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Lazy Weekend Music: Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted on: February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day, Widdershins!   This weekend will feature two separate posts – today’s and one for tomorrow commemorating forty years of SNL.   I could not make up my mind between the two, so we’ll do both.


Today is the day for flowers and chocolate, or not so much.  Whether there is anyone in the picture or not, the concept of love deserves some attention and respect.  The scientist in me knows well that the feeling is a rush of chemicals hitting various receptors of the brain a self-induced high of sorts.  The residual romantic in me knows that the stimulus for the aforementioned process is a warm and fuzzy thing.

So, let’s pay tribute to loves past and present with songs with “love” in the title.  Any tune, any era, any genre is fair game.  Mine are listed below, so please post yours plus any commentary that suits your fancy in this otherwise open thread.

Love ya, Widdershins!

(1) Higher Love – Steve Winwood

(2) I Love How You Love Me – The Paris Sisters

(3) How Deep Is Your Love? – The BeeGees

(4) I Can’t Stop Loving You – Ray Charles

(5) Your Love – The Outfield

For good love that’s just so bad:

(6) Love Is a Battlefield – Pat Benatar


24 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Happy Valentine’s Day"

Some Connie Francis

Okay, someone else’s turn.

Take it back: one more.

Oh hell…I hate this crap! And right now it’s 60 °


I have stuff for sandwiches, sodas, tea and the rest. What will be bad is if we get the ice nonsense. (sigh) as long as the power stays on.

Fredster, hope you are warm, safe and have enough provisions. Here is an interesting article about Katrina and NBC:

chat, very cute videos.

annie@12: Yep, I should be okay. I hate it sounds like I’m kvetching, but we’re really not set up well to handle frozen precip. here in the south. I was just reading a weather guy’s blog entry from 8 o’clock last night and he said in my area we could have a coating of .3 in. of ice. Well that will be enough to shut things down as far as the roads are concerned. They don’t use salt on the roads here, just sand and they wouldn’t have enough to cover all the roads.

I will check out the article you put up. Harry Shearer has been a great booster for the city. He has a house/condo or something there but don’t think he lives there full time and I’m not sure when he moved there.

I like Shearer, he often does some funny stuff. I gathered he had some connection to NO.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What may actually be my favorite Madonna song:

Although this is a close second:

{{{DYB!}}} Thanks for the additions.

Sophie B. Hawkins’ cover of Dylan’s “I Want You”

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