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Good Saturday to you, Widdershins.  The Super Bowl will be played tomorrow, and then the Dark Times begin.  Oh, we have a few shiny moments to look forward to – CFB Signing Day, the NFL Draft – but then it’s naught until August.  I plan to spend a few days sucking my thumb and maybe making a few Peep dioramas, but then life will go on somehow over the long, hot summer.

The Super Bowl is something else though.  Even people who do not particularly enjoy the game watch it for the commercials.  I think I heard that it’s up to 4.5M per time slot, so I’m certain that this year’s batch will be wonderful as well.  I’m proud of the NFL in that they have donated some time for a piece on domestic violence, and yes, it is the least that they can do.

Onward and upward, Widdershins.  I could not pare my list down to five, so I’m posting six and could easily add six more.  I’m looking forward to what y’all consider to be the Best of the Best, so put them up here in this otherwise open thread.

(1) Mean Joe Greene – 1979

(2) Money Out the Wazoo – 2000

(3) The Force- 2011

(4) Replay – 2003

(5) Herding Cats – 2000

(6) Where’s the Beef? – 1984

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