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The Nationwide excuse…

Posted on: February 4, 2015

I was going to post today, but come to find out, I died as a boy ala the Nationwide insurance ad during the Super Bowl. My accident had something to do with a high dive into the commode tank after having watched Acapulco cliff diving on ABC’s Wide World of Sports.

Just like a prose version of the Sixth Sense these are ramblings from the other side without the benefit of Haley Joel Band AideOsment’s cuteness.

Over the weekend, Frank Bruni wrote an insightful essay, The Vaccine Lunacy. He dissected the vaccine idiocy originally emanating from the scientific maven Jenny McCarthy on her way to her more recent health conscious occupation of being a vaping spokes-vixen for e-cigs. He quotes statistics of 57 percent of the children at a Beverly Hills preschool and of 68 percent at one in Santa Monica filing personal-belief exemptions from having their kids vaccinated.

The question he poses is this:

You can be so privileged that you’re underprivileged, so blessed with choices that you choose to be a fool, so “informed” that you’re misinformed.

These “over informed fools” square the circle of political philosophies — from the “matching black helicopter and pajamas” crowd to the “granola-loving, Prius-driving, having had work done, beautiful people” crowd.

A few months back I heard some public health expert say if you wanted to track the lack of vaccinations, you need look no further than a map of Whole Foods stores.

Initially at the dawn of the internet age, everyone and their dog were touting the world-changing benefits of greater world-wide access to information. Somehow it hasn’t quite worked out that way.

It seems we overlooked the propensity of humankind to live fancifully in the grandeur of days past. Whether that weakness is playing out with those withholding vaccinations or those employing 12th century barbarism in order to immolate a human, the real lesson is that technology will never be an effective barometer for civilization’s progress. The only effective gauge of our progress is a rather old-fashioned one — how we treat one another.

Hopefully I’ll be feeling better tomorrow and will be able to post something more substantial, but until then, take the conversation in any direction you might like.


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Oh, I have so much to say about this, but I’m out for the evening., Will vent late tonite or early tomorrow. Till then –

Chat, I thought you would have words of wisdom on this. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Oh my….I was an Army brat so if there was a shot to be given to a kid I was going to get one. We didn’t have the MMR or things like that but whatever was there, I got. I’m still here, so what can I say?

Oh my…The Rude Pundit had a thing or two to say about vaccinations and naturally he was sorta rude about it.

Here’s the deal: Preventable diseases are just that – preventable. The only comment that I would make is that I’m not a fan of “bundling” immunizations – I think that a somewhat slower schedule is in order. When I was a kid, you got diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus. I am old enough to remember polio epidemics before the Salk and later the Sabin vaccines came about, People stood in long lines to get the vaccine, because they personally knew kids who ended up in iron lungs, and if they were lucky enough to survive, required leg braces and crutches to walk for the rest of their lives. These damned diseases kill people. The we got mumps, measles and rubella vaccines. Mumps can leave diabetes behind due to pancreatic damage, Males can acquire testicular involvement during the disease. Measles seems rather trivial until you have seen a case of measles encephalitis, which can cause death in 12-24 hours. Not much we can do about it.
Yes, there are some vaccine reactions, but they occur at a much lower rate than the disease itself. Hell, if I had my way we would still be vaccinating against smallpox. It’s said to be eradicated world wide, but as long as so much as one culture survives in a lab, it isn’t really gone. Measles was thought to be eradicated, as well as pertussis, because of “herd immunity”. In other words, so many of us were immunized that a few cases here and there were unimportant. No longer the case, and the herd will now thin out accordingly.
Oddly, anti-vaccine viewpoints are jointly shared by black helicopter conservatives and latte swilling liberals alike, albeit for different reasons. It used to be handled because you could not enter your child in school without immunizations, but we now have exemptions for reasons both religious and conscience. I accept neither. Jehovah’s Witnesses are anti-vaccine, but we routinely obtain court orders for treatment, operative procedures, and blood administration for JW kids. As far as conscience goes, give me a break. I cannot take my dogs to a groomer or a dog park without proof of immunizations, so why should you take your unimmunized child to a store or a theater and put the rest of us at risk? Can we force the issue? Yes.
SCOTUS decided in 1905 (Jacobson v. Mass.) that the state has the right to assert police power over its citizens in the matter of public health.
So what’s next? Shall we allow tuberculars to roam the streets unmedicated? People with hepatitis to operate food trucks? Don’t get me started.

chat said: As far as conscience goes, give me a break. I cannot take my dogs to a groomer or a dog park without proof of immunizations, so why should you take your unimmunized child to a store or a theater and put the rest of us at risk?

