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Activist Monday: What Does the Season Inspire in You?

Posted on: December 22, 2014

Good Monday, Widdershins! It’s quiet around here as we all get ready for the holidays in our own special ways.

What I like to do best, is spend as much time with family and friends as possible. I also often pick one or two charities to which I donate. And, there’s usually some singing of Christmas carols involved as well.

How do you spend your holidays? Do you light candles and eat latkes? Do you watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “The Sound of Music” or “A Christmas Story?”

Share your holiday strategies in the comments. This is an open thread.



16 Responses to "Activist Monday: What Does the Season Inspire in You?"

Okay, haters. here it comes:
I’m taking the grandmonsters to do their shopping this afternoon, then we are going down to the beach for lunch – it’s 80. Then I’ll come home, finish wrapping and get back to baking. My poinsettias are outside in full bloom, and it’s a beautiful day here. I’m listening to Jimmy Buffett and Beach Boys Christmas music for today and tomorrow, then I’ll turn to more traditional stuff for the holidays. Reservations are in place for twenty of us to go spend Christmas Eve at The Field to hear some Irish trad. music.
Whatever wrinkles life has are banished for the next two weeks thanks to Christmas and bowl games.
Hopefully, when I move on to the next plane, my family will remember that I taught them to celebrate.
The pictures in the vid are from the annual FL Christmas Boat Parade.

That sounds lovely chat! The weather here was cold (for us) but last night was strangely warm-ish and today it is beautiful. We are having a bad month because my sister in law got diagnosed with liver cancer. So most of our energies are revolving around her. Hubbie is working a lot of OT during winter break and laker is house sitting this week, but nearby, so he’s here as much as there. But we have a few presents and will enjoy a turkey dinner and watch The Ref (Dennis Leary, Judy Davis).

Love the doggie sled picture and the youtube!

Annie so sorry to hear about your sis-in-law. Good wishes headed your way.

I’ve been involved with moving shi stuff today and now my poor out-of-shape back is talking to me. I took 2 Aleve’s and I’m gonna put it on a heating pad. So therefore I feel like:

Oh and we have a good chance for severe weather coming in tomorrow night into Wednesday. I do believe we had something similar last year.

@2: Annie, if she will go to a Center of Excellence and get a treatment program set up, she stands a chance.
@6: He will be sorely missed.

@chat: So I guess you survived the trip with the boys. 😉

Yes, indeed. The gifts are purchased, wrapped and tagged. The boys are fed and back home. Now I need to excavate my living room and bake some cookies.

Chat, I will look into it. Right now she is looking into some European cancer treatments, and she went to the main liver cancer surgeon in L.A. and is planning to remove 2/3 of her liver next month at USC hospital. This is provided it hasn’t spread all over, in which case he will close her back up and tell her to enjoy her remaining days. The first guy she went to wanted to give her chemo, but the new guy (liver spec) says no. We were with her last nite, and she seems more positive and geared up to do whatever she has to do. She is a teacher and taking a few months off, thank heavens.

annie said: The first guy she went to wanted to give her chemo, but the new guy (liver spec) says no

And that’s what drives all of us lay people nuts. Who do you believe?

That’s why the Center of Excellence theory. You get the best of opinions, then return to the community to effect the treatment,

Socal, I wish you the best of luck with your sister-in-law and hope she gets the care she needs. Fredster, sorry to hear about your sore back – hope you feel better soon! Chat, sounds like this is going to be a wonderful Christmas for you. I’ll be baking cookies myself – I’m taking two weeks off this year, the first time in a very long time. I’m terribly out of practice at baking, so I bought some extra ingredients just in case. 🙂

Best of luck to your sil, Annie.
Is a Center of Excellence the same thing as the Cancer Centers of America?

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, that is.

Nope: the cancer treatment centers advertise, I would suppose they are commercial ventures. There are only a few centers of excellence as I recall. My niece did not go to one till too close to the end (glioblastoma). I know a fellow who went early on, and he’s still around all these years later. They can’t save everyone, but your chances are better.

@Molly, thanks for that. I have no reason why, but I’ve always been leary of those cancer treatment centers. I haven’t looked into them to see if they’re bogus or whatever, but something with them just sets my antennae off.

Also, it’s difficult to find a listing of them unless it’s by insurance company or something. I found this but I don’t know if this is only for pinnacle care or what.

and this just adds to the confusion:

Okay, seems you can go here and find “centers of excellence” in your area, those being designated by the national cancer institute.

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