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Posted on: December 20, 2014

wacko criminal lineup

Good Saturday and weekend to you Widdershins.  As a break from the holiday rush, let’s take a look at some of the odd, funny or unusual things I’ve found on the internets and I’ll throw in a few youtubes that I thought were cute.

Some people are amazing

And I don’t mean that in a good way in this case.  So Anthony Ballard decided to go into the Treasure Coast Lawn Equipment store and asked for a dollar’s worth of change.  The article doesn’t say he asked for change for a dollar, just that he asked for a dollar’s worth of change.  Anyway, while he was in there he decided to stick a chainsaw down his pants   😯  The article says the $600 Stihl chainsaw was not running at the time.

The accused chainsaw crook came in Treasure Coast Lawn Equipment in the 1800 block of Southwest Bayshore Boulevard and reportedly asked for $1 worth of change, according to a police report.

He picked up a Stihl chainsaw valued at more than $600 and left, riding away on a bicycle.

Surveillance video shows him calmly stuff the saw down his shorts and cover it with his shirt.

The saw does not appear to be running at the time.

So Anthony takes off on his bicycle and then ditched the chainsaw in the woods.  Employees chased Anthony but couldn’t catch him and they then called 911.  The chainsaw was recovered but the police couldn’t find Bullard.  Later, the employees saw Bullard looking for the chainsaw so they called the police and he was caught.

When police apprehended Ballard, he said he stole the saw and put it in the woods.

“He later had a change of heart so decided to go get the saw and return it to the store,” a report states.

And here is Anthony taking the chainsaw.

You can’t fix stupid

Chad Lieberman had a great deal on his New York apartment.  You see, Chad inherited his grandfather’s sweet $100-a-month rent deal on a four-bedroom Upper East Side apartment.  Now I’m no specialist on New York apartments, but four bedrooms…$100 a month seems pretty good to me.  But Chad was unhappy.  You see, grandpa’s deal for the hundred dollars a month rent was because he had struck a deal with some developers to put up a 25 story building next door and it blocked some of the air and light.  Grandpa figured it was worth it to give up some light for four bedrooms.  However, Chad though differently.

After his grandfather’s death, Lieberman continued to enjoy the benefits of the massive, rent-controlled space, but didn’t want to live with its drawbacks. He sued, claiming his grandfather’s agreement was illegal, and the 246-unit building next door was thus illegally depriving him of the enjoyment of his 8-room palace.

Lieberman, who moved in with his grandfather in 2009, and stayed in the apartment after he passed away last year, demanded it be restored to its former condition by eliminating the neighboring building.  [Sure Chad, no problem there]

A judge threw the request out, finding that Lieberman had no standing to sue, as the deal was between the building owner and his grandpa, who knew exactly what he was doing. Even worse for Lieberman—but great for anyone who pays $3,000 for a studio and loves schadenfreude—the lawsuit backfired by reminding the landlord that the rent-control part of the deal also only applied to his grandfather.

You see what I mean about that stupid stuff?

Here’s kind of a fun one

Go here and take this test.  See what kind of job you would have had in the Fabulous Fifties!

So was Brother Bluto here?

I don’t really even want to go here but…so there was a fire in attic of a frat house at the University of Houston.  And frat bros being frat bros, they just did what came naturally to them.

A heater started an electrical fire last night in the Kappa Alpha attic at the University of Houston, and even a trash can full of bathroom water couldn’t stop it. So one brave brother sprung into action and whipped out his hose. Surprisingly, his urine was unable to quell the flames, which were later extinguished by professional firefighters.

“We saw, like, a fire in the attic and stuff and like smoke was coming out. We were just like, ‘What are we supposed to do with this fire?’ and we all just took off,” first reponder (urine division) Dylan Koops told KHOU, “I p****d on it, but nothing was working.”

Dylan, like, I hope, like, you’re not like a language major or something like that.

Some youtubes

This little English bulldog pup just loves his new memory foam bed.  Can’t blame him!

So I wonder if this bear cub was looking for a Christmas card?

Poor kitteh here must have just felt trapped by this big ole Rottie.

Okay Widdershins, that’s all I have for today.  It’s an open thread and if anyone is around this weekend right before Christmas, just comment away on anything your heart desires.




13 Responses to "Saturday/weekend light fare"

Uh-oh Eastern Widdershins. Gawker and The Vane say we may be dealing with a “Santabomb” this upcoming traveling period.

Ho ho holy crap, there’s going to be a “SantaBomb” next week, according to the hive mind on social media. The term is a nickname for a potentially large and disruptive storm that weather models are suggesting could affect much of the eastern United States and Canada just in time for Christmas next week.

Keep an eye on your favorite local weather source.

Wonderful collection of stuff here. I, for one, am cheered by the fact that Floriduh’s other coast contains whack -o’s, and the bulldog puppy has melted my heart,
I’ll be baking this weekend, so y’all have a great one. I’ll check in while the cookies progress. Otherwise, this is the beginning of college bowl season, which I dearly love. One last marathon college ball blitz before darkness falls.

@2: Oh, I thought Port St. Lucie was on the Atlantic coast.

I’m not baking but won’t be around for the same reason as Chat, bowl games. 😆

Haha! I took the 50s career test and it said I would be a spy! Awesome! The dudes are also going to take it.

Chat, hope you enjoy your baking! I’m not baking this year because we are all dieting. I’ve been making sugar free homemade hot cocoa with booze in it though.

annie@4: I forgot what the test said for me. I’ll have to take it again. 😉

I’ve been making sugar free homemade hot cocoa with booze in it though.

Works for me!!

Oh Lord, I would be a phone operator!! 😯

Well this is good to know: Sony hated Adam Sandler as much as everyone else!

@3: I stand corrected. Port St Lucie is on the east coast, between Palm Beach and Vero Beach. Nonetheless, at least it’s not Miami-Ft. L.

@6: Me, too.

Heh… Check out the link in the tweet.

I knew people that lived in Port St Lucie a long time ago. Whats the football news? USC is playing Nebraska in the dummy bowl.

Hey annie! LSU is playing Notre Dame in the Music City Bowl in Nashville, Chat’s dawgs are playing Louisville in the Belk Bowl in Charlotte NC, and Fuzzy’s Gators are playing in the Birmingham Bowl against East Carolina. This year, the SEC decided that for all bowl-eligible teams, the teams would submit their “wants” or “likes” as far as bowl games and then the SEC would decide who went where. At least USC’s bowl has a nice name. Music City Bowl – meh. Belk Bowl – double meh and B’ham Bowl, TRIPLE meh.

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