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Busy, Busy Weekend Music: Good Wishes for a Great Couple

Posted on: March 20, 2015

Happy day, Widdershins!  My only granddaughter Samantha (Sissy) will wed her longtime beau Matt tomorrow at 11:30 am.  The nuptials will take place in the Treetops Ballroom at Parrot Jungle in Miami, located on a lovely barrier island just off the coast.

There will be an open twitter account with photos posted throughout at #HappilyEverWhitmore so that you can pop in on us electronically if you’d care to do so.   In the meantime, if y’all would join Sissy’s very sentimental Nana in sending lots of good wishes, cheer, and positive energy to the newlyweds, please do so below as well.  Otherwise, it’s a totally open thread.

(1) Do You Believe in Magic? – The Lovin’ Spoonful

(2) I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack

(3) Stealing Cinderella – Chuck Wicks

(4) The Way You Look Tonight – The Lettermen

(5) My Wish – Rascal Flatts

(6) Marie’s Wedding – Celtic Traditional




15 Responses to "Busy, Busy Weekend Music: Good Wishes for a Great Couple"

Congrats to Samantha and Matt from her Nana’s online friends.

I’ve been to Parrot Jungle on my one and only trip to Mia and the Gables. Nice spot.

Some traditional music perhaps?

Sorry to say, but can’t find anything on twitter under HappilyEverWhitmore:

No Tweet results for @HappilyEverWhitmore.


No Tweet results for #HappilyEverWhitmore

Our very Best Wishes to the happy couple and all their family. Chat, I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!

@7: Give it till 1 pm and try it again. I’ll mention it to my daughter when I get there,

Congratulations!!! And Mazel Tov!

Congratulations Samantha, Matt and Chatblu!

How lovely. Congratulations to Samantha and Matt.

Chat, hope you all had a lovely wedding!

btw, I looked at the Treetops Ballroom and it is so beautiful. Nice venue. Is that in Miami? I was in Miami for a night a couple of weeks ago. This will crack you guys up, if you think back to our measles vaccine thread, but our favorite thing in Miami was the new Whole Foods downtown. It was HUGE! And had so much more stuff than I can get here. Also the people were really nice. We spent an hour there walking around and bought some stuff we could take on the plane. Then hubs went back the next morning to get more stuff, and an employee approached him and said, “weren’t you here last night?” Hubs said yes, and then the guy said, “oh yeah, I thought so, you’re the guy from L.A., right?” Ah, it was great! I wish I got to Florida more often!

In case you guys didn’t see this… truly funny. Our gov slams Ted Cruz:

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