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Activist Monday: Pass the Popcorn

Posted on: March 30, 2015

Good afternoon, Widdershins! In case some of you aren’t aware, our Uppity is back and in fine, fine form. Take a gander here.

Speaking of Uppity, our Fredster posted this over at her place. Worth the five minutes it takes to read, but here’s the highlight for me:

Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party’s nominee, and she will win the 2016 election.

When you analyze the objective conditions of the Republican Party today and most likely over the next two years and compare them to Clinton’s strengths, it’s hard not to make such a prediction with confidence.

And here are said strengths:

Clinton has a built-in advantage — her gender. It now looks that she will use the glass-ceiling theme to connect with millions of people who think that the disparities in opportunity, income and talent-based achievement between men and women is not only unfair, but damaging to all women, two-income families and the economy in general.

Some percentage of Americans, likely a large one, would like to cast a historic vote. When polling points to Americans wanting “change,” what bigger change than a woman as president?

Clinton is white. Yes, President Obama was elected twice, with millions of votes over the 50 percent victory threshhold. But looking at the election data that show a precipitous drop in his support among white voters, relative to past Democratic candidates, one can infer some racial bias in a sliver of the electorate. Clinton will be able to attract those voters simply because she is not an African-American man.

In terms of the Latino vote, even though many Republicans are counting on him, Sen. Marco Rubio’s (Fla.) craven flip-flopping is not likely to endear him to many Hispanics outside of Miami. Conversely, Clinton is hugely popular among Hispanics, as is her husband. She’s been a steadfast supporter of immigrant rights and was Latino voters’ favorite during the 2008 primaries. She will sweep the Hispanic vote.

As I used to say in 2008…Duh f*cking duh. If you have any political savvy whatsoever, drawing these conclusions is difficult to avoid, if not impossible. The previously-ironclad Republican strategy of gathering the middle-to-upper-class white male vote, according to exit polls, was successful in 2012…and, yet, The Glove still lost. Stuck in the fake 50’s in their heads, the Republicans refuse to understand that the time of the WMASP is ending, and that June Cleaver will never greet them at the door sporting pearls, pumps, a martini and an apron again. We women belong in the House…the White House!

If this is so obvious, then, why is there so much hysteria in the press about non-issues like Benghazi and emails from Hillary’s time as Secretary of State? Very simple, my friends: journalists and pundits and bloggers need something to write about. Oh, they could cover Hillary’s status as the likely first woman president, and I’m sure they will. The excitement of tens of millions of men and women who have been waiting for this opportunity, especially to cast a vote for a woman as respected, qualified and brilliant as Hillary Clinton, will no doubt be the subject of some news cycles once she announces. (Since she lacks that all-important flap of skin between her legs, the swooning, worshiping coverage Barack Obama enjoyed along with his historic status, will be noticeably absent.) But far, far sexier to our press corps is conflict and scandal. You’d think they would have plenty of that with the whackadoos like Ted Cruz throwing their hats in the ring…but since Ted is male, he automatically gets an extra 50 points on his Presidential qualification test. Consequently, you’ll see lots of coverage about how principled and smart he is, where Hillary’s decades of straight-ahead, no-waffling dedication to women’s rights will get a sniff and shrug from entitled members of the “intelligentsia.”

Here’s my advice to all of you Hillary fans out there: Take the long view. From the usual “progressive” suspects in the blog world, we’ll hear about how Elizabeth Warren MUST RUN111!!!!, despite the fact that there is no rational reason to think she would be a better President than Hillary Clinton. More experience? No. Better name recognition? No. More respected by the international community? No again. More liberal? Not necessarily – she is good on one issue, but not sure where she stands on others. From the Beltway media, we’ll hear about various non-existent scandals, especially the ones associated with her husband – because as you know, she is only a wimminz and therefore everything that her husband does, she does too! From Fox News, well – I shudder to contemplate. More leg-crossing a la Tucker Carlson, I’m sure. The point is, none of it will matter, because Hillary is the best candidate, and she will win. So pass the popcorn and enjoy the spectacle. Hillary Clinton will be our President in 2016…all the rest is noise.

This is an open thread.

