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Another episode of Weekend Light Fare

Posted on: November 29, 2014

wacko criminal lineup

Good Saturday and weekend to you Widdershins!  I hope this is a continuance of your Thanksgiving long weekend and that you are enjoying it.  It has certainly been a time of lots of football for the football fiends, me and chat, and we still  have two days to go!  However, for now let’s take a look at some of the strange, odd or funny things I’ve come across on the internet as well as a few youtube clips that I thought were amusing.

Okay I can understand, but no, you can’t!

There was a young couple with a young 1-year old child who were dining out at a Chipotle restaurant.  As will happen, the child needed to be change and the father found to his disappointment that their Chipotle restaurant did not have changing tables in their restrooms.  The father (Chad) decided it would be equally as suitable to just change the diaper on the dining table, uh, next to other people who did not bring children that make smelly messes.  After some complaints the manager asked Chad to take the changing task to his car.  Chad was not happy with this request and sent a complaint letter to Chipotle.

Chad, the dad in this incident, admitted in his letter that changing a diaper in a place where people eat is “unsavory,” but he still feels the Chipotle staff showed an “inability/unwillingness to empathize with parents who find [the car] a less convenient alternative even on a beautiful day like yesterday, much less a subfreezing day as we undoubtedly will have in [this region] this winter. [Note to Chad:  could you as the parent have been pro-active to see if the restaurant offered changing tables, and if not, change your plans to a restaurant that did?]

Um, no Chad, it’s your baby, not the restaurant’s baby. Further, it’s not the restaurant’s responsibility to have to explain to other diners why you are opening up a smelly, pissy and probably shitty diaper on a table that someone after you will eat on.

Now, Chipotle told Consumerist that they were in the process of installing changing tables in locations where they saw high family traffic.  And, Consumerist had their own opinions on the Chad and wife stunt.

Consumerist consulted with the ultimate experts in this area: a number of parents of toddlers and former toddlers, who didn’t buy Chad’s arguments and pointed out the many alternatives. One could, for example, change the diaper while the child is standing up, or lay a changing pad on the bathroom floor. (This option does depend on your ability to get up from kneeling on the floor, and isn’t for everyone.) If the diaper isn’t a poop-laden catastrophe, it could wait until the family can get to another public restroom that does have a changing table. If it is a poop-laden catastrophe, exposing the entire dining room to that is gross.

The incident ended with the manager on duty telling Chad’s family that if they tried another dining room diaper change, they would immediately be asked to leave. That’s fine, Chad noted, because he wouldn’t be coming back until a changing table was in place. He pointed out in his letter that competitor Qdoba does have changing tables. [Well for heaven’s sake Chad, why didn’t you go there in the first place?]

I think I know now why some folks are calling this the whiny generation.  I have no idea what my parents did with me if I pooped a diaper when out eating but I’m sure there were no changing tables back then.

“No, that’s not something you do in Yoga class”

Oh dear Chat, what is it with Florida and the whacky news?  Is it the heat or humidity or something?

It seems that Joseph Jordan of Jacksonville FL decided to sign up for a yoga class.  So he went to a Power Yoga studio in the area and signed up for a class and then the shenanigans started.

According to a JSO report five minutes after the class started the instructor … looks and sees the suspect with his hands in his pants. The report said he was masturbating and they confronted him, gave him a refund and escorted him out of the building.

The report said Joseph Jordan was wearing jean shorts and a white t-shirt.

It seems that Mr. Jordan is a registered sex offender in the state and he used his real name and some other info when signing up for the class.  (actually, why wouldn’t he?  Would the yoga studio run his name against a sex offender list or something?)

“He filled out the form with a lot of his specific information,” said Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Melissa Bujeda, according to News4Jax. “Maybe couldn’t control himself once he was in there … He wasn’t trying to hide, which causes us more concern.”

Well I don’t know about this one.  Isn’t a convict allowed to do some exercises and refine his Crow Pose, his Pigeon or Downward Dog poses?  Well perhaps not because after the Yoga studio thing:

Hours later, Jordan was seen near a woman’s bathroom on the University of North Florida campus. Authorities escorted away, not knowing about the earlier incident. A warrant for Jordan’s arrest was not filed until Monday, according to WOKV.

