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Remain Calm, Etc: We Told You So, Part Whatever

Posted on: December 11, 2014

Good Thursday, Widdershins. The festive lead-up to the holidays was interrupted by repetitive bleakness in the form of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s stunning torture report.  Senator Feinstein pushed this through at least in part because she was reasonably certain that it would never see daylight after January.  She looked like hell when she presented the packet, as though she has not slept well in some time.  There were circles under her eyes that a panda would envy.  After hearing the highlights lowlights of the report, I feel a little sick myself.  Dear God, is this the America of my youth?  The”shining city on the hill”?  It sounded more like a failed third-world state in its death throes.

Apologists and explainers have scurried from their burrows to try to defend the indefensible.  Nicole Wallace was defiantly weepy on MSN, declaring that she did not care what happened since it kept us “safe”.  I’d love to see her explain that to the families of all the people who have suffered at extremists’ hands as payback for our sins.  Former CIA Director Hayden actually said that the agency was under the impression that it was carrying out the will of the American people, and that their attorneys told them that this was all perfectly legal.  Any number of agents insist that they were merely following orders, a stance which did not fly with the Germans at Nuremberg or with Lt. Calley with the Me Lai Massacre.  Also, a group of West Virginia National Guardsmen went to the brig for torturing prisoners at Abu Ghraib.  So, tell me again how this is legal.  I’m waiting.

The President mumbled something regarding American values, then announced that the DOJ had investigated the matter and would not file charges.  As we have seen oh, so many times of late, culpability occurs only at the lower levels of society  – like us.  We can be shot for walking down the middle of the street like Michael Brown,  have our airway collapsed in a chokehold like Eric Garner, but let us try to defend ourselves and we are heinous murderers.  Thankfully, our calm and cool President is at least investigating all of these blameless (at least at the state level) deaths.  As far as the torture revelations go, I understand that his announcement of charges against a former sitting President would be largely unprecedented, but not taking sides is patently ridiculous.  At this point, the UN is calling for an investigation, and we stand mute, unable to explain how we actually ran afoul of anti-torture policies that we were instrumental in framing.  How embarrassing is this?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – we told you so.  Barak Obama is a decent guy who lacked the experience and the acumen to be a top-notch President.  Yes, he’s cool.  Yes, he’s a rock star.  Yes, he has fresh ideas.  Unfortunately, none of those attributes are what we need right now.  So, bring it home, Elliot, and don’t be afraid to use “the robot”.


This is an open thread.



16 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc: We Told You So, Part Whatever"

Just wondering, but do they take away the Nobel Prize for harboring war criminals?

Chat these are the types of observations that should be on MTP.

The presidential box checking is in full-bloom. Obama is making calls whipping the spending bill — the one that re-bailouts about a dozen banks and makes it possible for most Representatives to be re-elected by full $300K contributions by half a dozen fat cats.

Following up on my comment above @2, I wonder if the sting of having a Nobel Prize taken away would be completely forgotten by a big old honking job at Citibank? Just wondering.

That could ease a bunch of pain.

Chat, this is an excellent post. The best wrap up of this topic I have seen. I’m going to read it to my family when they get home.

Prolix, good thought about the Nobel!

Obama will make a lot on the speaking circuit, I imagine. They have regular tours. There is one called the Distinguished Speaker Series and when Laker was in the homeschool group, we would get free tix for our teens to hear the speakers at two different locations, Thousand Oaks or Pasadena. The adults who went had to pay, but got a discount. There were lots of politicos, which was boring, except for Bill Clinton, which we unfortunately missed. The kids in our group were so spoiled, always getting to do exciting things and go to great places for free or very little. We parents that ran everything became very good at getting good deals for field trips, special events and classes. Sorry for digressing…all that stuff just came back to me.

Our HR passed that ridiculous bill, chock for of goodies for Wall Street and enhancing the ability of the 1% to purchase the best damn government that money can buy.

Chat, I agree with almost everything you wrote. The exception being what evidence do you have that Obama is a decent guy?

@7: Not at all evidenced based, I fear. except for the fact that he has not had the Republican leadership kidnapped and waterboarded. In his place, Cheyney would have done that or worse to the Dems. and called himself a patriot to boot.

Bear with me one more day here, Widdershins. I promise to get something up here over the weekend.

Fabulous post, Chat. I do agree that Obama has shown more restraint than Cheney or W. Sadly, that’s a bar a slug couldn’t slink under.

As for the bill with the giveaways to the 1 percent, I honestly think it’s the Republicans’ attempt to get rid of the Tea Party. At this point the Party is a national disgrace, and the RNC would like the Bachmanns and the Paul’s to get the f out. They want to become the Party of rich white guys again, not the Party that claims evolution and global warming are conspiracy theories that mean you hate Jesus.

@11: Rich white guys or crazed skeptics? That’s one hell of a choice.

Hello Widdershins. I wasn’t sure if it was my turn to do the weekend post or not, but I see chat says it’s her’s.

I’ve been having some issues with one of my meds and right now it sorta has me turned upside down. No biggie nor life-threatening but just has me sorta bumfuzzled right now.


Get well soon, Fredster! I missed you the past couple of days!

New thread opens at 6.

annie@13: I’ve been hoping you guys are okay with all of the rain and mudslides out there in Cali.

Fredster, thanks, we are good. It affected a community near us, but our town is fine.

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