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Activist Monday: Those Who Live in Glass Houses…

Posted on: March 16, 2015

Good Monday, all! I have not weighed in on the Clinton email “scandal” because, in my mind, it’s a typical smear campaign started by that time-honored Clinton-hating outlet, the New York Times (I stopped subscribing when they started running daily stories about Whitewater, and even I could see there was no “there” there). I am sorry Hillary was forced to weigh in on it, and wonder once again why she would want the job of President, knowing the multiple attacks and humiliations she’ll have to suffer just to get there…never mind what will happen when she actually wins!

And win she will, especially if this bozo is the best the Republicans can do. Just because he’s at the head of the idiot parade, doesn’t make Jeb Bush a leader.

Jeb Bush used his private e-mail account as Florida governor to discuss security and military issues such as troop deployments to the Middle East and the protection of nuclear plants, according to a review of publicly released records.

Well, surely he can’t have criticized Hillary for doing the same thing he did. No politico running for President would make such an obvious blunder.

Bush is actively considering a run for president and has sharply criticized likely Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton for her use of a private e-mail account when she served as secretary of state. He called it “baffling” that Clinton didn’t consider the potential security risks of discussing diplomatic and national security issues by using an e-mail account not tied to a government server.An unknown number of the e-mails housed on Bush’s server were redacted or withheld from public release because they contained sensitive security issues, Bush representatives have said. Communications director Tim Miller said general policy was for Bush to discuss sensitive National Guard issues in person with only occasional briefings by e-mail that “wouldn’t contain information that should not be in the public domain.”

Of course, of course. I trust him, don’t you? Never mind that he took the server with him when he left office. He turned over 50% of the emails…eventually. Now that’s transparency, baby! And encryption from 2001 – 2007 was just as sophisticated as it is now. (wink wink)

What is interesting about this story is that there is actual meat to it. Unlike the original NY Times article, which actually used the words “may have” in the title (a sure cue that it is a story of the “It would be irresponsible not to speculate” variety), the texts of some of the emails in question are included. Here is one exchange from der Jebinator.

In November 2001, Bush and an aide to then-Lt. Gov. Frank Brogan exchanged messages about the deployment of National Guard troops to a nuclear power plant in Crystal River, Fla. The aide wrote Bush that a state lawmaker had called to say she thought “it is imperative that the Crystal River nuclear facility have National Guard security.”

Bush wrote back: “Florida power does not want it. We are reducing or getting rid of guard protection in the other plants.”

Aides to Bush argue that the nuclear plant discussions were innocuous and mostly public anyway. After the 9/11 attacks, the International Atomic Energy Agency had warned that terrorists might try to attack nuclear power plants.

Yes, so of course it is “innocuous” that Jeb’s email detailing where the National Guard would and wouldn’t be was on a private server that could have been easily hacked! Oh wait…

More and more Presidential wannabes seem to be coming out with admissions that they, too, have used private email accounts (even Gmail! goodness – talk about insecure) to conduct public business.

Perry and Jindal have used private e-mail for government business, according to the Associated Press. Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley (D) — who is also weighing a presidential bid — said last week that he used a private Gmail account as governor to communicate with aides and Cabinet officials.

Now, it’s clear at this point, in spite of the irresponsible insinuations of the New York Times, that when Hillary used a private email account for government business, it was neither illegal, nor against the rules. Does it show bad judgment? Perhaps – I honestly don’t know. Perhaps she was thinking of WikiLeaks. My point is, either it was bad judgment to do this, or it wasn’t. If it was bad judgment, then no one should have done it, including Hillary, and shame on her…and all the others in glass houses who are running for President. (Sorry, boys.) If it wasn’t bad judgment, then what in heaven’s name is all the fuss about?!

I’ll tell you what all the fuss is about – it’s the same old story. The Powers That Be do NOT want Hillary Clinton in office. And that makes me root for her even more.

Here’s what we should have been talking about last week. This is an open thread.


41 Responses to "Activist Monday: Those Who Live in Glass Houses…"

Great post, and adorable little Scottish Fold kitty. Mine all say “hi” to their kith!

Brilliantly said, MB. Agree with you 100%. I get so tired of all this nonsense they are always throwing at her. I have learned to not let it get to me, as I did back in 07-08. Especially will have to when she runs.

chat, are you all excited and ready for your big event?

Thanks, ladies! Chat, glad your kitties are waving hello. I lucked out finding that pic!

@3: Hyperventilating and far from the finish line.

The Times’s public editor has weighed in too and said the original report was not without inaccuracies. Like the ones in the headline. I mean, you’d think somebody at the Times would have checked some of the most basic facts of law because putting it on the front page in bold letters. But they knew what they were doing. You can’t unring a bell.

But madamab, Jake Tapper of CNN keeps calling it Clinton’s email debacle, so, natch there must be something there, right? Right?
You’re exactly right, a lot of powerful people do not want another Clinton in the White House, and they especially don’t want Hillary.

Okay, personal opinion only here but Hillary’s excuse of “carrying two devices” or whatever was lame. I’m willing to bet her Blackberry could have been configured in a secure manner for both email accounts.

That being said, I’m not that concerned about it. I”ll give her the benefit of a doubt that anything really secret, she would discuss over her secured phone.

And we know now that State’s unclassified email system apparently had some issues:

So I have to wonder how secure their classified system is/was.

And besides, doesn’t the NSA have copies of everything at their data center in Utah? 😆

Believe it or not, Rachel Maddow confirmed that, until recently, it was one account per phone. She also said that this whole thing was lame. Go figure.

