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Christmas Eve Post

Posted on: December 24, 2014

Christmas village image

Merry Christmas Widdershins! I hope yours will be happy, safe and everything you want it to be.

Enjoy the fireplace and fire:


Oh…and don’t drink too much of this:



13 Responses to "Christmas Eve Post"

Merry Christmas Eve to all! I saw this on Facebook and had to share: Ayn Rand’s Christmas cards! Suffice it to say that she could use a visit from Scrooge’s three ghosts.

@mb: Oh those are funny!

Yes, they are playing the Popeyes Bowl in the Bahamas. It’s actually the Bahamas Bowl sponsored by Popeyes.

And yet Ayn Rand is the personal hero of that “good Catholic”, Paul Ryan.

That thought crossed my mind. Also Rand took medicare when she was sick and dying and Ryan used social security death benefits to go to college. No hypocrisy there.

Yes, massive hypocrisy! Ugh to those revolting people.

Hope you all have a lovely and safe Christmas! I cherish you all! xo

Happy Christmas Eve, Widdershins! Hope you have a good one!

This is pretty much the scene at my house today:

annie said: I cherish you all! xo

Same here.

Hey Beata, as long as the cat doesn’t take it out on you! 😆

Can’t anyone say Putin is dumb.

Can’t say Hallmark doesn’t have every situation covered.

@10, LOL! When you think about it, step-families are so common now. When my late stepson would give me a card, it was just the average “mom” card. I guess I wouldn’t have minded a step mom card though–any card is better than none.

Putin just has to bully everyone.

Well, Sony did an about face and is releasing “The Interview” to independent theaters and VOD through youtube and google. I wonder if the government fixed the hackers computers so they couldn’t hurt sony anymore. The hackers were supposed to release the most damaging, embarrassing information on Christmas, so I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

annie@11: Yep, weren’t they saying “blended families” at one point?

I saw that about “The Interview”. Hmmmm….and a bunch of theaters have already sold out their showings.

North Korea was shut down off the internet on, I think, two occasions. That might have been us getting back at them a little bit.

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