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Activist Monday: Hillary Courts “Progressives”

Posted on: April 20, 2015

Good Monday, all! What an awesome week it was for us Original PUMAs as we all celebrated the return of Our Girl to the Presidential race! Her first moves out of the gate have been brilliantly unexpected: that low-key video boldly declaring her support for marriage equality! that trek to Iowa in a Scooby bus, stopping at a Chipotle along the way!

Some things she’s doing, however, are not so unexpected. For example – she is making nice-nice with the self-titled “liberal wing” of the Party. (As many of us here know, they are not actually the liberal wing – they are the Obama wing who have CDS. If they were real liberals, they would have been as wary of Obama as we were.)

During the opening week of her second presidential campaign, Clinton showed she had retooled her positions to line up with the views of progressive Democrats. On Monday, she called for a constitutional amendment that would limit “unaccountable money” in politics. Days later, she said through her campaign that she supports same-sex marriage being recognized as a constitutional right in a pending Supreme Court case. After that, her campaign said she now supports state policies awarding licenses to people in the country illegally.

Such do-overs are part of an effort by Clinton to rectify past missteps and assure the liberal wing of her party that in 2016, she will be change they’ve been waiting for.

While Clinton enters the race in a dominant position, she faces skepticism from some Democrats who question her commitment to tackling income inequality.

“Equal opportunity and upward mobility have been very central to her political ideals from the start,” said Robert Reich, who was President Bill Clinton’s labor secretary and has known Hillary Clinton since college. “I just don’t know how courageous she will be in fighting for them.”

Yes, we all know how wimpy and cautious Hillary is, especially when fighting for things she believes in. It was so cowardly of her to stand up and declare in 1995 that “women’s rights are human rights.” And oh, how she backs off when threatened by the right-wing noise machine! Why, for 20 years she’s been changing her positions and adjusting her language so they’ll stop attacking her! Sorry, I like Robert Reich and all, but where the f*ck does he get off?!

I know you won’t be surprised to learn that Reich is not alone in his reservations.

Clinton is not in the clear with liberals yet.

Liberal organizations say they plan to continue their push to draft [Senator Elizabeth] Warren, and Democrats in early voting states say Clinton has work to do if she wants to be assured of winning the nomination.

Oh my gawd. Seriously?! What is the point of focusing on Elizabeth Warren and pushing her to run? What qualifies her to be President…what proof is there that she would be a better and more liberal President than Hillary? Oh right, I forgot…she is a one-term Senator with very little political experience who talks a good game. The “progressives” love people with that profile. Only thing is, I like her a lot – she rings true, unlike their last favorite. This is good, because as talented as she is, she seems to understand that this is not the year to challenge Hillary. The idiots with CDS, on the other hand? They just don’t get it. (Funny how the site looks just like the standard Obama template, isn’t it?)

In any case, Hillary is all over that one too.

Hillary Clinton used Times Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list to pay tribute to Elizabeth Warren, a lawmaker some liberals hope will challenge the former secretary of state for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

In the short piece, Clinton touts Warren as a champion for the middle class and nods to the duos interesting relationship when she writes that Warren “never hesitates to hold powerful people’s feet to the fire: bankers, lobbyists, senior government officials and, yes, even presidential aspirants.”

The story goes on to say that, sad to say for those who wish for an epic catfight between the two powerful women, Hillary and Elizabeth are friendly. Imagine that!

Unfortunately, not all powerful women support Hillary…or other women. Check out this female CEO, Cheryl Rios, who thinks women shouldn’t be President.

In her Facebook post, Rios wrote of the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

“If this happens — I am moving to Canada. There is NO need for her as she is not the right person to run our country — but more importantly a female shouldn’t be president. Let the haters begin . . . but with the hormones we have there is no way we should be able to start a war. Yes I run my own business and I love it and I am great at it BUT that is not the same as being the president, that should be left to a man, a good, strong, honorable man.”

What hormones?! Hillary is in her 60’s…both menses and menopause are very much a thing of the past. Ah well, science obviously isn’t this wackadoodle’s strong point. And the whole “I’m moving to Canada” threat? Those conservabots all say they’re going to do it…but d*mmit, they never do.

This is an open thread. [Note: Video is NSFW…and is satire. Canada is a perfectly lovely country. :-)]

58 Responses to "Activist Monday: Hillary Courts “Progressives”"

Cheryl who?

