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New Year’s Eve Post

Posted on: December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year’s to all of the Widdershins and friends   Here’s hoping your New Year’s Eve will be happy, fun and safe.

Enjoy the fireworks gif below.

animated fireworks-o

And once again, don’t have too much of that buck25 vodka!  😉

Whoa!black-line divider-no-background-thOh good, everyone is occupied today.  So this is a good time for me to go ahead and announce that this will be my last post for The Widdershins.  Real life issues have come up and I have to say they must take precedence right now.  Writing posts was extremely hard for me to do.  It took..well, takes a lot of time for me; several hours actually to compose, proof and correct a post.  It was something that I wanted to try and I’m grateful that  our madamab gave me the opportunity to try my hand at it.  Also, I hope she’ll still let me come by to make a comment and not ban me totally for having to step away from writing posts.  Anyway, it has been fun, a learning experience and I’ve “met” a great group of folks here.

Best wishes for the New Year!  Fred


28 Responses to "New Year’s Eve Post"

Happy Hogmanay, Widdershins. And if you are going to sing “Auld Lang Syne”, don’t hold hands until the last verse, and cross your arms in front and hold hands that way.
Here’s to a much better 2015. Love and light to all who come here.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Goodbye, 2014, the worst year of my life. Hello, 2015.

Chat, that is so sweet. Beata, I do hope you get a much better 2015.
Happy New Year Widdershins!

Jeb Bush has resigned from all his corp board positions. I guess we know what that means.

@2: A better 2015!
@4: Yep. It will still be hard to explain sitting on the board of a company actively involved in Obamacare. Yep, it’s trying to kill you, but it’s okay to make a little dinero off of this. He also has to explain being the grandfather of Common Core and the sitting guv of the very first state that gave driver’s licenses to undocumented aliens. Fun, fun, fun.

Come on Michigan State!

@5, yeah, can you imagine a third Bush presidency? I can’t even. I think that would make the libs angrier than the Fox News crowd is over Obama. I wonder when we’ll hear from Hillary.

Oooh, Michigan just got a td. 42-41 with 17 seconds.



Fredster are you watching the Rose Bowl?

RIP Mario Cuomo.

@10: Oh yes, in between some other things. The Ducks just embarrassed the hell out of FSU.

Chat will disagree here, but go Buckeyes! She is for neither in this game. 😉

chat@11: Too bad the son who is guv isn’t as good as his Dad was.

I hope this Alabama woman is in the Superdome again with the same results on the field.

@12: I am rooting for a meteor.

Happy new beginning to a better 2015!

Independently, we seem to have come to the agreement we feel “Z-f’ing-ero” remorse in having 2014 in our collective rear view mirrors. 2014 thanks for being so last year.

On to better things in 2015.

We had a good year personally, until December. December was a crappy month for us, dominated by our sibling having liver cancer. In fact, we waited and did our presents thing today, just wanted to put December behind us and start afresh. We are also looking forward to 2015. We have NAMM show in about three weeks, and a couple of trips planned. Do you guys want laker and I to do a guest post on NAMM? We are going for the whole 4 day event.


Oh gosh, forgot…NAMM is National Association of Music Merchants convention in Anaheim, CA. One of the biggest conventions, and the biggest music convention. Tons of fun.

I made a quick trip out to get something to eat and came back and finished watching the game.

Poor Nicktator. There will be no joy in T’town nor in the state of Alabama since Auburn also lost. LOL!!!!!

Now: Geaux Ducks!

annie: Did you see the link I put up before about the Nat’l Cancer Institute and their centers of excellence in Cali?

This Bama lady has a feeling something bad about to happen.

Fredster, don’t remember the link, what post is it under?

I think a little “humbility” will be a character building experience for the Alabama fans. They are too intense!

Laker wants to know what you thought about the game. We will also root for the Ducks. It would be nice to have a west coast win for a change.

annie, let me look to see if I can find that info.

I agree about the fans. I went to to read what they were saying and it’s all the fault of the defensive coaches and then it’s the fault of the offensive coaches. How about it’s the problem with all of them. They just didn’t think that a Big 10 team would be difficult to handle and instead, it was *them* that got handled! LOL! And yep, yay Ducks. Ohio has done it’s thing now, so they can go home. LOL!!

I couldn’t find it in a post even though I know I wrote something on it so I did another search and here you go:

and then INC-designated cancer centers: There are a number of them in Cali. You have to look at the little balloons at the top to see exactly what type of center they are. Balloon C is the comprehensive cancer center and it looked like there were several in the L.A. area.

Oh my, I’ve got to call it a night. I watched a replay of the Bama game and that has eaten up a lot of time.

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