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It’s the Oscars! Time For a New Drinking Game

Posted on: February 22, 2015

Good Sunday, Widdershins,  The Academy Awards presentations will begin shortly, and the red carpet if flush (pun intended) with beautifully dressed Hollywood royalty.  There are some interesting nominees this year, but as usual, basically of the white and male ilk.  (I have to wonder how they manage nominees for Best Actress categories.  It must be painful.)  Anyhow, what better time for a drinking game then how? I must confess that this is not original.  I am not sufficiently savvy about the culture to do a decent job, so I will reprint the one from Cloture Club.  Should you wish to add to or amend the rules, feel free to do so.  And, as always, please drink responsibly.

– Drink 1 whenever host Neil Patrick Harris breaks into song. – Tap your glass and drink one to J.K. Simmons’ tempo if he wins for WHIPLASH. – Drink for as long as the music plays a winner off the stage – Yell Hack the Planet and Drink 2 if the Sony leak or “hacking” is mentioned. – Be the dominant. Make someone submit to taking a drink if Fifty Shades of Grey is mentioned. – Don’t drink… anything… if someone makes a joke about Bill Cosby. – Drink 1 and squawk if Birdman wins any award. – Drink if the much-deserved frontrunner, Patricia Arquette, pulls out a prepared speech. Finish your drink if she surprises everyone and speaks off the top of her head. – Nurse your beer if the fake baby from American Sniper gets a shoutout. – Each time you hear the theme song for Boyhood, take a drink for every year that elapsed during filming. (Hint: it took 11 years to finish the film).

This is an otherwise open thread.


10 Responses to "It’s the Oscars! Time For a New Drinking Game"

Oh Lordy, I’m not going to watch those silly things, however for y’all that do, have fun!

Either no one is watching, or everyone is on the wagon.

Not watching, not on the wagon. The last movie I saw was Chicken Run. I’ve barely, vaguely heard of some of the female actors. The male actors are all indistinguishable gormless clones. The reason I know even that much is that I live near LA and check the LATimes now and again.

The thing I get the biggest kick out of is that it never rains here, we’re in a megadrought, but it did rain on the Oscars. Bwahahaha.

(I guess I’m not not a very nice person.)

We’re loving the rain. The hills around us are so green, and the air is so fresh.

Hubbie is clicking back and forth first from 60 Min to Oscars, now Lakers game to Oscars. We’re not real interested in any of the movies this year (we did see Imitation Game & Hotel Grand Budapest). Laker really likes Cumberbatch as an actor.

quixote, Chicken Run was years ago! I remember taking laker and a buddy when they were quite little. I fell asleep during it.

socalannie, you didn’t! (Although if you had a little kid running you ragged, maybe it wasn’t the movie’s fault.) Yeah. It was around the year 2000. What can I say?

Yeah, laker was 6 then. So, you really haven’t gone to a movie in 15 years? I only go 2 or 3 times per year myself, and maybe watch half a dozen per year at home, so I’m not a real movie hound either.

Birdman. Hunh,

Yeah, looked like a boring lot this year.

I caught the tale end of it because i was waiting for the news & weather to come on.

Shouldn’t have been such a grouch about it but I had installed a new version of Weatherbug on the computer and the damned thing didn’t work right…it wold just hang up and I’d have to force stop it. So I uninstalled that p.o.s. and then had to roll back the computer to the last restore session and that put the previous version of the bug back on there. It also removed all my MS updates so then those had to be reinstalled too. Grrrrrrr! 👿

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