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Christmas Eve’s Eve

Posted on: December 23, 2014

A belated happy Christmas Eve eve Widdershins.

So sorry to be posting so late, but some unexpected travel today to gather folks in for the holiday interrupted my ability to publish something in a more timely fashion.

Given that it’s the eve of my regular shopping day, I am hoping everyone is as much of a procrastinator as I am.  In that case, you didn’t miss the post at all and we can just call this “timeliness challenged.”

It is my sincere wish you have a glorious holiday in the glow and warm embrace of family and friends.

In the event you might have missed this, I wish the happiness captured in this video for you, yours, ours, and their’s.

Happy Holidays!



3 Responses to "Christmas Eve’s Eve"

Have an enjoyable holiday Prolix. I had seen that little pupper dancing for joy and bookmarked it for a possible light fare post but no biggie. That little pup is surely dancing for joy.

Tornado watch until 11:00 CST for my area. Lovely…just lovely.

Chewbacca sings Silent Night

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