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Activist Monday: Suddenly Politics Are Interesting Again

Posted on: April 13, 2015


Hello Widdershins…it was quite a day yesterday! Finally, after all the speculation and assertions that yes she would and no she wouldn’t, Our Lady of the Titanium Pantsuit has entered the race for President in 2016!

I don’t know about you, but I was quite surprised by the way this was done…pleasantly so. Here are some things that I found very interesting:

  • She turned the usual formula on its head. The video is mostly about other people getting ready for important things in their lives, not about her. And really, why did it need to be about her? Everyone knew she was running.
  • She wasn’t afraid to showcase things that Republicans speak about – and with a decidedly liberal bent. Yes, in the video, “family values” were depicted – but to her, they now include marriage equality. Latinos actually speak Spanish in her video – and they’re small business owners, not groundskeepers or maids, like in Mitt Romney’s world. You get the picture – she’s going for all the votes, even those that have been going to Republicans, but without giving up on her core values. (No crosses or guns in this video, folks.) And do you not LOVE the brilliant blue jacket – with the red shell peeking through? And the red and blue logo?
  • Sometimes, the soft sell is best. If you did a Meyers-Briggs analysis of Hillary’s personality type, I believe she would be an ENTJ (which is mine as well). ENTJs like to run directly at the problem and get impatient with those who don’t get it right away. It is tough for us to give people the facts, sit back and let them decide for themselves, without yelling “Duh, you guys. Just do what I said because I’m totally right!” As you can imagine, this makes being a politician very challenging, as patience is a virtue we ENTJs often don’t possess. This makes the video even more impressive – for someone like Hillary to take a back seat and forgo earnestly bullet-pointing every reason why she should be President must have been very counter-intuitive for her. But guess what? She’ll have lots of time to do that on the campaign trail, and during her debates. This was better…far, far better.

    NOTE OF CORRECTION: Per the invaluable Chatblu, Hillary is INTJ. I still think the NTJ characteristics apply, though. 🙂

A personal note about me and how this announcement affects my posts. I have been trying to muster up some modicum of feeling about politics with Obama as President. I haven’t been successful, as I have found him extraordinarily boring and predictable (I would say “disappointing,” but I never expected anything different from him). In addition, the National Party has been going into a doom spiral ever since 2008, searching for any identity that actually meant something other than “Hope”or “Change.” Abortion is not the only issue women care about, Democrats…and stealing national healthcare implementation ideas and methodology from Mitt Romney was not your finest moment. You would have done much better to use FDR as your inspiration!

Hillary’s announcement, so long and faithfully-awaited, has rekindled my interest. I have posted about much activism over the years, a large percentage of it involving the promotion of women’s equality. Well, I can think of no one in the world who has done more for women’s equality than Hillary Clinton, and I can think of no greater person to move it forward than Hillary Clinton as President.  I will be tracking her campaign with a passion I have not felt in over 7 years.

Thank you all so very much for staying with me during this long dark time. You know who you are, but I especially want to shout out to my intrepid and constant companion, Chatblu, who was my very first co-poster. Big hugs to you, Chat! And it’s so great to see SM and GaGal here again. What a thrill!

Yes, my political pulse is beating again, and it’s all thanks to Hillary. I’ve never been more ready to fight for her! I know you all feel the same way.

This is an open thread.

92 Responses to "Activist Monday: Suddenly Politics Are Interesting Again"

Hello all!!! We’re back!!!!

Hey, Kim! Great to see you again.
An ENTJ? Hmmm…….I am your introspective cousin, the INTJ, along with JFK, Karl Marx, the Unibomber and Jay-Z. Seems only 0.8% of the population are female INTJs………and Hillary is another per this article:

Helllooooo Kim! We are indeed!

Chat, you always find the best stats. Glad to know you are also in the NTJ family! I am shocked about the tiny number of female ENTJs, although I knew we were already a small group (about 2% of total population). I guess I am a bit of an odd duck. 😃 OTOH, so is Hillary, so I feel I am in great company!