Excellent point.

Yes, there are some vaccine reactions, but they occur at a much lower rate than the disease itself.

And if parents are that concerned about complications/reactions, there is this:

The law was passed in 1988. If it needs to be tweaked or modified then do so.

Great post, Prolix. Fredster – thank you! I really must read the Rude Pundit more often. I love this quote (I asterisked out the swear words, LOL):

Refusing to get your children immunized against measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, whooping cough, hepatitis, diphtheria, f*ckin’ polio, and other nasty sh*t is one of the great expressions of bourgeois decadence in the latter days of this dying empire. It is a ludicrous convergence of voodoo-like pseudoscience, worship of individuality, and selfish helicopter parenting.

MB: I find myself sometimes laughing hysterically at Rude Pundit. Can’t say he doesn’t speak his mind. LOL!!

@5 Amen Chat — 100% agree with each and every point.

{Huge Sigh} Well, I will start my comment on this subject with the good news! Lakerwade got his Drivers License a couple of weeks ago and is now happily driving himself to music school and friends houses and college! Lakerwade is 20 years old. Why did it take Lakerwade an extra 4 years to get his drivers license? Because, against my better judgement, due to the knowledge of my son and his previous horrible history with vaccines, I was bullied by my previously charming woman doctor and woman nurse into allowing him to receive the chicken pox vaccine. The fact that lakerwade got measles and rubella from his two MMR vaccines, and whooping cough a week after his DTP shot as a baby, and my own emergency room history with vaccines, these women were unswayed in their righteous zeal that lakerwade must have the chicken pox vaccine because…well, I don’t remember why. I just remember the past four years of my previously bright and hyper child being dramatically slowed down from the m&*&f^%ing seizure meds he has been taking which has hugely affected his life in a very negative way, and am still living in fear of him one day having another massive grand mal seizure, or even the little jerking ones he had half an hour after the freaking vaccine.

Am I against vaccines? No, I’m not, and I actually appreciate people getting vaccinated, and helping to keep these diseases at bay. I agree with Chat’s comment about spacing them out more. In fact, I insisted on that for Lakerwade…some motherly instinct made me realize that I shouldn’t bombard my baby with all those shots at once. I also insisted on him receiving the Salk “dead” polio vaccine instead of the “live” one. For this, I was mocked by the pediatrician and nurse and informed I would have to pay $40 extra for the shot, which was fine with me. I had read in several reports that the only causes of polio in North America were from the “live” vaccine, and that there hadn’t been a case of natural polio in about 20 years (from that time). Interestingly, the CDC apparently got around to noticing this and in the year 2000, they stopped the “live” vaccine altogether and went back to the “dead” one.

Yes, a lot of people choose to not vaccinate, probably because they’re scared because they know someone whose kid has been rushed to the ER after a bad vaccine reaction. It happens a LOT. Most of us do not even bother wasting time trying to get a settlement from the government fund, because they pay next to nothing and take f o r e v e r to settle the claims. This GAO report says they are still working on cases from 1999!

So now we have 128 reported cases of measles in a country of over 300 million, and the media is in a frothing-at-the-mouth frenzy. And its all the fault of those damned “anti-vaxers”! I see that on whatever channel I have looked at, whatever website I have clicked on this week, this screeching diatribe against people who are cautious about vaccinating their kids. Yes…it’s all our fault! We caused the measles outbreak, in fact, we seem to cause every outbreak of every disease, even if we’ve haven’t had the disease or been near any of the people who had it. The more likely scenario, that the disease was carried in from another country, is never mentioned. Its just pile on parents who either are vaccinating slowly or haven’t vaccinated at all. Yep, all our fault. Even Jon Stewart, one of my heroes, jumped on the bandwagon. Sheer hysteria over 128 cases of measles. Does no one else see this as manipulation by government and drug companies? To create a panic so people will rush to their doctor or pharmacy and load up on vaccines? Every time I walk into my local drug store, my eyes are bombarded by sighs that inform me that 1 out of EVERY 3 adults will get shingles so we all better hurry up and get the shingles vaccine. (I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole after what happened to my kid). I know a lot of people, I couldn’t begin to number how many adults I know, but we are very busy, very social, and rather popular people, and I honestly do not know of 3 adults of my whole acquaintance who have gotten shingles. I know of 2, out of the hundreds of friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, work mates, etc. Corporations lie. All they care about is their bloody bottom line. I totally think the vaccine mfgs are behind this latest insane campaign. I recently read that “cancer is the biggest money-making industry in America”. In Europe, many people are being cured of supposedly uncurable cancers by “alternative medicine” treatments that are scoffed at here. I have done a ton of research on this subject lately because of my terminally ill sister in law.