Well I just don’t know what to do. How am I to resolve the Jake vs. Rachel cognitive dissonance?! Somebody tell me what to think!!!

MoDo will. I figure that if Fox news, Jake Tapper and MoDo all hate Hillary, she’s gotta be great. Rachel is just an outlier, I guess.

Have you ever googled “cold sores” or “STDs” and then gone to a returned site? Congratulations! You’ve just shared your query results with any number of 3rd party folks!

Oh my, The Rude Pundit takes on little Senator Tom Cotton from Arky with his letter to Iran and his appearance on Face The Nation.

Oh my…you cannot tell me there isn’t a god or goddess. This is just karma for my clueless governor.

Gov. Jindal’s Affordable Care Act talk derailed by gas leak


Well, it looks like Bibi survived the election.

Ugh, Bibi. He just won’t go away.

@16: Nope. Like a Timex watch or the Energizer Bunny. 😯

HuffPo says too close to call:

Anybody know what “hanging chad” is in Hebrew?

I admit to wondering if this Israeli election is being held on e-voting machines owned by Likud backers…

I stand corrected. Just grabbed that from Skooks’ twitter feed & quickly scanned the TPM piece.

Does Israel have an equivalent to Palm Beach County? 😉

From Josh:

But it’s not necessarily as clear cut as it might seem. The overwhelming consensus has been that a tie or even a close second amounts to a win for Netanyahu, with him getting the first opportunity to form a government. That is still the best bet. But the over-performance of both major parties means a lot of assumptions go out the door. If both major parties end up at say 28 seats, that means they have a good ten seats that we had been assuming would go to other parties. Just who lost them will be critical.

Interesting info that kinda fits in with activist posts.

@20: Parts of PBC are equivalent to Israel…..

@24: I didn’t mean that way. I meant in how they conduct their elections and obtain their results.

Officials said they found Robert Durst at the J.W. Marriott on Canal Street with a .38 Smith and Wesson and 5 oz. of weed. Kinda looks like he may have kept some of the weed and sampled some before heading to court.

He may need all the weed he can get, in that case.

@27: Against his lawyers’ wishes, they are moving him to a state prison at St. Gabriel from Orleans Parish Prison. It’s probably a smart move since the sheriff has trouble keeping inmates alive.

@29: Well I couldn’t read all of it and wasn’t going to deal with the pay wall but what was there was, uh, interesting.

The coalition government in Israel leads to some interesting problems and solutions. I read in the Washington Post that the Arab coalition is supposed to increase its numbers, along with Tzi Livni’s and Bibi’s Parties. Apparently turnouts and passions have been high.

My guess is that what needs to be resolved is actually the question of the “camps.” I can’t see any Israeli PM allowing a very large number of hostile people, governed by Hamas, to enter Israel. This would quite literally be a suicidal move.

What to do.with a million pissed-off, disenfranchised Arabs? I still say there is plenty of room in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Jordan. They should be resettled in homes, and Israel should help foot the bill for political purposes.

A quick reaction from your resident shicksa:
A two state solution appears to be impossible at this juncture. I agree that resettlement would be ideal, and that compensation (especially for any lost property) would be necessary, if eminent-domainish. The remaining question is if these folks would view it as resettlement or expulsion, and therein lies the rub.
This sounds like an impending disaster coming in governance of any form. The US may actually manage to look better by comparison, and that’s scary
I am alarmed that yet another robust democracy is permitting itself to be bullied by the politics of panic and fear. Even more so, I fear that Netanyahu’s tactics will continue to cause badly-needed support for Israel to erode across the globe, just at the point when it is needed so desperately.
This is the very definition of “one hot mess”.

I was glad to see that this douchebag resigned, but he still qualifies for a pension?!?! Also, why on earth would any gay person be republican? i will never understand that.

The Log Cabin Republicans have never successfully explained it.

Chat, exactly. Its so crazy.

annie@33: Well he has time in the Federal Service (somewhat like regular Federal employees) and if like other fed employees, contributes a certain amount toward that pension. As the article mentioned, he could have elected to participate in that 401k which is called the Thrift Savings Plan.

I don’t care as much about the pension as I do this:

His resignation will abruptly end ongoing congressional ethics investigations into his activities, although federal prosecutors could conceivably pursue the matter.

Don’t count on prosecutors doing anything. See quid pro quo

He swears he’s not gay. Uh-huh.


@me: He’s also in hot water for taking his personal boyfriend uh photographer on a trip to India
and I think having the govt. cover the cost.

The photographer:

Fredster – My gaydar is pinging LOUDLY. OMG!

In “Blinded by the Right,” David Brock (who later came out and became the head of Media explained that it is kind of awesome to be a gay Republican, if you want support for staying in the closet. You can still hang out with other LGBT, and never have to admit you practice the Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name. Of course, once you come out, you’re out of the He-Man Gay Haters Club, and you can no longer be in that special inner circle with all those wonderful men like Lindsey Graham and Karl Rove…

@mb: LOL! And so was mine! And seriously, he put him on his staff as his photographer. 😯 I have never heard of a representative having his own personal photographer and having the taxpayers pay for them.

Are you saying he won’t be investigated or prosecuted by anyone? That really stinks. And I agree, way worse than his pension. Everyone knows he gay, even I knew it!

annie, he won’t be investigated by the House Ethics Committee because he’s no longer a member of the House. I saw something that said it’s possible that federal prosecutors could take a look at it, but the way the article read it was sorta like yeah, sure.

As for “teh gay”, I feel like MB does. Now he may be like Saul and have a revelation or something on the road to Damascus and realize “Oh that’s why I haven’t dated women! Otay!” LOL!!

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