.
When I saw he was or had been associated with the Hoover Institution I thought “that’s all I need to know about him”.

Here’s an article from Think Progress.

I love what Schweizer says here:

ThinkProgress obtained an advance copy of Clinton Cash, which will be released May 5. Schweizer makes clear that he does not intend to present a smoking gun, despite the media speculation. The book relies heavily on timing, stitching together the dates of donations to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton’s speaking fees with actions by the State Department.

Schweizer explains he cannot prove the allegations, leaving that up to investigative journalists and possibly law enforcement. “Short of someone involved coming forward to give sworn testimony, we don’t know what might or might not have been said in private conversations, the exact nature of the transition, or why people in power make the decision they do,” he writes. Later, he concludes, “We cannot ultimately know what goes on in their minds and ultimately provide the links between the money they took and the benefits that subsequently accrued to themselves, their friends, and their associates.”

In other words: Smear job.

Absolutely right, smear job. They’re trying to swiftboat her. Dumb of them to do it so early in the campaign, I think.

annie said: Dumb of them to do it so early in the campaign, I think.

Completely dumb.

17, Annie, he dropped out. But he brags he has vast worldly experience as a boy scout as a teenager and using Koch billions to destroy union jobs so they could lower wages and make more profit. He bragged about not being an elitist with you know, education and real experience.

“The Bohemian club! Did you say Bohemian club? That’s where all those rich Republicans go up and stand naked against redwood trees, right? I’ve never been to the Bohemian club but you oughta go. It’d be good for you. You’d get some fresh air.”—President Bill Clinton to a heckler

Hillary’s attorney sent a great letter to Trey Gowdy and the “B” committee. The Rs realized they are parking their swift boats too early after that became a meme. They tried to postpone the hearing till next year but her attorney made it clear there was no reason to delay and reiterated it should be public not private.

19 Annie, if that gossip story is true it will be such a great karmic payback for the mud the Rs sling. Hillary has always had such class and the opponents are all just crass.

@27, chat, that is priceless! The gossip thing my friend showed me mentioned them doing it out behind a tree. I’ve never heard of it before now.

I didn’t know that about Walker. I wonder what my Greek cousins in WI think about an uneducated gov, they all take an extreme amount of pride in their degrees. I hate what he did to those unions. btw, I was a girl scout and am very liberal, funny that Walker thinks being a scout makes him a perfect conservative leader. The jerk.

He just seems to have clean forgotten the part of the Boy Scout Oath (which all Eagles reaffirm) having to do with “…to help other people at all times…”.

Karen, I wonder who on earth that rumor would be about. The only ones I can think of that might fall into that category would be Jeb Bush or Scott Walker.

For what it’s worth, Schweizer was paid over $100K as an adviser to Sarah Palin on, wait for it, foreign policy — not geography mind you, just foreign policy, ergo, “I can see Russia from my house.”


@34: Oh that’s scary! 😯

Ga6th, a lot of the commenters said Jeb, Rubio or Cruz. Several of the commenters said it was “widely known” that Jeb & Rick Perry were bi, although I never knew that. Oh and also Lady Lindsay, but everyone has heard that. But Cruz? Interesting thought. Yeah, I mentioned that about Schweizer being paid by Palin upthread. Sort of loses any credibility right there.

Woohoo! Terrific post, Fredster!! Oh, that Carly. She’s as bitter as Gail Collins and MoDo. Sorry ladies, you can’t hold a candle and you can’t dent that pantsuit!

I totally agree, the Repubs are completely lost. They have no idea how to stop Hillary. It’s so, so delicious to watch them flail about like beetles stuck on their backs.

PROLIX!!!! Computer fixed?

Anyway, I just hope the rumor is true, that the man gets the nom, and the story breaks right before the 3rd debate! Heh, heh. (Not that I want it to be part of the debate, just out there)

Nice to see Prolix back!!!

Socalannnie, yeah, apparently the stories about Perry have been around for quite a while but I can’t imagine this one is about him because IMO he has about zero chance of getting the GOP nomination. Jeb or Rubio maybe. And yeah, it probably is not about Lindsey either because he’s got zero chance of getting the nod too. I grew up about 5 to 10 miles down the road from Lindsey but I never knew it until probably sometime in the 1990’s.

annie said: Ga6th, a lot of the commenters said Jeb, Rubio or Cruz

I wouldn’t be surprised at it being Rubio. Mmmm…there’s just something there.

Ga6th, agree with everything you said. The posters on this site also noted that Perry wasn’t running & that Lindsay wouldn’t get it.

GA6th said: I grew up about 5 to 10 miles down the road from Lindsey

Oh Lordy, poor you! 😉

oops, I misspoke again! I meant the gossip site my friend showed me, not “this” site.

mb said: Sorry ladies, you can’t hold a candle and you can’t dent that pantsuit!