So, while I think vaccines are a good thing, I think they should be dosed on an individual basis, not the horrible one size fits all program that they have going now, better for the drug companies, easier for them and they make more $. And I would really freaking appreciate it, if my doctor and her nurse would quit trying to badger lakerwade to get MORE vaccines!?!? Yes, they do. Apparently, having his young life wrecked by their previous administering of a vaccine doesn’t qualify him in their eyes to be considered to be on the list of those who shouldn’t get them. It would also be really nice if the media acknowledged that many people have compromised immune systems and should be careful or be excused by the rest of angry society from getting them.

Some final points:

I think the law that was passed that says that parents cannot sue drug companies over bad vaccines should be repealed. When laker got his DTP shot, a bunch of other kids in the same county all came down with whooping cough. The vaccine was fucked up. I knew several of the parents of the affected kids and none of us got anything from the government or drug company that mfg the tainted vaccine.

In reference to above point, I think the vaccine mfgs should have to test each and every batch. They don’t have to now. And I’m sure they don’t, since they can’t be sued.

One of my best friends here in town, her husband works for Baxter. They make vaccines. He is a scientist and a top exec for them. They have a child with autism. Ok, get ready for your heads to explode. They both believe that their child became autistic after his last round of vaccines. These are highly educated people. They say what so many other parents of autistic kids have said. That after the vaccines, their child literally turned into another person and was never the same. Laker takes physical therapy with 4 boys with autism, and all of the parents say the same thing. No one knows a child like its parents. I don’t know how people can mock these poor parents, when there are SO MANY of them that say the same thing. btw, my friends are not against vaccines, but have the same opinion of them that I have above. He still works for Baxter. They all get flu shots every year.

No less than 3 of my nieces had to make late night trips to the ER after having horrible reactions to the MMR vaccine. Laker came down with the measles and rubella after the shots. (He never had mumps) My mother had to take me to the ER several times after vaccines. She warned me to be very careful with vaccinating lakerwade, because my family has had many bad reactions over the years and generations. My mother was a NURSE at a VETERAN’S HOSPITAL during Viet Nam.

Jehovah’s Witnesses absolutely, positively recommend vaccines for their people. I knew they did, but I checked earlier tonight with my JW neighbor and my JW aunt. All of their kids are fully vaccinated, and they both said their magazines periodically come out with an article about the benefits of vaccines. My aunt said she heard they were against them decades ago, but had been for them for long before she joined them, in the 70s. She said a lot of people, including some JWs are misinformed about this point.

I get the flu shot, and am vaccinated up to date, but only for the diseases I have not had. I am still badgered and harangued by the nurses at Kaiser to get more vaccines for diseases I already had. Kaiser drives me nuts on their vaccine pushing. They even urge me to get my boosters years before they are due. I think this country has gone vaccine-insane, and am sick of having it flung in my face nonstop, with never any reasonable dialogue about the dangers to many children, and the need for reform for legal redress for bad vaccines.

One of the most horrible things a parent can go through is watching your child suffer, and almost die, from a vaccine, You cannot imagine the horror and guilt, unless you have been through it yourself.

And thats my take. Settle down America.

From the GAO link above. If people want to vaccine-shame, they should all know these facts:

“Vaccines save lives by preventing disease in the people who receive them. In some instances, however, a vaccine can have severe side effects, including death or an injury requiring lifetime medical care. VICP provides compensation to people for injuries and deaths associated with certain vaccines for medical and other costs. The program includes an injury table that lists the injuries that are presumed to be caused by vaccines covered by the program. The program may also compensate individuals for injuries not on the table; however, in those cases causation is not presumed. In both cases, medical and other records are required. VICP pays claims from a trust fund. Since the program began in 1988, it has awarded more than $2.8 billion in compensation.”

2.8 billion in compensation since 1988. And that’s after fighting it for years. Wow.

