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Activist Monday: Relax, Don’t Do It

Posted on: January 26, 2015

Hello, oh quiet ones! It’s been a small comments section lately. I hope everyone is well and enjoying the fact that it is no longer 2014! (I know I am!)

Today I am on vacation, so please take this time to speak up and discuss anything you’d like. Here are a few positive stories I thought you might like.

Republicans Begin to Accept the Reality of Climate Change

Maybe in 20 or so years, they will accept that women should have equal pay for equal work, and control over their own bodies! (Nahhhhhh.)

It’s Always Fun to Mock John Kerry

I can’t help myself. What a doofus!

Protesters Disrupt Supreme Court on 5th Anniversary of Citizens United

Good for them!

Is the Time Right for a New Labor Movement?

Could be…

And a cute picture to boot.


Relaxing puppy

This is an open thread.


8 Responses to "Activist Monday: Relax, Don’t Do It"

The SO and I went to a banquet Saturday night. It wasn’t long before the subject of politics cam up and the “librul jokes” commenced to fly. One gentleman (retired USMC Gunny Sgt) and several blue hairs began discussing how much they hated the government controlling people’s lives. Knowing full well that at least two of them were fervent Evangelicals, I said “Me, too. Especially when the danged government tries to tell me what I can and can’t do with my own body. That’s the clearest case of government overreach ever.” I had a nice, quiet, pleasant rest of the evening.

I hope you went waaaaay south on this trip, Mad. Waaaaay south.

I hope you went waaaaay south on this trip, Mad. Waaaaay south.

Oh yes indeed and if you’re traveling, I hope you’re already there because…blizzard.

Things will pick up here at TW now that annie is back, I’m sure.

So the voters in 2014 wanted change from the status quo? Well, they’re gonna get it now. Bipartisan House Bill To Create Social Security Reform Commission Coming

From the link above:

Cole (R-Okla) outlined to The Hill some of the proposals that he thought the commission would recommend.

“The commission would probably gradually raise retirement age, it would probably look at chained CPI, would probably look at means-testing and probably look at some sort of revenue, or reduce benefits for upper-income people,” he said. “Then you have to vote.”

Of course not mentioned is removing the cap on contributions. 🙄

(Maybe I should mention this. Love this blog! I don’t comment much because I have a bad case of Political Affective Disorder. I mean, my last post was on sourdough. What can I say?)

Hey quixote! (waves)

I don’t comment much because I have a bad case of Political Affective Disorder

(sigh) I know what you mean.

MB, hope you enjoy your vacation! I guess we were on sort of a vacation; although I don’t know if being on your feet all day and night is vacation-y. Laker and I are working up a report on the NAMM Show & will send it to Fredster in a day or two.

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