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Lazy Weekend Music: Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New

Posted on: January 10, 2015

Happy weekend, Widdershins.  As this is my first musical post of 2015, I will use it to celebrate the songs that feature the word “old” and “new”.  The usual rules apply, song title, artist(s), defensible lyrics are all fair game, as well as era, genre, and/or content.

As usual, it’s a wide open thread.  Feel free to discuss.


(1) New Kid In Town – The Eagles

(2) You Make Me Feel Brand New – The Stylistics

(3) In a New York Minute – Don Henley

(4) Old Time Rock and Roll –  Bob Seger

(5) Old  – Paul Simon

Bonus:  Saturday Night – New Christy Minstrels


27 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New"

Love these old songs, well New Kid is not my favorite Eagles song. Looks like the repubs are starting their session doing what they can to help Wall St Banks. So, same old for them.

Fluffpo also has great pix of the thousands in France, gathering for Unity. That seems nice. There’s an amazing pic of the south of France with the street that runs along the Mediterranean full of people as far as you can see.

I prefer Hotel California myself.

Off topic.

@3: He only looks like that when he’s not significantly ahead.

@4: Looks like it’s from a poster or something.

Ah! Here is what it’s from:

@5: Another Levon fan!

@7: Eh I wanted to use this one instead of the Baez one. This one is more “earthy” sounding.

Terribly conflicted on this seachicken and panther game. Don’t like Carolina because…Saints. But, would love to see seachickens given comeuppance. Soooo, Carolina can win *this* time but have to lose next one.

@9: I am also rooting for the meteor.

@12: Well I wouldn’t have minded that either.

You guys are so funny!

For you Widdershins:

Since they are celebrating the 200th anniversary of this currently. (volume is kinda loud)

Oh Jerry and Chris Christie, whatcha gonna do now? 🙂

Send that red sweater to the cleaners!

@23: No, burn that thing!!

Stay tuned for Mad’s post, which will be out later today.

Thanks, Chat! It’s up. Sorry for the delay. Been a crazy couple of days…

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