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Holiday Weekend Music: Happy Easter and Good Pesach to All

Posted on: April 4, 2015

Good holidays, Widdershins.  Just occasionally, the calendars of two great religions blend holidays into one time period, and this weekend is one such instance.  Christianity has marked Holy Week, which will terminate tomorrow, and Judaism commenced Passover on Friday, and it will end next week.  So, for a three day period – yesterday, today, and tomorrow – we are at a time and a place that is sacred to both traditions.

There is a fair amount of religious music available for these occasions, as well as secular music for new beginnings.  Let’s post those and anything else that comes to mind while enjoying a two day break from the commotion surrounding us.

This is an open thread.

(1) Dayanu – Trad. Passover Song

(2) Jesus Christ Is Risen Today – Trad. Easter Hymn

(3) Down In the River To Pray – Appalachian Folk Hymn

(4) Beginnings – Chicago

(5) From the Beginning – Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

(6) Brand New Day – Sting

(7) Foggy Dew – Trad. Irish song of the Easter Rebellion, 1916


35 Responses to "Holiday Weekend Music: Happy Easter and Good Pesach to All"

Oh what a heart breaker for Kentucky. 😦

Some of the worst refs I have ever seen. Did you see that shot clock violation on Wisconsin that they just completely missed? Woof.

chat, these things with b’ball are one reason I don’t watch it much. I don’t know all the rules and it moves too fast for me since I don’t know all the stuff with it.

Pesach with humor perhaps?

Yes, bummer for Kentucky. What a shame that their perfect record was blown.

annie: I freely admit I don’t follow b’ball regularly so I had no idea what chat was talking about with the shot clock and all.

Okay, I’m done.


@15: He does, but he’s a Louisville grad. They lost earlier in the process.

I think Jeffery was just being snarky because McConnell and the state.

Happy Easter and Passover to all!

All, MB has got a bad sore throat and needs to take a rest day tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have something new for you on Tuesday.

Mb@20: Not a biggie at all Rest up and take it easy.

My husband is acting all grown up about Kentucky’s loss, or trying to.
Even I think the refereeing was horrible.
There’s always next year.
Congrats to Wisconsin fans; we hope you take Duke to the woodshed.

@SweetSue: I am still surprised at the game but I really don’t know enough about basketball rules to talk about the refereeing so I’ll take y’all word about it.

Congrats to Duke (?).

Poking fun at CNN.

As Skooks phrased it, Rand Paul had his debutante ball today.

And as a commenter put it at TPM:

Woo Hoo! Good news Tuesday.
This year the official clown car will be a stretch Hummer. Lots of room.

Hubbie made up a new slogan for Rand “Stand With Rand” Paul. Hubbies is: “Scandal With Randall”.

Oh, he just came up with “Teddie and the Cruzer’s” for Ted Cruz. He’s on a roll.

annie@29: LOL! Love them both!

Skooks retweeted this one from “Henry Tudor” and I thought it was hilarious! I watched a show on PBS last night about Henry…very good.

LOL! Skooks is quite the character.

annie@32: Oh yeah, he comes up with some good ones and knows enough twitter friends to be able to find more. Here’s his blog, but he writes mostly nola and La. stuff:

But he does have a live feed to his twitter account so you can see his tweets and what he has retweeted, etc. Sometimes they really are funny!

I looked at it, good stuff. I thought this article, written by a muslim guy with a great sense of humor and irony, was hysterically funny, but it has some really nasty comments. Check it out, its about the Indiana law:

annie@34: I don’t now how much of an actual Muslim he is. When I looked him up he’s a comedian of Palestinian and Italian (Sciliy) descent. Dad was born in Palestine before the state of Israel was created and mom’s family from Italy. Although he’s certainly Arab-American, the wiki piece doesn’t say if he actually practices the Muslim faith.

Those comments were just sad that they believed he was serious.

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