I just love these birds but I didn’t care for the country’s leader

Not too much to say here except it seems that Macaws are thriving in Caracas Venezuela, flying and cavorting around amongst the high-rise buildings.  It appears that thanks to some amateur birders there, the macaws are being looked after, fed and their nests watched.  There is a gallery of photos of the birds which you can see here.  Take a moment to click through the photos; they’re lovely.

A few assorted youtube clips

Since we just had Thanksgiving which also involves the Macy’s Day Parade, I thought I would throw in a few “disaster” clips from the parade.  Call it “when balloons go awry”.

Poor Barney, the death of a thousand cuts

Spiderman’s left arm hits a tree and it’s downhill from there.

This little pupper is getting some serious zzzzs

This little weiner probably could have won on his own,
but no, he had to act all Auburn or Bama to another dawg

Okay that’s all I have for today.  The day will be filled with football as this is rivalry weekend and there are still lots of games to go.  I will check in later.  This is a completely open thread.


27 Responses to "Another episode of Weekend Light Fare"

Aw right now Dawgs! Y’all get it together!!

Damn! All of the games are on at the same time! 😯

They got it together and forgot where they put in. Congrats to Gt for their one per decade win.

@3: That int. was heart breaking but it looked like Tech had closed off anything else. Was that on 3rd down?

And c’mon USC! Don’t even leave the Irish their dignity! 😆

The Dawgs lost?!? Bummer. The SC-ND game just started a few minutes ago. I was reading about “the play” on wiki. It was a different Mark Harmon btw. Mark Harmon the actor was QB for UCLA Bruins. I told Laker & hubbie about it and they both already knew it.

Trojans have one td, and had their first one taken away halfway through the 1st.

Love the story about the macaws!

USC 21-0 after 1st!

Re: the story about the diaper changing, they should have been banned for life. Lowlife behavior. We took Laker many places (still do) and always found a private place to change him. I changed him on the back seat many times, on a changing pad that came with my diaper bag. People are ridiculous.

@annie: I stand corrected then on the Mark Harmon thing. I swore I had seen he was with Stanford. My mistake.

I had a friend in nola who was a “birder” or whateveer and she had one of the red macaws (I think it was a macaw) but he was mean…he would try to bite you.

@8: I couldn’t find anything in the couple’s story to make me have any sympathy for them. I’ve been around some of my family members when they were going to change a child’s diaper and I mean…it was nothing you wanted to open up in a dining room. LOL!

Yes, macaws can go either way. We used to have a pet store that had one and they let you feed it, and it was very tame and liked the attention (and the treats).

I looked up Mark Harmon after I read the wiki article on the play, because it had a list of the notable people involved and did not mention Harmon, which seemed strange to me, so I looked him up and lo and behold, he is a socal boy. Went first to community college, Pierce, then transferred as a junior to UCLA. I left a comment about him on the last thread about his generosity.

USC 35-0 with 5 min left in the 2nd.

@annie: but there *was* a Mark Harmon for Stanford….just a different one I guess.

You know…it used to be in politics that “the kids were off-limits”. I guess not for this Republican congressional staffer.

To hell with the cheerleading stuff. Put this guy on the team!

Yes, I saw his name was Mark Harmon. What tipped me off that it was a different one was that the article on the play did not list him as a famous person.

@16: Ahhh…okay.

Congrats to USC for blasting Notre Dame. 🙂

Well…it appears the SEC championship game is already decided; it will be Bama vs Mizzou. Hell, why even play the game, just go ahead and give it to Bama cuz they are going stomp Mo. ^^’

Well since everything is already predetermined for the SEC I think I’m gonna watch Oregon/Oregon State or Middle Tenn. State vs Univ. of Texas El Paso.

Damn! ANybody else watching the Iron Bowl? I do not believe what I am seeing.,

@chat: I switched back and forth some, but saw that Bama pulled it out…dammit! 👿

Am I the only one here who is old enough to remember 1972, when UCLA had a young QB named Mark Harmon?

Hello everyone, hope your Thanksgiving was great!

Having just spent several days with my brother and his 3-month-old baby (cutest baby ever!), trust me, there is no way you want to see that mess next to you when you’re eating at Chipotle. Ewwwww.

@Molly: That’s what we were talking about…kinda. There was also a Mark Harmon on Stanford’s team, a kicker in the game that included “the play” and I thought it was NCIS Mark Harmon. But annie pointed out that wasn’t the case. See annie’s comment at 11.

mb@25: I swear that the cuter the baby is, the worse it can be with those poopie diapers. Whoa!

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