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Activist Monday: Dear Hillary Clinton…

Posted on: February 16, 2015

Good Monday, Widdershins! I hope you had a great weekend.57561bfbc898a20f6b_agm6bnzik

Recently, I saw a post about Hillary’s potential 2016 campaign that got me thinking about what’s ahead for her as she starts ramping up for her run. The Republicans she will run against are a freaking joke…none of them have a shot. What she will have to deal with is, once again, the rampant misogyny of the media. Thanks in part to the outraged voices of feminists in 2008, and the various organizations that grew out of that outrage (the Women’s Media Center being one), the misogyny is more hidden today. (I doubt Chris Matthews will be given the same leeway this time around…) But that doesn’t mean it won’t exist.

If I were someone who were sufficiently connected to give advice to the woman who, barring unforeseen circumstances, is poised to be our first female President, I think it would be something like this: Embrace who you are. Everyone is going to tell you that you failed in 2008 because you weren’t a compelling candidate, your campaign sucked, blah blah blah. For example:

And Clinton looked ungracious, at best, when former president Bill Clinton compared Obama’s South Carolina primary victory to that of Jesse Jackson, the African-American candidate who won the state in the 1980s….

This, to me, is misogynistic cr*p. You looked ungracious when your husband, known for many years as the “first Black President,” said something the media pretended was r*cist? But no one thought Obama was ungracious when he himself…well, did anything! Brushed you off his shoulder, asked women journalists whether they wanted a kiss…etc. etc.

Can you improve your campaign tactics? Sure, absolutely. But should you try to become more “likeable” (whatever that means) or change your image? No! Just be yourself, and play to your strengths. Like this:

Since she left the State Department, Clinton has spoken on all kinds of issues, from clean cook stoves to data collection to endangered elephants. But McIntosh says there’s an underlying theme that’s the right one for 2016: “There’s not a public speech that goes by … where she doesn’t talk about how we move forward by improving the lives of women and families. She should keep talking about that,” McIntosh says.

In my mind, you should go after women’s (and men’s) votes by being the woman you are, and always have been: the one who, in 1995, dared to go to China and say “Women’s rights are human rights.” Never run from that, no matter how the media might slam you for it.

Another good point from the article linked above, is that the Clinton brand still means a booming economy to many of us.  Despite the strength of the stock market, most Americans are not seeing the benefits that the top .001% are enjoying.

Voters want to know “how Americans can make sure they — and, in particular, their kids — will get a fair shake in getting their piece of the economic pie,” Lehane says. “Whoever offers the most compelling big idea that gets at this issue will win the voters’ trust.”

I would love to hear more about what we can do to fix the fact that the cost of private colleges is completely out of control, putting a quality college education out of reach for far too many.

Finally, I would talk about the environment. We have had zero leadership on this issue from Obama, and you spoke of innovations like light rail and a smart grid even as New York Senator. Let’s hear about that again – these big projects create much-needed jobs. Channel your heroine, Eleanor Roosevelt, and speak your mind. As that former First Lady would say, “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

This is an open thread.


13 Responses to "Activist Monday: Dear Hillary Clinton…"

Brava, MB! If I hear one more smarmy male journalist snicker about “Is she reaaaaallllly running or what?”, I shall scream.

And I’m tired of useless articles like this one. That writer knows better than anyone that Ready for Hillary is not officially tied to HRC. And he further knows that no way in hell is she announcing this early. Sure, I get tired of the Ready for Hillary emails asking me to donate $20.16 to them. If I want to read the email from them I will. Plenty of times I just delete the damned things. When she announces I’ll be happy to donate what I can to her campaign. Until then, I’ll read (or not) the emails from Ready and take them with a grain of salt.

I definitely would like for her to speak on things like light rail and maybe the idea (again) of bullet trains. I read an article last night about how many cities in Europe have direct links from their major cities to their airports. We could definitely use something like that here. Of course she’d have go get it past Congress and that’s something we need to work on for 2016 also. But at the rate the Repubs are handling being charge that may be easier than we think. LOL!

The Madrid-Barajas Airport in Spain took the top ranking, with travel time of 16 minutes from the nearest downtown district or transit hub, direct access by rail and travel costs under $2.50, according to the ranking.

Oh! Got an email from Prolix and he is under the weather…to put it mildly. Plus, he said it looked like they would get 14″-16″ of snow where he is so he might not be with us for a few days.

Hope you’re feeling better soon Prolix!

@5: Absolutely. Take care, Prolix.

RIP, Lesley Gore.

Poor Prolix. I hope the weather eases up for all of you.

Lovely post, MB, agree with all of it.

It’s cold here and gonna get colder. Lows one night down to 10s. 😯

I’ve been streaming the Mardi Gras parades from nola a lot of the day. Great fun to watch. But this is the for-the-most-part untold portion of it.

I would really like to purchase this DVD but they want too much for it.

omg. I hope you have good heating and plenty of food and drink.

Fredster, I watched your vid link. Most interesting. The strict traditions and the secrecy kind of reminded me of the Masons (my Dad was one).

annie@11: That’s a good analogy and from what I understand it’s amazing how much their businesses are intertwined also, by which I mean the people from one organization with others in other organizations. And it all the same ole familiar names of Nola society going back to the 1800s.

I have my groceries, tea, soda and coffee, all the things I need so I don’t have to get out in that shite!

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