A brace of odd ducks, then,

Oh, sorry I misread that – Hillary is an INTJ! Interesting indeed. (This is what happens when you read TW on your phone.) So, according to that article, you and Hillary are the same personality type. Kudos! 😀

I suppose I am still an odd duck – I just have slightly different plumage from you and Hillary. 😉

From Huffington Post:
The argument for Clinton in 2016 is that she is the candidate of the only major American political party not run by lunatics. There is only one choice for voters who want a president who accepts climate science and rejects voodoo economics, and whose domestic platform would not engineer the largest upward redistribution of resources in American history. Even if the relatively sober Jeb Bush wins the nomination, he will have to accommodate himself to his party’s barking-mad consensus. She is non-crazy America’s choice by default. And it is not necessarily an exciting choice, but it is an easy one, and a proposition behind which she will probably command a majority.

Yep! She went for the guacamole!

@6 – completely agree. I just don’t think the Republicans can run anyone for President and win.

@7 – Chipotle! I love that place. I always get the guac:-D

And here’s one from Daily Kos:

Whether you like Clinton or not your choices in this election are not going to be between competing policy ideas. Your choice in the 2016 race is going to be between crazy and not crazy. You can vote for the nice lady in the Clinton ad or the nutcase behind Door Number 2. For the overwhelming majority of Americans that choice is going to be a no brainer.

Just waaayyy too many years living in New Orleans. I would guess I’m an ISFP.

Quiet, friendly, sensitive, and kind. Enjoy the present moment, what’s going on around them. Like to have their own space and to work within their own time frame.
Dislike disagreements and conflicts, do not force their opinions or values on others.

And yes Chat, you have been such a huge part of keeping this blog alive through all this time!! We are all very lucky to have you! Forester, you too my friend!

Thank you all.

INTJ also. The press seems to be acting like it’s a game of “Where’s Waldo”. LOL. I spotted her here or I spotted her there or some guy says I thought it was her I saw at the gas station!

Hello Widderdhinites! I’m glad you pointed out how no one in the video was complaining and scared, but mostly not servile. It spoke optimism and reality based goals without a ridiculous pandering aftertaste.

chat@12: You’re welcome!

And thanks DYB!

SM@14: Well said!

@13: We INTJs seem to flourish in red clay.

A day late for chstblu’s Sunday music, but I went to Uppity Woman’s blog just for yuks, and she posted a gem of a song for Hillary and her raging holdouts (thanks Fredster for showing me the embed code!)

SM@18: Oh no problem! 🙂

@18: Excellent choice!

Postcards from the Edge….a classic!

I’m in politics for the “endolphins.”

Heh. I’m an INTJ most of the time. There’s an awful lot of us here for 2% of the population! Probably because we can see through the BS.

Hey, another 1%er INTJ here (NOT those other 1 per centers), and another Hillary supporter since 2008. Seems we do flourish in red clay, though I prefer the timeless granite, marble and mica of our NC mountains.


And here I sit all by my lonesome. 😦

Oy! My head is still reeling from dealing with my tax return and trying to figure out the tax credit thing for the Obamacare subsidies. I feel like my brain has been turned into mush dealing with all of this stuff.

Wow, not a lot of “E” anythings in this group! (Although I’ll be darned if SM isn’t one.) It is amazing how many INTJs there are. Hmm, maybe Myers-Briggs explains who went PUMA and who didn’t!

ISFP – Fredster, my husband is an ESFP – so similar, but Extroverted. You guys are all right in my book!

P.S. – Hillary’s Chipotle visit made national headlines because “no one recognized her!” (Although if that is true, how did it make national headlines? LOL!)