She runs a company called “Go Ape.” I think that’s rather ironic given her clear fundie bent. 😊

Rather? She may now be the poster girl for irony.

What I want to know is did that Cheryl Rios vote for Obama and Biden or did she vote for a woman for VP with McCain? I would bet she voted for VP Palin who could have become Prezzy in a heartbeat. Is there a way to check voter registrations and see if someone voted?

I always like Warren but she isn’t even close to what it takes for President. She is great on one issue and adequate on a few other issues but narrow and limited. I give her credit for not following in the footsteps of O and running while not qualified. Training wheels on most of the R candidates too, again.

Let her keep moving everytime a woman runs the country. What about her congress person, her mayor, her senator? She is going to be mighty busy with calling moving companies every couple of years.

@6: It begs the question of why she is an executive.

Karen, Google may give us her political affiliation in her CEO bio. I love the idea of her moving every 2 years. LOL!

I also agree on Warren.

Chat – she feels she has the appropriate hormonal levels for her position. Too bad IQ doesn’t seem to factor into her self-evaluation. 😊

6 – I am a skeptic and a cynic at heart. Part of me thinks the CEO was looking for lots of free publicity for her bike company. Bikers who like the whole “ape” thing to begin with, aren’t going to object, (as a stereotypical rule) to a little snipe at woman’s equality. Not that there’s anything wrong with bikers, I rode a bike for years and live in Daytona land of bike week fame, but there aren’t many women’s libbers in that niche of society to begin with. Nascar people too.

I know what you mean….however, I was pleasantly surprised when NASCAR stepped up big in the recent Indiana RFRA snafu.

“she had retooled her positions to line up with the views of progressive Democrats. On Monday, she called for a constitutional amendment that would limit “unaccountable money” in politics. ”

! !! !!!! (to quote a Wodehouse golfer held up by an incompetent foursome).

How dare they?!!! Who was the one who kept to campaign contribution limits and put herself in debt for years???? Who was the one who broke the money chest wide open by accepting unlimited corporate donations and then compounded that moral and legal error by refusing to help the person relentlessly campaigning for *him*???? Who was the one who squeaked by his opponent in the general after stealing the primary, thanks in large part to his virtually unlimited funding, again against an opponent who accepted funding limits?????

I am so glad she is who she is and had the temperament she does. I would not have lasted a day with this sleazy backhanded lying served up as reporting.

Madamab, I was going to try to refrain from commenting, as my nerdiness makes contributing to ongoing conversations difficult for me, but this fake media “schooling” just make my blood boil. I’ll go away and cuss in a corner now.

I dedicate this to Cheryl, from the Widdershins, as food for thought:

@10: Nerd on, sister!

Uh, as an IT consultant for the past 16 years, I think my nerd factor is quite high. Doesn’t stop me from mouthing off. 😇 Please feel free, PDXPat.

I know, that big fat lie about Obama refusing to take lobbyist money…that was disgusting. I can’t believe that people still say he raised almost $1billion from “small donors.” How does that pass the smell test?

Maybe they were short, slender lobbyists?

Cheryl has a marketing company in Dallas. What I thought was interesting about the website is there’s no place that shows “clients” or past clients or the ever popular “success stories” things. And you can also check out her google+ reviews. Many of them were recent, after her CNN appearance, but here’s one where the guy actually said he had had professional dealings with her.

I had dealings with Cheryl Rios last year in a professional business setting. Well, so it looked professional lol.. She is Gas Monkey Garages marketing company and out of fear of my company taking over for Rawlings, she made up stupid stories about me to Richard and Gas Money, created fake post etc. I called her out on it and recorded a convo. Told Richard about it and to my surprise He backed her. At that point I realized not only was she crazy, so was Richard R Rawlings and I didn’t need him (want to be actor) or her. Since that time I have never supported Richard and/or Gas Monkey and couldn’t believe she’s the voice of his businesses, The women have NO clue what she’s doing.

A number of the “progressives” or “Warren Wing” part of the party keep harping on Clinton’s vote on the AUMF thing. They keep saying “she’s a hawk!”, “she voted for the war!”. But one thing I think they forget (and perhaps why Clinton voted for it?) is this little part of the resolution:

The resolution “supported” and “encouraged” diplomatic efforts by President George W. Bush to “strictly enforce through the U.N. Security Council all relevant Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq” and “obtain prompt and decisive action by the Security Council to ensure that Iraq abandons its strategy of delay, evasion, and noncompliance and promptly and strictly complies with all relevant Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq.”