I love that!!!

Fredster, I was also thinking Rubio.

Hmm….as confused sexually as he is religiously?

annie, I’m not going to say gaydar but something. I wonder if Rubio ever hooked up with Aaron Schock? 😆

Could be chat.

B R E A K I N G N E W S!

Maddow saying Carly will announce on May 4th that she’s running for Prez.

Hell y’all this won’t be a clown car, it’s gonna be a BUS!

Wow, she’s ripping Bobby Jindal a new asshole on the La. anti-gay law. He’s not backing down on supporting the law in La.

Who coughs up all the dough for these idiots to run? Its very expensive, right? Who would pay for someone like Carly Fiorina, who has never won an election and who is quite controversial? I can’t believe how many repubs are already running. Clown car/bus is right, it really looks comical to see so many nominees for one party.

@50, well, that’s pretty funny!

annie: I think when she ran for Senate she sunk some of her own money in that race (made from when she trashed HP?). Lord only knows who’s supplying the $$$s. But remember, someone-I forget who- funded Newt so…just sayin’.

@52: Booby lured IBM to the state and they are building an 800 employee tech support center in Baton Rouge, plus another facility elsewhere in La. Well IBM sent a letter to booby expressing “concern” over being able to attract talent to the state with that kind of nonsense going on.

Fredster, I read it. Great letter.

annie: E A Sports is there too on LSU’s campus. It’s where their North American Testing Center is and they aren’t too happy about this crap either.

I don’t know if y’all recall or not the Prancing Elites, the black male dance team that performed in a Christmas parade in this south Alabama town, much to the chagrin of the locals.

Well, now they have a show that will be on Oxygen and who shows up to help but Nene Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta! Oy!

49, Carson had already announced the 4th as his day a while ago so Carly just stomped on him. And Huckabee will announce the next day. They are like bugs crawling out all over. A cluster. 19 to 1, and the 1 still shines out.

I googled that rumor and it has no legs, but it would be fun. I would put money on it coming out in time being about Paul and that it was started by McCain and Lindsey. The sites with that story have Alex Jones carp and that is Rand Paul’s milieu.

Crap is changed to carp in my kindlefire. It doesn’t speak NY. I never say carp but crap is normal and should be the default. Oh carp.

It pays to run for President….with the campaign finance laws now in place, you can raise unlimited cash from any number of sketchy sources, declare it as part of your campaign warchest, and then keep it if you lose. I think the reason all these fringe Republican run every four years is not just ego, but greed. That being said, I’ll bet most of them think they have a shot. Really sad.

Last week they announced Hill’s campaign is going with Dean’s 50 state strategy. It seemed to me a waste of resources to put all that effort into deep Red states in 07 and it seems so now. Maybe they will have a limited roll out in some states – going big in Alabama will not help.

On the other hand if they get vocal supporters in those states it might not turn minds locally but those red state Clinton fans on social media help.

61, agree. Palin wanted her pie too but they wouldn’t let her play. The other Rs do not like Cruz and would put the kibbash on him if he gets ahead. They also run to get VP credentials. The third tier is there for cash.

Definitely, Karen! Actually I think a lot of moderate Repubs will go for Hillary. They had The Glove to vote for last.time…They won’t go for any of the wingnuts running today. And a lot of them didn’t like W either, and won’t vote for his brother. Chat pointed out that Republican pollsters think 14-19% of Republican women will swing to Hillary as well.

Food for thought….

64, and yet the conservatives are convinced the party would win if the party would go all out far right wing nut job. Factions think Romney was too liberal. Those crazy tea party folks should spend less time watching
Fox and come up for air in the real world.

I hope they keep leaning, as Jindal said, to the party of stupid.

Btw- WaPo and the NYT are starting their “the Clinton’s have a successful charity and get paid lots of money too” revelations. Yawn.

I believe that “run for President” is a synonym for “book tour/sell more copies” in some instances.

Karen, the site where I saw the blind item was a celeb gossip site, not political. I didn’t want to link it here, but it is called Crazy days and nights. The blogster claims to be a celeb lawyer.

66, yeah, that too. And TeeVee show or paid big bucks by Fox or radio talk show host as Huckabee does. And some of them are building support and paying dues for the future where they might not have to run against a formidable Hillary. And even the first tier candidates know they are a dying breed if they aren’t going to be more inclusive and more problem solving one of these days.

Dems lost lots of members after 08. Reps lost more and started out with even less members. Independents gained and will continue to do so if things do not change.

I re-registered the day that the RBC decided to count my vote as 1/2. I am now a proud NPA. Now everyone cares how I vote.