I’ve always mostly lived in that red clay be it here in GA or SC. I really do hate red clay though. Awful when you’re trying to plant something. So Karl Rove now is going to start trying to “Romneyfy” Hillary. This is the strangest thing. All of the GOP is starting to sound and act just like Obama.

RIP, Percy Sledge.

@23:Your NC Smokies cross the state line into my home town, and well below.
@25: My SO is an ISFP, so clearly we interact well with the SFP group.
@27: Not to mention that it’s slicker than greased owl crap when wet. It does, however, support the growth of rampant kudzu.

Hi! And I am sooooo with you on the renewed interest. But I am also scared, because I think this time will be worse than ever. It’s going to get ugly and it’s going to get ugly fast. A part of me was waiting and praying and keeping my fingers fingers crossed for HRC to return (I admit that by the end of her announcement tears were rolling down my face). But I have also been waiting with worried and fears. Can we go through this again?? What if she is robbed again?

Hey !!!!

Km, she won’t be robbed again. The Democratic Party is not going to repeat their 2008 chicanery. If she loses, we will be here online to support each other….however, I can’t imagine who would beat her!

Chat…Obama always sounded like the Repubs when campaigning against Hillary. Sexist, ageist, etc. Ah, the lovely memories….

@32: “….you’re nice enough, Hillary”,

Hi Madama B! I just took the Myers Briggs test and I’m a ENFJ 😄, so you had me from the get go!

although I was very close to being an INTJ instead of an ENTJ person, I only got one percent on E.

Hee hee, SM! Yes, a lot of people are kind of in the middle like you. It’s a continuum.

MB and chat: Well I don’t feel so lonesome now.

Sorry I’ve been away during the day, but I was seriously recuperating from the tax stuff. I basically didn’t trust Turbo Tax when it computed the subsidy stuff so I ended up downloading the blank form from the IRS and then calculating the stuff myself. I even dug out the printing calculator so I could check the numbers as I was completing the form. LOL! Turbo Tax was correct on the thing but I didn’t trust it. For anyone else who qualified for the subsidies for Obamacare and you’re filing your taxes, I would strongly suggest using one of the tax software packages or get an accountant!

Well, off to watch the series finale of Justified…(sniff). Farewell Raylan, I’ll miss ya!

@37: My extension is in.

I TurboTaxed last weekend…BUT I also had an accountant look at everything, since I had income from several states due to my travel. Fredster, I’m glad you got it done and it was okay.

MB@39: Oh hell, then you win the headache/brain mush award with the several states thing!

I thought y’all might enjoy this:

I get a newsletter about La. politics and it’s a dangerous time since the lege is in session. Jeremy had this little blurb in the newsletter today


Cookies, brownies and other goodies will be for sale for lawmakers today in the rotunda. They’ll only be 66 cents for women, but $1 for men. It’s part of Equal Pay Day, part of a push by advocates to close Louisiana’s pay gap.

We’re back, like the parable of the seeds. Some went to BO, some went to Palin, some kept their PUMA Hillary hearts on their sleeves and waited all these years for this time. We will not take no for an answer.

BTW – An INFJ-A here. The “dash A” makes me an assertive introvert, go figure. Also less than 1%. MLK Jr., Mother Teresa, Mandela, Jimmy Carter. Borderline F with some T leanings. Science and intuition.

41, discount cookies for women. Is that sexist? Just kidding.

Good to see you, Karen.

Hi Karen! I haven’t heard of the -A designation. Fascinating stuff.

Fredster, that cookie thing is hilarious! I saw on ThinkProgress that yesterday was the day that women’s salaries catch up to men’s. I’m not sure what that meant exactly…

madamab I believe it means this is how far into the new year women had to work to make what men made last year.

