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(Anything But) Lazy Weekend Music: Busy, Busy, Busy

Posted on: March 14, 2015

Good Saturday, Widdershins.  With only one week to go until the granddaughter’s wedding, life here at the bungalow is pretty frantic.  I’ve been in a favor frenzy, trying a few small projects of my own while attempting to keep my daughter from ending it all by frying herself on one of her many keyboards.  I have a pile of legal pads and sticky notes, she has multiple lists going on Outlook, many of which keep sailing into my inbox.  I dutifully make some notes on my yellow legal pad, and go back to my favor making chore.

I need some inspiration, so this weekend’s theme is music for the busy person.  Help me out here by posting your favorites, or any other discussion calculated to keep me from tossing legal pads at the wall.

One more week.  Just one more week.  Onemoreweek,onemoreweek,onemoreweek…………..

(1) Pressure – Billy Joel

(2) Under Pressure – Queen

(3) Freak Out (Le Freak) – Chic

(4) Super Freak – Rick James

(5) Running on Empty – Jackson Brown


27 Responses to "(Anything But) Lazy Weekend Music: Busy, Busy, Busy"

Tough category. Even der google isn’t helping much.

I think that’s the best I can do for now.


chat, I am so jealous! I hope I get to have a grandkid someday. Laker says he isn’t having kids. I’m sure the wedding will be lovely!

@6: Thanks, Annie. Everyone’s invited – we are opening up a twitter account and posting pictures. Feel free to send along good wishes.

Well somebody has to work to pay those wedding bills!

In a similar manner…

For all the running around y’all are probably doing chat.

Y’all may be ready for this.

I’m posting music for relaxation!

@DYB: Those work too!!

Thanks, D. Perhaps a wee break wouldn’t hurt,

Hey y’all…I got an email from Fuzzy. He has just been incredibly busy, has a new computer with, I think Windows 8, which is driving him nuts, and also, there are city elections going on and he works for the city so you can figure that one out!

He said he’ll be back when he’s able to get some breathing room. LOL!

Chat – good luck! I’m with DYB…

Okay, y’all want relaxed, here ya go:

Naturally whenever I hear this I mentally visualize the scene from All About Eve.

Those are all great Fredster!

Thanks D! I especially liked your choice at 15.

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