69, I did it right after the RBC too. I voted since then in PA as unaffiliated for the first time in my solid Dem volunteering life and then registered in Florida also as NPA last year when I moved here. One week ago, on Sunday, I downloaded, filled out, and mailed in, the application to change party. I will be voting for our girl in our closed primary. My party left me. I still think of Harriett. I had the luck to campaign with her in person and she was quite the firecracker for Hill.

annie@67: I found the site, it was easy enough to do. As far as it having “legs”, I don’t know. I’m not politically astute enough to say.

k4C@62: Maybe they will have a limited roll out in some states – going big in Alabama will not help.

i agree, however there are some blue areas in the state, for instance around Huntsville, which has a large NASA entity there along with the Univ. of Alabama-Huntsville. That doesn’t turn into congr. seats because…gerrymandering.

They have to take the cob webs off Loretta Lynch now. Finally. Sheesh.

I had to look up “blind item” because I had no idea what that meant. It might pan out but more often than not it is just another smear like the ones about obama, which were mostly untrue, in hindsight.

It is political season as Hill said and they are going to sling lots of mud at everyone in every direction. It always gets really ugly. Bush was brutalized by the left (hands up if you helped – both hands waving here) and Clinton was by the right with their endless search for dirt. We marched against Nixon all acoss the country and millions gathered with middle fingers raised toward the White House.

karen said: They have to take the cob webs off Loretta Lynch now. Finally. Sheesh.

Never did understand what the issue with her was, especially since they hated Holder so much. 🙄

Well, I would have thought they would have been glad to get rid of Holder but darn now they are having a meltdown over Loretta Lynch. The GOP is so completely screwed

Ga6th@75: I know!! They gave Holder all kinds of grief so you’d think they would have wanted him gone. They’re just so clueless. SMH

Have no doubt – they did it because they could. Plain and simple.

@77: @sswipes they are.

75, yep. They won’t have Holder to kick around anymore. Commence kicking Lynch.

The 50 state strategy is being embraced for another reason – for the party, for down-ticket candidate support. Hillary is already thinking about party building for 18 and 2020. Even if red states with winner take all do not matter to her it often does matter local and state wide.

Comcast Time Warner was a liberal win. The polls are showing a definite move of the country away from the right do-nothing loons. Good for us.

Hillary was always left of Obama. The left just didn’t notice in their rush to drag him over the line.

Was this link to Brian Fallon on the Times hit piece discussed here? It should go viral. If you scroll down to the numbered points it again shows the Times lies for money.
View story at

Karen – link is missing. Please post! 😊

I was Independent too until I realized I couldn’t vote in the primaries with that registration.

That being said, I think the Republican implosion is a good thing. A third and fourth party would be very good for the country, as would a move towards a more British system (public campaign financing only , six-week campaign cycle, Party representatives instead of political candidates).

I was on mobile. The link showed for me but it was strange looking. Must be the VRWC. 🙂

If you don’t have time to read all the history then just scroll down to the numbered points. Carville called it spaghetti journalism – throw it all and see what sticks. Love me my PUMA sneaker wearing JC.

View story at

hmmmmm. I am now on a desktop and again, the link appeared, but it said “view profile” or something, then it disappeared! I will try to find a link that works. You can google “Brian Fallon” and Hillary and it should come up with “medium” which is his site. I saw it on Media Matters, Crooks and Liars, and Memorandum, with links, too.

I went to “medium” and they have all kinds of copy rules for every site, including wordpress. It says this:

Note about embedding on If you’re trying to embed on, just paste the Medium story, profile, or publication URL and hit return. No need to copy the embed code.

Sorry! It will never go viral if they make it so hard to link to…

It should come up as the top story here: very worth tracking down as it debunks the BS.

Jake Tapper is going to be anchor of State of the Union and that is IMHO a big step up from Candy Crowley.

In 07 he did some very good investigative pieces on the primary (I read them on his old website back then) when he was at ABC. He was pretty fair to Hillary and hopefully will not allow Republican talking points to pass without calling them out.

I don’t watch TV but I do watch video clips of linked “don’t miss it” politically important news so I might be totally wrong. How has he been to Hillary lately?

From what I’ve seen, Tapper has been awful to Clinton, lately, which is-no doubt- why he got the job hosting CNN’s premier Sunday show.
He can’t say the name “Clinton” without sneering; he’s gone on and on about her emails and, I’m sure, will be like a dog on a juicy bone about the CGI “scandal.”
Believe it or not, Candy “Dulce” Crowley would have been a lot fairer to Hillary than Tapper will.
Oh, and Tapper was really into Benghaziiiiiiiiii!

Oh dear. I really do not know anything about TV except clips which are embedded in articles on political sites I read. Thanks Sue. I knew Crowley attacked her, I remember she was in the spotlight for being unfair before. Gird your loins, as Biden said. And push back.

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