Thanks, GAGal! That sounds right. Who would have thought that equal pay for equal work would finally be recognized as a serious issue by the “progressive” media? It’s a wonderful thing to see, especially after the sexist horrors the perpetrated in 2008. The boys appear to be growing up!

karen@43: Oh not sexist at all, but to show inequalities in pay for women and the difference in their pay. Of course I doubt the majority of the men in the La. legislature will understand it.

mb@47: It’s about damned time they grew up, except maybe for Chris Cillizza and WaPo. I’m not embedding his tweet here since he’s such an ass but you can see it here. Well, it will only embed so I have no choice.

Just wanted to say everybody here is so nice. Tired of dealing with frustrated Obots today. Probably need to take some time off and I’m thinking that nothing is really going to happen in politics for a while anyway. When is that first GOP debate? I think it’s in August.

GA6th, you are always welcome here. I have a rather low opinion of all bots, so I tend to restrict my blog reading to a small group of sites.

These are trying days in Obotland.

Fredster, love the cookie bit!

Hey annie!!! Glad you liked it.

Fredster at 48, notice on my 43 comment about the cookies what I put after the sexist joke. I wrote JUST KIDDING. I knew why they did it.

Myers Briggs said I defend myself from misunderstandings. TRUE again.

Ga6thDem, I still lurk at Talk Left since it was a site I frequented until they became solid obama support after Hillary dropped out. Until then, Jerlyn was for Hillary and BTD was for Bo and I was fine there. I just wanted to tell you I enjoy your comments there and all kinds of places. I find you on most of the news sites I read as well as blogs. WTG, Ga.

GA6thDem, I, too, enjoy your comments at talk left and find myself nodding in agreement as I read. It’s a pleasure to see you at some of my favorite blogs!
I don’t know what I am, but I do remember that it starts with an I, which makes a lot of sense because I’m practically agoraphobic. 🙂

I see that Hillary is getting grief for not tipping at Chipotles.
Hey, pundits, Chipotles is a fast food restaurant with no table service.
Do you tip at Boston Market? Wendys? McDonalds? Subway’s?

58 – I am pretty sure according to the manager after he watched the video said Hillary walked away with the tray of food for her group and someone else paid. Likely Huma from what he said was at the register paying. I do not tip at fast food but my Brother-In-Law even tips if we phone in a pizza order and he goes in to pick up a box of pizza. He stuffs dollars in the tip jar for take-out! Makes me feel so cheap. 😉

#58 – Wow, who would tip at Chipotle?! I get very annoyed at all the people who simply take my order and money and then expect a tip. I used to be a cashier at Wendy’s – I didn’t expect a tip!

TalkLeft and Eschaton were my favorite blogs before all the Obot insanity happened.

Thanks for the nice compliments everyone! Maybe some of you can come back to TL after the primaries are over.

The whole tipping thing is beyond stupid. I can’t think of anytime I have tipped at a fast food restaurant.

Hahaha…polling shows Hillary beating Scott Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin…in Wisconsin. And you know, the other Republican governors aren’t doing so well either. Neener neener!

Walker can console himself with the fact that he’s not the only GOP governor who is considering running for president who is suffering from lagging poll numbers in his home state. A March poll taken in Louisiana by Triumph Campaigns found that Governor Bobby Jindal’s approval rating there had sunk to just 27%, and an April Rutgers University poll saw New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s approval rating fall to a record low 41 percent.

Haha there’s worse news for Jindal. He’s only liked by 27% of the people in his state. And he’s gotten to do the entire conservative agenda.

k4C@55: Oh I knew you knew it was a humor thing. 😉

GA6th: Oh yeah, lil Booby and the lege have to deal with a $1.6 billion hole in the budget and booby took his Grover Norquist oath so he won’t sign any tax increases. And I don’t know who that 27% would include. Whenever there’s an article about him going out of state on his pitiful prez wannabe trips, people comment with things like: Don’t come back, or Quick! Someone change the locks at the mansion!

chat@66: Wow, did you see some of the comments from (obviously) the “progressives” ?