Annie, there are indeed severe reactions, and I know it may sound cold when you read my statement that these reactions are fewer than the damage done by contagious disease. Prior to the advent of routine immunization, it was common to lose half the children in a family during an outbreak. Some epidemics were near slate-wipers. Any child with a pre-existing condition needs to be appropriately screened with risk and benefit in mind, but in a world with decent herd immunity, children like your Laker would be perfectly safe with a severely restricted schedule.
My peds experience is few and far between, but I have some friends that have spent thirty years in the practice and have never seen the type of reaction covered my VICP, so I have to wonder if these might not be a reaction to particular batches, rather than to the vaccine itself. Nurses are taught to enter the lot # of any vaccine administered, so that untoward reactions can be thusly tracked. I agree that it sucks to not be able to sue the companies, which would be the ultimate free market response. It would be even nicer for manufacturers to have a social conscience, but I know that this is my inner hippie surfacing again.
I am only trying to stress the fact that these illnesses are highly contagious. In the case of measles, one infected child sitting in an auditorium would potentially infect 90% of the people sitting there. 1-2% of those people will develop encephalitis, and most of them will die. I am not trying to make you feel guilty. I believe that you are an intelligent woman who can make an appropriate decision based on facts. If your child is a medical exception, he’s a medical exception – no argument from me. As for your friends, I don’t know what to say. I have to believe that they have tracked lot numbers and pondered all of the imponderables here.
I have a personal problem with “bundling” immunizations. I don’t think that any little kid needs four or five foreign substances injected into their little bodies at a time, and I have to wonder about this. My daughter was born in 1969, and I promise you that we did not have these discussions back in The Day, and I assure you that it was not because we did not question authority, We also had far fewer immunizations, and she got them as they became available, sometimes years apart. She shares my suspicion (she’s also a nurse) about bundling immunizations, and her three had some space between them. Bundling is now the trend to reduce the number of visits, as many mothers now work full time.
The JWs down here did not get the vaccine memo – they generally refuse and are permitted a religious exemption by law in FL. The have to go to the health dept. for an affidavit (rather than bringing the completed vaccination record) to gain entry to schools. Most JW adults that I encountered declined tetanus toxoid when it was offered, If the church has grown away from that, it’s a good thing. I have seen a few cases of tetanus, and it’s a truly ugly disease.
I know lots of people who have had shingles, and they were pretty miserable folks. I have not been vaccinated against it, because I don’t think I had chicken pox. I am up to date with polio, tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis because of the non-imm trend. I am also utd with pneumococcal pneumonia, and FWIW influenza.

I am up to my ears today, so please carry on with this post and I’ll do better tomorrow.

Re: the JWs, as I said, I knew they weren’t really against vaccinations, because I saw one of those articles in one of their magazines (Awake?) a few years ago, and also, when I lived in Washington state, I worked at a plant where about 1/3 of the employees were JWs and we had discussed this and they vaccinated their kids, and one man’s daughter had a terrible reaction from a vaccine batch and died, so it was a huge topic of conversation all over that county. This was the same place where laker and a bunch of other babies and small children came down with whooping cough after being vaccinated from the same batch. I thought the JWs were very nice, conscientious people, btw, and it was a very harmonious work environment–they covered for us on all our holidays, and we covered for them for their holiday and their various conventions they go to. (the plant had to be run 24 hours per day) The head boss was also one, and he was the kindest boss I ever had, really took good care of all his employees, we had the best pay, benefits, bonuses and gifts, a lot of people in that town were dying to work there. My neighbor, who is an elementary school teacher, said last night that some JWs might possibly say it was against their religion in other states that don’t allow any exemptions except religious. In California, there are three exemptions–religious, medical, and philosophical, so, yes, it is easy to opt out here; except, as I noted above, it is very difficult to get a doctor to issue a medical exemption, ours won’t, and they almost killed my son. I think they won’t, because they don’t want to give us an opening to sue them.

@10: Congrats to Laker on getting his d/l!

As I wrote, I was an army brat and if there was a vaccine or “shot” out there, we had to have it, no ifs, ands or buts. I had measles as a kid and mumps. Didn’t get the chicken pox until I was in h.s. Also, as chat said, with Laker and a decent herd immunity (such an awful term!) he would probably be okay and you have legitimate medical reasons for your concern with him.

Regarding the shingles vaccine, yeah, I’ll probably get it because I saw my mom go through the tortures of hell when she got it. They were giving her zovirax i.v. for it and the stuff was so strong it made a mess of her little veins so they had to run a central line into her. That was also the way they delivered the pain meds to her and the only way she got relief from that pain. I also know of two other people who went through the same thing with it with the pain. So with that in mind, yeah, I’ll get the shot for shingles.

