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Quiet Weekend Music: Songs of Comfort

Posted on: March 27, 2015

I’m back.  The wedding was lovely, and I am almost-but-not-quite caught up on sleep at this point.  But as happens more and more, this week has been a difficult one for the world.  The Israeli election is in the rearview mirror, and things will go as they go hereafter – it’s well above my paygrade.  The Republican race to whatever is officially off and running, with Jeb “I’m my own man” Bush grasping firmly to his roots for dollars and advice, and Ted “I hate Obamacare but now I’ve signed up for it, yet voted to repeal my coverage” Cruz launching his act in front of a captive audience of Liberty University students.  All of the aforementioned events have suddenly seemed of less immediate import since Germanwings flight 9525  fell from the skies, taking all 150 souls aboard from those who knew and loved them.

I admit that I am as baffled as everyone else as to why an apparently normal person would deliberately and agonizingly drop a plane into a pristine mountain.  There are possible medical implications, as some brain tumors affecting the temporal lobe may provoke sudden changes in behavior, though most are considerably more subtle.  A proper autopsy of Andreas Lubitz will likely be impossible, so all are simply left to wonder.  I’m certain that there will be an exhaustive investigation, and I’m equally certain that the findings will at least initially mean little to those who lost family and friends in such a cruel fashion.  The final moments aboard the aircraft had to be terrifying.

So, let’s spend today searching for solace in song, in hopes that in comforting ourselves we may project peace outward.  Otherwise, please feel free to consider this to be the usual open thread.

(1) Dies Irae – Gregorian Chant

(2) Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

(3) Song for Adam – Jackson Brown

(4) Fire and Rain – James Taylor

(5) Let It Be – The Beatles

(6) Farewell, My Friend – Dennis Wilson





36 Responses to "Quiet Weekend Music: Songs of Comfort"

Apparently the copilot did have some mental issues. He apparently did have some kind of “mental” diagnosis but did not reveal it to the airline.

Prosecutors said Friday that among the items found at Mr. Lubitz’s home were several doctors’ notes stating that he was too ill to work, including on the day of the crash; one of the notes had been torn up. These documents “support the preliminary assessment that the deceased hid his illness from his employer and colleagues,” the prosecutors said in a statement.

From the NY Times.

Nice songs.

Chat, am glad the wedding went well. Special events, like trips are wonderful, but its always nice to be home/back to normal again.

chat@6: I was going to come back and add more but then F.F. decided to update itself which I thought I had blocked it from doing. Soooo…had to do a system restore and back up several days back and then that messed up my Norton Security so i had to get under the hood for that and try to get it fixed. I think it’s all working correctly now.

Thanks, Fredster! I commented. Nice post, Chat.

Here are the latest updates on Lubitz. The last one is particularly interesting:

Best tweet I’ve seen lately.

Good evening, Widdershins! Good to see you all.

Hey, Uppity! Good to see you, too.

Hiya Chat! Lookin’ good as usual.

Go, ‘Cats! What a ballgame that was. Congrats, Prolix.

RIP. John Renbourne.

I watched the other Wildcat team that was playing LSU…baseball. I know, I know chat, that doesn’t interest you.

I really like that Pachibel. I need to get the music for it. Maybe Laker & I could do a duet.

My husband graduated from U. of K., need I say more? He’s Ashley Judd in pants, and I hold a passport to Blue Nation.
Whew, last night was a nail biter. I thought that the ‘cats were going down.
Condolences to Notre Dame; they played one hell of a game.

@21: They did indeed. I was having trouble watching by the end. UK is really only the consistently bright light in men’s BBall in the SEC, so we are all Kentucky fans every March by default.

annie@20: Annie, I’ve seen the sheet music for guitar online for the Canon. One link:

Pachelbel’s Canon in D is now the most played piece at wedding ceremonies. Ad Nauseum, unfortunately.

My granddaughter used Amas Veritas for her processional. It was lovely.

Chat, that is lovely. Fredster, thanks for link.

It worked nicely due to its 3 distinct parts. The initial one was used to bring the adult attendants in, the tinkly part for the children, and the crescendo for the bride.
My family always used Trumpets Voluntary, but she wanted contemporary music.

Very nice. I can picture it. Good choice!

Uppity at 24 said: Pachelbel’s Canon in D is now the most played piece at wedding ceremonies. Ad Nauseum, unfortunately.

Do you remember when it was the Trumpet Voluntary as chat said? Had one of the guys in college who blew the bugle and made some tidy sums performing the piece. People would always call the music dept. asking about the possibility of getting a trumpeter and they were always happy to comply.

Chat, that music your granddaughter used was lovely!

(sigh) When my cousin got married lo these many years ago I just knew it was heading for a disaster at the least. She had told me she had decided to marry him just so she could get out of the house with her mom. She was going to college about 60 miles away from the home area and her mom. When she met the hubby-to-be they seemed like a nice couple together but I knew what Doris had in mind.

It was a simple wedding at a Baptist church so there was just piano and vocalist. I saw the omens gathering for this when her sister, who was her matron of honor, broke her ankle or leg or something and ended up limping down the aisle in a walking cast. Then at the post-wedding celebration her new father-in-law suffered a heart attack at the event. 😯 That sort of put a damper on things. Anyway, in hindsight, the perfect music for her would have been:

I still love the Trumpets Voluntary.

Everyone thought it was stuffy, but I walked in to Wagner and walked out to Mendelssohn.

Uppity! Sorry I missed your visit. Off in NJ watching “The Music Man,” directed by my best friend from college. Really fun show.

Her wedding was more like a concert with a wedding attached. I sang several pieces, one of which was “Sunrise, Sunset.” I think that was one of the processionals, although not the main one.

This was one of the other pieces – strikingly beautiful, I thought.

But, in between, there was some gorgeous music (and singing) -a Ralph Vaughn Williams piece set to “The Song of Solomon.”

Sweet Sue, I love Ralph Vaughn Williams!

New post up.

Sweet sue said: Everyone thought it was stuffy, but I walked in to Wagner and walked out to Mendelssohn.

♫ Tradition….tradition!!!! ♫

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