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Activist Monday: Tell the Truth, And Shame…Everybody

Posted on: March 23, 2015

Good Monday, all! I hope you all had a great weekend, and that Chatblu is taking a well-deserved siesta after a very hard several weeks of wedding work.

Well, it looks like Benjamin Netanyahu (otherwise known as “Bibi”) is once again, Prime Minister of Israel. And an unwelcome victory it is for those of us who would like to hear some other voices on the topic of figuring out what the h*ll to do about the camps, Hamas and the unrelenting hatred of Israel’s neighbors. Exit polls seemed to suggest that the Zionist Union was close to, or slightly leading, Bibi’s right-wing Likud Party. But either the vote was tampered with, or Bibi’s last-minute fear-mongering won the day.

The Likud victory came after initial exit polls from three Israeli television stations on March 17 showed the top two parties in a virtual tie. That result would have itself represented a vast improvement for Likud, which had been polling in the 20 to 23-seat range as recently as last week.

But official returns that came in hours later showed Likud emerging as the clear victor. Netanyahu now has a relatively easy path to forming a coalition of his so-called “natural partners” on the right and the religious parties, along with the center-right Kulanu party.

In his acceptance speech on the night he was re-elected, Netanyahu stated that there would never be a Palestinian state while he is Prime Minister. Well! You can bet our Dear Leader was Not Amused, and he made sure everyone knew about it.

“We take him at his word when he said that it wouldn’t happen during his prime ministership, and so that’s why we’ve got to evaluate what other options are available to make sure that we don’t see a chaotic situation in the region,” the president said in an interview with The Huffington Post on Friday.

Though he pledged to keep working with the Israeli government on military and intelligence operations, Obama declined to say whether the United States would continue to block Palestinian efforts to secure statehood through the United Nations. In a phone conversation the two had on Thursday, he said he indicated to Netanyahu that “it is going to be hard to find a path where people are seriously believing that negotiations are possible.”

The idea of blocking the UN effort is to get all interested parties to the table and make them negotiate. Obama was essentially saying that Bibi’s statements made it seem like this will no longer happen…and in that case, the US may no longer block the UN efforts of the “Palestinians,” which could help ease their way into a bloodless (at least at first) coup.

The problem I have with this reaction is that I don’t believe the mythical “two-state solution,” a naive creation of those who believe facts not in evidence, will EVER happen. Certainly not while Hamas in in charge of the hundreds of thousands, perhaps more, angry Arabs camped in Gaza, claiming a right to the land that is dubious at best, and murderous at worst. In addition, I would hope that no Israeli politician, right, left or center, thinks that Hamas is a genuine partner for peace.

So Bibi simply told the truth, and shamed everyone. The world will not thank him for it.

This is an open thread.


18 Responses to "Activist Monday: Tell the Truth, And Shame…Everybody"

I would be the last one to argue with you on the IP topic, but despite Bibi’s intermittent romance with the truth as he sees it that particular day, I am saddened to see the once-bright social democracy that was Israel embrace the politics of fear and loathing. Israel, having been settled by the victims of such disgusting policies, started as an inclusive beacon of hope and this hard right turn is as painful to watch there as it is in my own country,
Yes, the wedding was lovely and I am exhausted and will be “chat-napping” for a day or so,
Kudos on the cute little Selkirk Rex kitty cat.

Well, unfortunately, the politics of fear tend to be self-perpetuating. The policies themselves create more hatred in the Arab population, which creates more terrorism. We have seen how W started this cycle on the US, and the entire world is paying for our war crimes.

That being said, perhaps at one time two states were possible, but not now. Maybe this is an opportunity for wiser heads to start offering other, more plausible and peaceful solutions. I have seen a few online already.

I remember when Clinton was trying to work it out at the end of his 2nd term, and it seemed close, but then Arafat (?) changed his mind and that was that. Am I remembering that correctly? Is there any hope of resettling the Palestinians to a neighboring country? I can’t imagine why they would want to stay there and continue living like that. The ones I have met here in CA are thrilled to be here, and never want to go back. The two state idea doesn’t seem possible when they refuse to acknowledge Israel as a state. Its depressing to think of this dragging on for more decades.

Love the cat pic.

May peace and wisdom guide them/

annie said: Is there any hope of resettling the Palestinians to a neighboring country?

Where? If I recall correctly, Jordan is or was chock full of Palestinian refugees. Can’t imagine they would want to go to Syria right now. The Saudis? Nah. Iran? Don’t know.

Then too you probably have to account for which sect of Islam the various groups belong to. As a whole are the Palestinians Sunni or Shia? I don’t know But if a particular country is Sunni and the Palestinians are Shia (or vice versa) that country won’t be thrilled at letting a ton of them in.

I am for resettlement in a big way. Fredster, a lot of the original refugees were from Jordan…however, when they tried to go back home, the Jordanian government closed the borders. This is one big reason the camps exist. In addition, countries like Syria and Jotdan scared a lot of Arabs into fleeing Israel with stories of how Jews had horns and drank babies’ blood for breakfast.

The politics of fear again…

Nothing is an easy solution with IP, bit it is possible that Egypt could take some of the refugees. Now that the Muslim Brotherhood is gone, it is a much better place to be.

mb@7: Ah, you are much more familiar with the situation than I am.

Didn’t think about Egypt, I kinda thought they were still dealing with their own issues with the Brotherhood. Sad to say, but unless something gets its few minutes of airtime on the “newz” I don’t stay current with the situation.

Off topic but funny as hell. Looks like the clown car is getting pretty full!

Oh, that’s funny!

Love the Clapton vid, btw. My husband watches the Clapton Crossroads concerts over and over.

@10: I saw that on so I stole it! I especially like Chuck Todd in there too.

I love Clapton, Annie!

I am definitely looking forward to the Republican primary race. The stoopid will be in full bloom, like spring flowers…

Yes, the Ted Cruz announcement has already given rise to gazillions of jokes.

Uppity is a huge Clapton fan also.

This is lovely:

Cruz is going to offer us sooooo much.

Just read an interesting article in the WaPo about Cruz. He is allegedly very smart and principled and persuasive…that is, if you’re already in agreement with most of his principles.

The guy wants to abolish the IRS. What will be put in place to replace it so that the government can pay the debts he is supposed to be so concerned about?

Oh please let this the one Hillary goes up against..:-)

mb@17: I have read that yes he’s wicked smart. Emphasis on the wicked.

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