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Remain Calm, Etc: Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Posted on: December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas, Widdershins,  I’m not even going to try to write today.  Instead, I’m starting a mixed media playlist of favorite songs and movies of the season. My list is essentially music, as the season is full of beautiful pieces from all times, countries, and genre.  However, today there are no limitations – if it says “Christmas” to you, post it here and share with the group.   We’ll spend today, warm and safe, healing from a long and difficult year. Merry Christmas to all who pass this way – y’all mean a great deal to me.

(1) Mary’s Boy Child – Harry Belafonte

(2) The Huron Carol = Trad. Canadian

(3) Baloo, Lammy – Scottish Traditional Carol

(4) The Wexford Carol – Irish Traditional, performed by Allison Krauss

(5) Children, Go Where I Send Thee – American Southern Gospel, Trad.

(6) In Dulce Jubilo – Trad. Catholic


39 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc: Sleep In Heavenly Peace"

Merry Christmas, chatblu, and happy holidays, everyone.

Merry Christmas, Widdershins. Have a blessed holiday.

Excellent choices! Good to see both of you.

Of course youtube is going nuts becuz of the streaming of “that movie” but we’ll give it a shot.

Oh what would Christmas be w/out this one.

Dawn Davenport did not get those cha-cha heels for Christmas and she was maaaad.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to all! Hope everyone is having a lovely dinner and having a great day. I made Uppity Womans Pot Roast for tonight. (she has the best pot roast recipe) Will make turkey on New Years.

Beata, love the Emmy Lou video. We met her at the beginning of the year and she is so lovely in person.

Merry merry to you and yours too annie. I haven’t seen that pot roast recipe you’re talking about. I’ll have to go over and check it out.

@13: For you with Christmas wishes, Annie, here’s Emmylou with Linda Ronstadt and Neil Young.

Beata, that was beautiful. My kid even stopped playing his guitar and came over to listen.

Waaay too much football today. My backside is sore from sitting. 😆

@17: No such thing as TMF.

@18: Oh yeah there is and even moreso today. Right now there are bowl games on CBS, ABC and ESPN. I need extra teevees to be able to watch them. LOL But if that’s Gary Danielson calling the game for CBS that’s an easy one. I just won’t watch that game.

Bowl games! Bowl games! Bowl games!

C’mon Miami!! Whup the ole ball coach!

USC is playing Nebraska at the “Holiday Bowl” in San Diego. Oooh! USC just made a touchdown as I’m typing. So, USC 37 – Neb 24 in the 3rd Qtr. Whoopee!

I’ve never even heard of the “Holiday Bowll” btw, how long has that been around? It feels like there are hundreds of bowl games now.

C’mon now USC. Can’t quit now.

Annie, so many of these bowl games have changed names. It depends on who the “sponsor” is. Whoever comes up with the $$$s gets the bowl game named after them.

Maybe he’ll get drafted by Oakland.

Congrats to USC annie! I was on the edge of my seat there at the end.

Ok, guess the Holiday Bowl has been around most of my life! I know about the more famous bowls. Yeah, that game was a nail biter at the end; and wow, was it long! Like 4 hours. Hubbie and Laker thought that both coaches made a lot of mistakes. I don’t know, was grocery shopping, making dinner and then eating dinner throughout the game. Anyway, glad they won, they had an ok season, I guess. Not like their glory years though. A lot of people here are still mad that they didn’t keep Coach O! I think he did a better job than Sarkisian has done.

LOL @ your comment on 26!

@annie: I didn’t really know that much about it either. I knew about the Poinsettia Bowl which was also held there earlier. Like I said, they’ve all changed their names around so much.

LOL @ your comment on 26!

Well…you can’t have Bourbon St. open 24/7, people drinking all the time and barfing and expect it to smell like a rose. Bourbon St. is of course washed down and cleaned up early in the a.m. Amari must have only gone there at night. And as far as “too much going on”, I don’t think I’d like to live in a city where there *isn’t* too much going on. LOL

Oh and I agree with you about Coach O. 😉

A fitting tribute to Coach O:

I liked Coach O.

This is the guy that is my congress critter.

These are great! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! And Happy New Year!!!!!! 🙂

Well helloooo DYB! How are you doing? Enjoying the holidays?

To you also DYB! Nice to hear from you!

Fredster, I read about that guy, Scalise. What an ass. Are there any good games on the 1st?

annie: Here is Lamar’s piece which started the entire mess with Scalise.

Games on the 1st? Oh yeah! The Rose and Sugar Bowls are both on that day. Rose: Oregon and Fl. State and Sugar with Bama and Ohio State.

Go Ohio!!!

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