37 Responses to "Activist Monday: Pass the Popcorn"

I saw a Republican strategist actually admit that they would likely lose 15-18% of Repub women votes to HRC.

Hee hee hee! Yes, amazingly, Republican women want a woman president too…mmm, this popcorn is tasty.

*Kicks some dirt. Defiantly sticks out chin* Put em up all you CDS horse’s asses! Bring it on! Bring it on!

MB, great inspiring post for Monday!

Thanks, ladies! Uppity, I am sure we’ll have many opportunities to battle the sexists and CDS sufferers. I pity the fools…

Chat, that is great news. My dad was a repub until Bill Clinton, and he was really looking forward to voting for Hillary before he died.

I was reading another piece at TheHill when I saw the blurb for the Hillary article. Now, that was just an opinion piece, and believe me, if you read the comments below it, the CDS was there.

I know the “Warren wing” of the Dem. party is going to cry, pout, and do whatever, but they will just have to get over it

mmm, this popcorn is tasty

LOL!!! 😆

Hi Widdershins! And Happy 70th Birthday to the Great One:

Happy Birthday 70th Birthday EC!

Hey Laker! Nice selection there!!

@8 and 9: The best,

I see liberal darling The Guardian is in full-on attack mode today: misleading picture of HRC, three raked up false scandals presented as fact in the single caption for that picture, followed by three clickable smear jobs presented as news.

@12: And wait until she officially announces!!

Give it some time. Soon Vince Foster will have been found to have predicted Benghazi in his final email that was erased by her personal server.

Meant that for chat @15! Sorry Fredster! You know I love your stuff!

Nice to see Pat! 🙂

chat @14! Geez! I’m on the fast track to senility!

Senility is fun. Just ask me.

Hey, I think I saw that one on this morning, with Neil MacDonald’s byline.

@17 Thanks, Socal! Actually my moniker is a pun I was crushed to see already taken on Google the day I thought of it. No idea who I’ll be if I can ever make it back to Portland.

@annie: Fixed @ 16!

Getting ready to change channels from Maddow because…Warren.

If anyone watches it and she says anything important, add it here in the comments please.

Heaven forbid Warren should actually run. All those who profess to love her so much would soon turn on her like the yapping hyenas they so closely resemble.

A Quinnipiac poll came out showing Hillary slightly behind Rand Paul in PA and slightly behind Jeb Bush in FL – like 1 or 2 points, within the margin of error. Not amazing, since she hasn’t declared, but cue the hyenas at full bay.

@9 and 10 – Laker was stuck in the spam filter.

I did catch most of the Warren interview on Maddow’s replay.

She discussed issues that do need to be addressed, like the mess with student loans and not backing away from Wall St legislation. However, those are things that need to be addressed in the legislative body so “Stay Elizabeth, Stay!”.

Rachel tried to get Warren to say something about Hillary’s probable “coronation” as the nominee. and whether the Dem nominee should have enough space apart from Wall Street. About all that Warren said, as I recall, was something like “well ‘we” (Dems) need to be different from “them” (Repubs.) She was definitely throwing some shade there, but nicely. 😉

Yeah, laker had a little trouble last night, changing the password from mine to his.

I like Warren. I wish she was senate majority leader.

@28: I don’t dislike her but not for Prez.

Why is the creative class suddenly so concerned about Hillary’s “ties” to Wall Street? Who gave the banks and Wall Street a bigger pass than Obama?
Clinton is Robin Hood next to him, and the one percent knows it.

@30 – they aren’t. Remember that they are about personality, not issues. They “just don’t like” Hillary!!

Chat, that is hilarious. I wonder who was polled, because when Hillary ran in 2008, she won those states by double digits…against Obama. Imagine the margin against a crackpot like Rand Paul! As for Florida, what is Jeb’s position on immigration? I doubt he is better than Hillary there.

The hyenas are just sure it’s because of the email “scandal”.

It could also be because of Benghazi!!!111!!!

I did see something about that poll, I think on Morning Schmoe. But as even he said, (paraphrasing) “yeah, 85 months out from election day”.

Here’s a link to the release on the poll from Quinnipiac.

Wish they had the damned thing in graphics form.

Thanks Fredster!

No problem MB!

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