I am cracking up about Bush trying to say Hillary is an elitist and not a feminist. He told a group of folks that he drives to Chipotle in his own car and then added – he makes his own Mexian food at home. And then.. he got into his SUV and his driver drove him away.

Yep, that Bush drives himself to a restaurant with his driver and cooks the food at home. Clarity does not run in that family. Oh how I missed laughing at the smarter brother’s bungling of ideas as he led us to war.

And the rest of them, well, we at least will have plenty of humor. They have dismal approval in their own states and Hillary is surely bound to get her big bump from all the positives in the media – FOR A CHANGE.

Nobody cares what Jeb drives or what he eats. Hillary is a rock star and she earned it, the hard way every step of her life.

Neener, neener is right. So far so good. I even just applied to go back to the dem party that left me on May 31st. We have a closed primary and, hell, although I will never forget or forgive the DNC and the RBC I cannot sit out a chance to vote for her – especially now that I am in Florida where Jeb stole it for his brother against Gore.

66 chat, thanks for that good read. I love the last line as a sort of insider joke, but of course, the originator, Big Dawg, was sincere about that too.

MSNBCs Hayes is doing that “Hillary for Millenials” or some such name to teach young voters about the actual facts as they happened in her history so they will not fall for the ancient crap the GOP talking points bring up. I guess there will have to be a “who is Vince Foster” day and a “Ken Starr” edition because those crazy republicans bring it up.

Isn’t it amazing? All of the folks who did not want her so badly in 2008 are lining up to defend her?

72, I forgive some of them, not all of them. I am not as diplomatic as Hillary. I have to give her credit for her Rhino skin. After what she went through WE were traumatized for her! I absolutely can’t stand some of the worst hijackers of my old party, still. They make my flesh crawl.

Saw this about TPP and O’Malley.

LOVE the picture they use for this article! He was against it before he was for it. Not sure what Hillary has said about it but the unions (including my old union, AFSCME which is part of AFL-CIO and was strongly for Hillary in the primary of 08) are very much against it. They are going to make it the central issue to their support. And who said Hillary has to be primaried to address her potential supporters? She is going to be cautious in all things but this one is going to be extra dangerous due to Bill and NAFTA and the history of her supporting it at State. It isn’t a make or break issue, hopefully she will soothe all sides and find solutions. She will find a smart solution if there is one.

O’Malley is running to give someone for the Obots to vote for and that’s probably a good thing. At least they will have something else to talk about besides HIllary.

75, ha. yeah, true. No real opponents but the union backing is powerful stuff and it helps to have them working with you and not against you. Time thinks Hillary will come out against it and be secretly for it. I find it hard to think of her as that pandering. After yesterday the left are more against obama for siding with Rs on TPP. If she comes out for it she sides with left against Rs and obama.

Mostly good analysis of candidates here (scroll down to dems third tier to find O’Malley and the others):

The world is a messy place these days. Lots of confusion. Hillary wrote about the benefits of TPP in Hard Choices, and this might be one very hard choice for her to make. Alienate potential big donors too if she opposes it. Either way it is a very divisive issue.

This is what I’m seeing in the comments on various blogs from the “bros before hos” crowd. They voted for Obama in ’08 because he was their liberal messiah who voted against the war – yes, they’re still believing that lie. They believe Obama did nothing during his first term because the R’s blocked him. They do not mention that Obama was the one trying to hold hands and skip down the aisle with the R’s.

They voted for him a second time because they just knew Obama would come out swinging this time. They are now disgusted with this TPP issue. But, they refuse to vote for Hillary because they’re afraid they will be “burned” again. So, they’re angry and …BITTER!

I just laugh and don’t bother. I figure if Obama won without my vote (and a lot of other Democratic votes), then surely Hillary can win without the bros before hos vote.

77. This is what Hillary said about it last that I know of from her book but that isn’t based on today after the TPA fast track yesterday.

“It’s safe to say that the TPP won’t be perfect, No deal negotiated among a dozen countries ever will be — but its higher standards, if implemented and enforced, should benefit American businesses and workers.”

