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Three questions…

Posted on: January 28, 2015

Good afternoon Widdershins. I hope everyone is safe from the Snowapocalageddonkardashian Storm. For those deniers of climate change, it will prove even though they aren’t scientists, the scientists aren’t either — a syllogism constructed with the logic picked from the brain of that great rhetorician, Pee Wee Herman.

News broke over the weekend that the Brothers Koch are going to dig into the sofa cushions and spend nearly $1.0 Billion — $889 Million to be exact — in the 2016 election cycle. While $889 Million is the amount to which they are admitting, there is no accounting of the additional organizations formed under Sections 501(c)(4) and (6) where the donations will be freshly laundered and all identities neatly repressed. So the $1.0 Billion figure might be on the light side.

Lest it goes unnoticed, this Koch-load of money is three times what the Democratic Party and double what the Republican Koch Network of Affiliated OrganizationsParty spent in 2012. The Koch spider-web of affiliated organizations now includes a national field operation and a centralized technology and policy operation.

The Koch hootenanny was held at Rancho Mirage, California, where the well-heeled were regaled by the Koch pin-up boyz — Walker: Wisconsin Ranger, Jebba the Bush, Marco Polo Rubio, the sneer that calls itself Ted Cruz, and Rand, son of Ron, Paul.

About 400 wealthy conservative cardinals gathered for the conclave and were eager to write checks for the group’s libertarian views. Of course these views are understandable when you consider these poor, put upon and abused translucent white men who have had to overcome the disadvantage of being a zygote hatched just a shade shy of Fort Knox.

This entire effort is what a coup de tete looks like in slow motion. Beginning within 6 weeks of Obama’s 2009 inauguration, once the Bush bank bailouts were an ongoing certainty, the Tea Party sprang up like mushrooms after a spring shower and were almost entirely Koch financed. Since then state legislative wins resulting in congressional gerrymandering and voting restrictions have become the new normal. All have been largely a product of the Koch financed web of organizations. The ensuing stagnation and obstruction in Congress is as good as it gets for those wanting to rein in any type of regulation whether it be environmental or financial in nature.

This is my question to the Brothers Koch: The last six years have been the most financially successful in Koch Industries’ history — you took the $100 million or so inherited from your father — and now you have a combined worth of something north of $130 Billion. This has been accomplished in the face of what you consider staggering, stultifying regulation. How much in excess of $130 Billion would a regulation-free government afforded you — in other words, what enjoyment or aggrandizement would the loss of environmental protection and financial regulation bought you?

Moving on, let’s for a moment remember back to the ancient history of the 2014 midterm elections. Remember the campaign themes — jobs, jobs, jobs. That was the promise of the Republicans and was to be job one. Let’s go to the tape, shall we?

The first thing out of the hopper in the Senate was the Keystone XL (extra lethal) pipeline. Over in the House it was changing the rules to make it easier to cut folks from disability payments and base economic projections on unicorns and rainbows. Additionally the House Republicans, before they were stopped by the women in their caucus, were planning on a “claim it or keep it” rape provision to celebrate Roe v. Wade — unless a rape was reported to police all pregnancy options would be withheld.

Here’s my question: Can the Democrats capture some of that Patriots’ ball deflation and channel it to speak up in order to make the case, where are the jobs in magical accounting and punishing rape victims?

Iran must use Acme Bomb Company...

Iran must use Acme Bomb Company…

Moving on, the newest installment in the Republicans’ “I hate Obama world tour” is inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak to Congress. Allowing the hate to spill over to foreign policy is plowing new ground in Crazy Town. Never mind the invite was without notification to the White House or State Department. Never mind it is during an Israeli election where Netanyahu will once again struggle to cobble together a parliamentary majority. Never mind Netanyahu continues to act like the little brother bully with the ever-protecting big brother. Never mind advocating war with Iran is the last thing the Middle East and the world needs right now. Never mind it turns support for Israel into a partisan political issue.

Here’s my question and you might want to run down to the Lieu des Arches for some Freedom Fries whilst you consider this question posed to the Republican House: What would have been your reaction in 2003 if Nancy Pelosi had invited French President Jacques Chirac to speak in opposition to the Iraq War?

Those are my three questions today. Your questions or comments on any subject are anxiously awaited. Have a great day.


8 Responses to "Three questions…"

Wonderful post, as always. The Kochs are poised to be somewhere between the Republican party and a third party unto themselves. This should prove to be interesting as things progress.

@2, Chat, I think the Kochs are in M&A mode — they are going to merge and acquire the Republican agenda while allowing the offices of the RNC to continue to ostensibly function. I’ve found it relatively amazing since one of the two brothers did the long interview saying he was in support of gay marriage — since then no one other than Hucklebum has dared say a word about the issue.

Many of their views align with the Libertarians, yet they appear to have nudged out Rand Paul. Go figure.

So here are my answers:

1. Who knows, there is no end to their greed.

2. Extremely doubtful

3. The Repubs would have had apoplectic fits.

From Maddow’s show tonight. Bryan Fisher of the Am. Family Assoc. has been fired. It’s interesting because Reince Prebus (or whatever) was going to have an expenses paid trip for the RNC and buddies to Israel. The thing is, he was going to have it all paid for by the A.F.A. and Bryan Fisher was involved. Check the youtube below. Starts at about 4 mins. in. Sorry the clip doesn’t include an interview with the writer from the Jewish newspaper, it got cut off.

I’ve also heard that he will get to keep his radio program.

The American Family Association is in crisis management mode. Fischer is about as loathsome as it gets, but when he called all other religions other than Christianity illegitimate and not entitled to First Amendment protection, he riled the wrong people.

What will be worth watching is whether or not the AFA brings him back after the tempest on the RNC going to Israel. Wouldn’t surprise me if they allowed him to slither back in. Until the RNC/Israel kerfuffle, it wasn’t exactly a secret he was primordial in his thinking and beliefs.

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