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Does Heather Mac Donald believe blacks need to whiten up their acts?

Posted on: March 18, 2015

A very interesting read and post from Bob Mann’s blog. Enjoy the read!

Something Like the Truth


By Robert Mann

What should we do about the alarming trend of unwed mothers in the United States? Don’t ask Heather Mac Donald, a lawyer/journalist who writes for New York’s City Journal. Despite devoting much of her career to decrying a problem that she argues is the chief reason for crime in the United States, she’s really has nothing.

Mac Donald spoke Tuesday afternoon and evening at Louisiana State University, programs jointly sponsored by the Manhattan Institute (where Mac Donald is a resident fellow) and the LSU Department of Political Science. I moderated a discussion with Mac Donald at LSU’s Journalism Building on Tuesday afternoon.

I didn’t record Mac Donald’s talk, but she essentially gave her audience a distilled version of what she’s been writing for years, beginning with her 2003 book, Are Cops Racist, an apologia for beleaguered police officers who, Mac Donald argues, are the people…

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6 Responses to "Does Heather Mac Donald believe blacks need to whiten up their acts?"

This was a great read y’all, so check it out when you have the chance.

So how broke is Louisiana after 7+ years of Bobby Jindal? The state is sooooo broke the Sec’y of State says he can’t hold a
presidential preference primary because Jindal didn’t include it in the budget!

Oh wow, she is nuts! But don’t call her racist! Just because everything she says is racist, don’t assume she is one. That would be rude.

DYB@3 Oh I agree and think she’s a few bricks shy of a load there. And I’m sure that Bob, as the moderator at the host university had to bite his tongue quite a few times.

More snow for New Yawk? 😯

Interesting…take a tour through the last home that Tennessee Williams owned in Nola.

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