Also as I wrote, that vaccine fund thing was written in the 1980s. If it needs to be revisited and tweaked then Congress should do so.

chat, as I said in my rant, I think that providing vaccinations to prevent disease is a noble and worthy objective; however, it has been tainted by politics and the greed of the drug mfgs. This guy is obviously against vaccinations, but this article shows why our governments response to persons injured by their mandated vaccine program is horribly unfair:

“If you or your child were to be seriously injured after receiving a routine US government-recommended vaccination, your only recourse would be to apply to the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)…

Unhappy with this partial liability protection, drug companies kept pushing for complete liability protection and, in 2011, convinced the US Supreme Court majority to rule that federally licensed and recommended vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” and that the VICP should be the “sole remedy” for all vaccine injury claims.2

I think it’s worth repeating, in case you just glossed over it: The reason you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer for injury or death is because vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”

This also means that even if it can be proven that a government recommended vaccine that injured or killed someone in America was defectively designed and could have been made less reactive, no one can sue the drug company in question.3

Funds for the VICP come from a 75 cent fee added to the cost of every dose of vaccine (so the combination MMR vaccine has a $2.25 fee tacked on to it because that shot contains three vaccines).

In effect, Congress gave the pharmaceutical industry a free ride when it comes to drug companies having any financial accountability for the safety of vaccines they sell, and vaccine users and US taxpayers are the ones paying for this program.”

and even more shocking:

“Vaccine Injury Denialists Object to Publicizing Reality of Vaccine Injuries

Another concern among vaccine proponents is that increased publicity around the compensation program may be “misinterpreted” as a public message that vaccines can cause harm, which might dissuade people from vaccinating.

Well, the truth is vaccines can cause harm. The fact that the VICP has kept such a low profile for this long means that most people have no idea that billions of dollars have in fact been paid out to vaccine injured individuals. This is the truth, and however people want to interpret that, it deserves to be widely known that vaccine injuries can and do occur.

Unfortunately, some legal experts still vehemently deny the reality of vaccine injuries and are working overtime to remove the ability for parents to make informed vaccine decisions for their children. For example, UC Hastings law professor Dorit Reiss has been quite vocal in her opposition to changes in the VICP that would allow more vaccine injured children to be compensated.9

She’s also advocating for the elimination of vaccine exemptions and has, in fact, been using her position to claim that there is no evidence vaccines cause harm, and that parents refusing to give their children all government recommended vaccines should be held criminally liable for deaths causes by infectious diseases. Journalists are also being manipulated into only reporting information about vaccines that the CDC, FDA, and other government agencies give them, which clearly adds to the lack of transparency on questions about vaccine safety.”

The article goes on to state that:

“The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are also proposing changes to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Public comments are accepted until January 23, 2015.17 In recent years VAERS has received about 30,000 vaccine-injury reports annually.”

You have all heard about the 128 unfortunates who came down with measles, originating at Disneyland recently. How many of you knew that there are about 30,000 vaccine-injury reports annually? (And god knows how many are never reported.)

I am sorry if I have offended anyone here, but this is an issue on which I am well informed, and sadly personally experienced in, and I hope that when the next dozen or so people come down with chicken pox or measles and the media and US gov ramps up its usual hysterical campaign against “those damned anti-vaxers”, you will remember that the worst mistake I ever made in my entire life was giving in to my doctor and letting laker be immunized for chicken pox, a disease which he had been exposed to many times over his childhood and never caught (his paternal grandmother, whom he inherited the muscular dystrophy from, also never had it, although all five of her children did and 7 of her 8 grandchildren). I had to call the paramedics twice in 24 hours after laker had that vaccine, and he had to be resuscitated and hospitalized, and has been on seizure meds ever since. I don’t know how many of you are parents (I know chat is) but our first responsibility is to our own children, and I have nothing but sympathy for parents that agonize over the vaccination issue, because I know many who have been injured by them in both states where I have resided.

I do not at all understand why I have to be subjected to a wave of nation-wide hostility and criticism every time someone gets chicken pox or measles, when instead there should be a national discourse about forcing the drug companies to be more responsible in their mfg of vaccines, the doctors to be responsible in their administering of them, and our freaking horrible government to be honest and responsible about dealing with the many children who are injured or killed by them.