Great comments, Fredster! I can’t say I am surprised about Cheryl’s reviews. 😃

The Obama /Warren wing claims to care about war, but gave Obama huge passes on drones. They are such hypocrites.

@12 Thanks, Chat, I will. Loved the “small donors”.

@13 Ah, then that puts you either in the left or center here:

while I’m probably in the upper or upper-right intersection.

@16 Fredster, HRC certainly deserves her millions of friends, but with enemies like this, she may not actually -need- them. They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel, aren’t they?

PDXPat@19: Yep on the enemies thing.

VENN DIAGRAMS!!! YAY! But I truly think nerd and dork have more social ineptitude than the diagram shows. 😆

MadamaB, you effin nailed it with the fauxliberalis manboy-itis CDS waaahhhh-its-all-about-me-and-look-how-creative-I-am-yet-I-don’t-know-how-to-live-making-77-cents-to-every-dollar. And don’t get me started on their faces who do not deserve the privilege of growing a beard. Elizabeth Warren knows that, as awesome as she is, she knows, and I know she’s not ready. She knows Hillary’s ready. And that’s fine by me.

Here’s what Media Matters has to say about the author of the Clinton Cash book.

I am back!To Paraphrase the immortal words of RuPaul: Don’t fuck it up. We are going to win this thing! Just like we did last time.

Fuzzy! So far so good!!


GAGal, I haven’t heard of that one. I’ll check out the link.

OMG! Fuzzy!!!!


Big ole bear hug to ya!!

@Gagal: I have a post I’m working on that covers that guy (author?).

The Clinton cash book thing is already falling apart. Apparently he used false documents for at least one of his claims.

That Newsweek story I linked to about the Ukrainian philanthropist is from that book supposedly too. I heard WaPo, Fox and NY Times but nothing about Newsweek getting an advance copy of parts of the book.

There is no way in hell that guy Schweizer is going to get to swiftboat Hillary. Her support is likely to get stronger the more she is attacked falsely. The dossier on him is a mile thick, he’s full of crap and it will be just as ignored as the rest of their non-stories.

New management theory. Actually, old management theory.

I am getting a big kick out of McCain and Lindsey going after these young freshmen Senators who think they can be prezzy. Cruz sure does like often and he always gets caught and has to come clean.

Rand touting the fall of Hillary due to the Foundation money is causing him to backtrack too. I saw a quote somewhere, didn’t copy it, but he was now making it like the big scandal that was coming is not so big. From destroying Hillary to put her in the spot light, type thing. Clowns.

29 – You might be onto something there Fredster. I saw that Bo is going to take down St. Elizabeth tonight on the Royal MSNBO leg tingly show.

Off with her head. Worth watching it just in case he has her hung for treason live on TeeVee.

30 that is Cruz LIES not likes.
Yes, all politicians lie, but not normally as boldly as he does. It is as if they think that nobody is going to film them or record them when they speak to rooms full of people. Rookies.

karen for Clinton said: I am getting a big kick out of McCain and Lindsey going after these young freshmen Senators who think they can be prezzy.

That has always amazed me about the newbie Senators. Less than one term on the national level and already they can run everything. Uh-huh…right.

k4C@31 (hey that’s easier to type!) Now that should be interesting. I’ll have to give it a look-see tonight.


Great post, Madamab!

@29 – I agree, beheading is a management technique which should be used judiciously. 😊

Yes, Hillary is no John Kerry. She’s been fighting the VRWC for a very long time now. This won’t make a dent.

Thanks Sophie!!

mb@36: Someone I know retweets Henry’s tweets and I can’t help but embedd some of them. I’m also watching Wolf Hall on PBS.

Later in the comments than it should be, but I wanted to tell the mods I meant to post a link to that Venn diagram, not make a big ole splashy sidetrack. That in itself lets me out of the top left spot. Fredster was right – not enough ineptitude in those right handed intersections.

If someone would like to fix it, the url is http : // (no space after http: and . for “dots”)

Now I really will go back to just reading and enjoying the posts and threads.

The diagram is great just as it stands.

@39: And please don’t just read the posts Pat. I know I enjoy reading comments from everyone who comes by here.

Great post MB! And Hi to Fuzzy! And to all the other Widdershins who are back and who were here before me!

Fredster, thanks for the info about that nutty woman. Good lord.

The diagram is fun…and pretty!

That Schweizer sounds like a real piece of work.