The unions say it will hurt workers and dems are against it. Obama is for it and Repubs are for it. Hillary was for it. I do not have an opinion on it yet since the details of it are entirely hidden from the public.

77 they are dead-enders – where are they going to go? (love to say that!) if it comes down to Hillary or Jeb, Cruz, or Santorum they are going to be running to the polls to vote for Hillary – even if they don’t admit they voted for an old hag… that or they will suddenly see the light and say she won them over because, something.

It has been a week and they are children. They will learn.

Yes, the ‘bots are very bitter from being burned but darn I tried to tell them, Bill Clinton tried to tell them that Obama wasn’t going to be able to get anything done and so did a lot of other people. They would not listen to reason and now it is what it is. Yes, Obama lost 3.4 million Democrats that will probably come back in 2016. I’m willing to bet the “bros before hos” crowd is around a million or less. So even with all that it would seem that the overall picture is a net positive.

Hillary statement on TPP at the NY Times. I tread carefully at that paper because they lie about her.

My apologies for no new post today. A new medication seems to have caused a nasty tachycardia that is just now easing up some. I promise a new Lazy Weekend for tomorrow.

Well the critics and nay-sayers are out there and surely they’ll be more.

I checked this writer out and couldn’t find where she’s written anything…I won’t say complimentary..but let’s say fair to Clinton:

NOTE: I was going to do a post on the “mean things” stuff that’s been written but I think for now let’s leave this one going!

For an article that was the ugliest, most vile and not truthful, you have to check this one out:

H/t to SophieCT for providing this. Here’s what Robert Reich said on April 11th on his facebook page:

A presidential candidate cannot run on being the first woman to be president, because that is not a platform. It does not tell the nation what she will do to respond to the nation’s needs. It also contradicts the underlying premise that a woman can do the job quite as well as a man and therefore gender should not matter. If gender should not matter, then, logically, a campaign cannot be based on gender. Hillary Clinton must make the case for why she should be president based on where she wants to lead the nation, and why, just as any man running for president must do. And that case must be made starting from the moment she declares her candidacy.

What do you think?

So, what do y’all think?

Again, courtesy of SophieCt over at Uppity’s place, Make your own little logo or signs with the “Hillvetica” or Hillary Bold” typeface:

chat, don’t worry about a post, just take care of yourself.

It’s in the queue for tomorrow already.

@88: Okay, well thanks!

Fredster, I have been telling myself I need to stay positive and ignore the negatives this time because I dwelled on them, memorized them, and took them deeply to heart last time – and it was not healthy. In 08 at one Hillary campaign office I went to they discouraged any mention of the opposition and encouraged everyone to only discuss and repeat the good things Hillary stood for and what she was promising to tackle. The other Hillary campaign office in a nearby town was always on top of every rumor and sat with laptops and phones ready to vent at everyone on the internet or on the street. The first place really did more for Hillary in my local area at the time than the second but the second office was the one I went to more often because I too was caught up in every little stupid attack against her.

This time, I think I am going to try to be more like the first Hillary office and talk about her history and not attack the stupid remark Rand Paul made against her… although it is in my very nature to go after the butt holes.

Rachel Maddow did “Hillary cackle dolls” and was brutal to Hillary and I still have trouble listening to her even when she is saying very nice and accurate things about Hillary now. Even though she has one of the best shows on teevee I find it hard to forget her with pom poms for obama.

I knew it wasn’t the nutcracker doll, it was the Cackle pen. Lots to make a person furious even though they thought they were being so funny with the Air America coolness crap.

btw – I just got an email from an environmental org I belong to and they are furious and shocked and so disappointed (for the hundreth time) that obama is talking to the oil companies about those (Rachel Maddow show frequently discussed) “blowing up” oil train disasters.

I answered this: We told you so. Exelon.

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