Instead, I am lumped into a group of “extremists”, of extremely right wing and left wing, when I am certainly neither. Do I enjoy occasionally having a latte with my girlfriends on the beautiful rose and fountain filled patio of my local Starbucks? Yes, I do. Do I enjoy the brisk 7 minute walk down my hill to my local Whole Foods (the only market within walking distance) to pick up the couple of items I need for dinner? Heck yes, and I do it several times a week. Yet apparently, these activities, and my concern about vaccines make me some kind of social deviant to the rest of my fellow citizens, although my husband and I honestly fill out our income tax forms every year and pay our 28% of our income to the federal government; although my family have spent and still spend uncounted hours doing community service work; and although my friends and I and our kids are always organizing and helping out when there is a disaster or local tragedy. I may rail at other groups myself, but I don’t criticize people who enjoy having pie and coffee at their local diner or who shop at Piggly Wiggly, which I would gladly do if my town had a diner or a Piggly Wiggly within walking distance.

And I completely agree with Rude Pundit that America is a dying empire. But because of the greed and corruptness of our government, media, and corporations. Not because of people like me. And I wonder if Rude Pundit has children…

I( am not at all offended, and if your child has a legitimate medical situation, you are not (at least by moi) an extremist. I enjoy the odd latte myself.
Off the top of my head, I cannot think of any medical treatment or procedure without risk. There are certainly no pharmaceuticals that are100% safe. On the average, one must calculate the percentages and act accordingly. If laker has a vast chance of harm, that should be an exception. If. as in the case of my daughter, there was no medical contraindication, I weighed the worst case scenario of the illness vs. the worst case scenario of the vaccine and came down on the side of the vaccine. My problem is with people who automatically decide that all vaccines are bad for all childen, as indeed they are not.
I also worked with a number of JW nurses, who were lovely people and skilled practitioners, and I’m surprised that I never saw them try to persuade JW patients who declined vaccines on religious grounds. Of course, I have not worked in a decade or so, and things may well have changed down here as well.
I can appreciate your frustration with regional labeling, and I’m certain that Fredster will back me up when I say that everyone who resides in The Dirty South is not a refugee from Duck Dynasty who exchanges greeting cards with David Dukes. I do not apologize for saying “y’all” and enjoying my ‘cue. The Piggly Wiggly has closed up down here, so the Winn Dixie just has to do. And we do loves us some football.

Finally, Annie, feel free to rant ad libertarium here at TW. We are not an echo chamber, topics are fair game, and your voice is welcome.

Annie, no one here is intentionally picking on you and I hope you realize that.

I do not at all understand why I have to be subjected to a wave of nation-wide hostility and criticism

I don’t think we’ve done any of that here.

Regarding the Rude Pundit, his name is Lee Papa, he’s from La. and he’s on the faculty of CUNY Staten Island. Couldn’t find whether he is married or has kids.

Clowns are scary!

Fredster, no worries, I know you guys aren’t picking on me. Next time I hear someone has measles or chix pox, I will swear off all news for a week! I forgot that you and chat also live in states that are regularly hammered (also Texas) by the media. Speaking of which, did you see the video of Alcee Hastings (FL rep) going after Texas? Pretty funny stuff:

I was trying to remember what other grocery chain was prominent in the south, yes, Winn Dixie. I didn’t know if Piggly Wiggly was still around. They had one in L.A. when I was little and I used to walk there with my grandma. I loved all the pig images.

There are still some Piggly Wigglies. Also, Alcee Hastings is my new hero.
The media regularly bashes the South. We are all low-IQ, uneducated, racist bible thumpers with rusted out cars on our front lawns a nd cannons in our driveways.

annie: “The Pig” is still around. In Mountain Brook (think Garden Dist. chat) people were almost up in arms when the Pig closed there. They put up enough of a fuss that it ended up reopening.

A dildo law in Texas? o_O Hell, they’ve got ’em walking around on two legs in that state. It’s called the Texas Lege.

Here’s Jon Stewart’s take on the Fl/Tx wars. Gotta love Alcee though. Didn’t bat an eye during that dialogue between the two of them.

Fredster, I showed the Stewart clip to hubbie, we were screaming with laughter. I loved when Stewart said Hastings just didn’t give a f–k. The whole thing was so funny, it took away all my tension of the week. 🙂

annie@25: glad you liked that and it gave you some stress relief. 🙂

Thanks for the good conversation folks. It looks like I’m going to survive — a little pneumonia won’t get me. I’ll be around.

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