Hey annie! You caught me working on the post for today so I didn’t see that you had come by. Yep that woman in TX is a trip

Stop by later today for the new post. I’ll have it set to post in the afternoon!

I’ll be there!

Think Progress also got an advance copy of the Cash book. They found errors, were not excited by it at all and instantly disproved main points as hoax. Seems the Times big insider scoop contract was a big nothing burger. They are giving away this billionaire publishing and produced lying hit piece.

The gathering of forces is happening, we are reconnecting and taking out our old Armor and polishing it and getting astride our horses. We are now in the game. This time will be different we are smarter and more ready. Some Old Enemies have become new Allies.

We have to accept in this battle the the fight will be different form last time old tricks will not work that did in 2008 but our enemy is cunning they too may adapt we must be ready.

Hillary has announced and has put together a crack team we her foot soldiers have a job to do and that is to spread her positive message. She does not have to go negative this time she can run a positive campaign. We need to follow her lead.

When attacked with bile and lies our first thought should not be to pounce like a PUMA at the spreader of untruth but to remember our job is to “Correct the Record” with facts and truth. We provide fact and content to counter lies. We are good at that we are wonks that is our job.

Hillary is going to win the nomination and she is going to win the General Election. She will be our President. She is the best prepared Candidate in over a Generation not since John Kennedy announced in 1959 has on person been so groomed for this job. Some will use that very fact as a detractor. We must turn it in to an asset, because that is what it is, to finally have a person prepared for the job that is truthfully the toughest job in the world.

We must remember this: In 2016 the best man for the Job is a woman.


Fuzzy, I thought she was pretty positive for the most part last time. She pushed back when they were pummeling her on lies, such as Bill is a racist for mentioning Jesse and for unreal insanity like Hillary wants obama to die because she mentioned Kennedy’s late primary. Also, it was deep into debates and after O had attacked what she was doing that she finally brought up, rightfully his old employer, Rezko.

She ran a clean campaign last time, and will this time too. And compared to the obots or to the red menace, her supporters are truly as you say, foot soldiers, we are also knights in shining armor for the truth.

I went over to Move-On for a laugh. They seem to have nothing to say this month at all. They are likely having sessions to figure out if they should return to the original base and core that they robbed of votes in 2007 when they rigged their poll to side with O instead of Hill. Now that the Warren train is grinding to a halt, they just might, gasp, have to reach out to their old base – Hillary supporters. La di da, I am going to enjoy that day. Or they can run with De Blasio or O’Malley, lol.

Sheila Butt of Tn is opposing abortion exceptions in cases of rape and incest being added to the new restrictions because women lie about rape and it cannot be proven. Really. She said that it is not verifiable if a woman is raped so should not be in an amendment. Head/desk.

As Prince would say, “Oh, Oh Sheila..”

Fuzzy, it is so great to see you back here!

PDXPat, do you think there is a spot on that Venn diagram for “obsession with Game of Thrones?” 😇

@38: Hi, Fredster. I’m really enjoying “Wolf Hall.” Isn’t Mark Rylance superb?

Move on? I totally detest them after their behavior back in 2008 and want nothing to do with them. They also are completely like a personality cult with nothing having to do with issues.

Sweet Sue@54: yes, he’s good in the part of Cromwell, although I have to say I never cared for him (Cromwell) before. I think Rylance puts a different light on him.

I missed a number of episodes at the beginning so I’m hoping I can catch them online.

55- Yep, that is exactly why I am laughing that they are now totally stuck dead-enders. They have added nothing to their site in weeks. They are all but out of business. I dropped by their site to see if they are still pining for Liz.

I was on line and watched them manipulate the vote for the messiah. I left them that day and wrote dozens of letters. I also stopped eating Ben and Jerry’s and cancelled my Credo account. They all manipulated the poll and when Hillary was getting all the votes for the first hours her votes stopped dead and obama’s jumped by the second by hundreds of votes till they took it off line with no explanation. Hundreds of posts on the site told them there was a problem with the counter on the poll and that it was broken. The next thing we heard was merely it wasn’t even close – obama won the poll. We demanded another poll, hundreds of members, and they ignored us and dumped Hillary and instantly started attacking her.

@40, 41 & 44 Thanks, Fredster, Chat & Socal – next time I get the grrrr’s, I’ll give in.

@53 Hah – from what I’ve seen of Game of Thrones, I’d say any of those intersections 🙂

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