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A Little Thanksgiving Playlist

Posted on: November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, Widdershins.

This is one of my favorite holidays, second only to Christmas.  It’s a nice, warm tradition – at least it’s warm down here – filled with good food, family friends and (yes, I know) football.  What more could I ask?  (A lot, actually, but that’s a tale for another time.)

Where ever you are going today, I hope it’s good.

Whomever you are with today, I hope that they are friends.

Whatever you’re eating today, I hope it’s great.

Whenever you get back here, leave a note, or just share some songs of you like  I’ll keep the porch light on for you.

(1) Thanksgiving Theme – Vince Guaraldi Trio

(2) The Thanksgiving Song – Mary Chapin Carpenter

(3) Our House – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

(4) Alice’s Restaurant – Arlo Guthrie

(5) Sweet Potato Pie – Ray Charles and James Taylor

(6) Mashed Potatoes – DeeDee Sharpe

(7) Turkey In the Straw – Appalachian Trad.

(8) Good Brown Gravy – Joe Diffee



39 Responses to "A Little Thanksgiving Playlist"

Off to my daughter’s. BBL.

Welllll…it’s music (kinda) and it’s about Thanksgiving (kinda) so I guess it fits and goes so well with my contrarian nature. 😉

Okay, this popped up under Thanksgiving so….

Another favorite:

@6: You back already? I haven’t even had my “church plate” yet. Watching Philly tear up Dallas and getting ready for LSU and A&M. I have no idea what to expect with that one.

I hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving and good food and drink.

@5 Very nice find, Fredster!

@Chat- I love Allison Kraus.

Hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I’m in NashVegas this year with family — too much food or is it, with food and too much family — whatever?

Hope everyone has so much for which to be grateful that the thanking is still going on.

@Mary Luke: I was surprised and delighted to find that when I just searched “Thanksgiving songs”. There were a number of them by the group Rose Ensemble.

Prolix, enjoy that quality time with the family.

Oh yes I believe an LSU cajun fan would do this for a tailgate.

Yowsa. Congrats, Fredster. That was quite a game.

Sorry I got here too late to wish everyone a nice Thanksgiving. I actually woke up sick today. Fredster, that tailgate thing is hard to look at for us poor sick people. Ugh! Am glad LSU won! Hope you all have a nice long weekend.

What is NashVegas? Nashville?

chat@13: I almost thought they were gonna blow it several times before it was over.

annie please don’t make me take down the gator/turkey thing. And yep I do believe Prolix is in Nashville. Nashville is changing, much like nola has changed, and some of it is change that is not to the good. (gentrification which runs people out of their homes/neighborhoods)

Hope you are better soon annie.

Okay, I’m late doing this. And actually I just saw the play again where Fournette just plowed through that Aggie player.

No post for today – Friday Widdershins, but I will have one ready for Saturday/Sunday. Until then let’s just keep this one going.

Fredster, my husband and I watched ” Addams’ Family Values”, last night, and it was great, My adoration for Debbie Jellinsky makes him a wee bit nervous.
That movie was followed by “Airplane” and seeing him laugh so hard at a thirty four year old-can we believe that- movie was the best part of the day.
I hope everyone had a memorably great Thanksgiving.

@17: That was Hershel-esque.

Sweet Sue: I think that scene from Addams Family rings so true for those of us who probably weren’t a part of the “in crowd” in h.s. It’s delicious payback. 😉

Chat: Oh yes, that comparison is being made. Now if we’re that lucky!

About the game last night, Colby Delahoussaye missed two field goals so they put in Trent Domingue who made his kicks.

Skooks had a twitter contest to come up with the most cajunesque name for an LSU player. I came up with Boudreaux Hebert.

Boudreaux is good, but I prefer it as a surname, as in Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. (Yes, Widdershins, that is a real product.) How about Clovis Boudreaux?

Fredster, is that really an alligator?

@24: Likely so.

@23: I was having trouble with first names. If there was a girl LSU player it could be Clotilde Boudreaux Hebert. 😆

And chat is right about Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. It was created by a pharmacist in Louisiana and when he sold the formula he made millions off of it. He’s an LSU fan and he bought one of those HUGE RV-bus things and just cruises around to all the away football games. I’m sure he tailgates in B.R. too.

annie: I’m more than certain that yes that is a gator. I took the image and blew it up and it looks like after they skinned it, they wrapped in bacon or something! 😯 I’ve only had alligator one time and it was fried. I had one bite. That way I could say I had tried it.

You can go here to see a bigger image of it.

The Washington Redskins, keepin’ it classy, did a weird tweet yesterday, and there are some funny responses to it:

My favorite one is at the top and it says: Also, Happy Labor Day from Walmart! There’s also a funny comment:

“Notice they did remove Washington due to the embarrassment it causes.”

We can’t figure out what the red background of this tweet is supposed to be. Is it train tracks? Really weird choice for Thanksgiving…as is using the word redskins in a Thanksgiving message! That must be a really bizarre organization!

annie@29: I saw that about “the Washington football team”. 😉

@chat: Sorry about that with the game. Here Arky had been on a roll and I guess Mizzou was just on a bigger one today. 😦

Oh good, UCLA is losing. 😈

I’ve always like Stanford for some reason.

@annie: Well I just wanted to root for the underdog. And besides, their band is kinda bizarre. 😉

@33: Ah, yes. “The Play”

I think Elway is hubbies all time favorite QB. I’ll show him this tomorrow.

@34: And did you notice who the Stanford kicker was? I never knew until now. And I luv how the Cal player had to dodge the Standford band members. 😆

Who was the Stanford kicker?

@annie: Mark Harmon, now of NCIS fame. I heard the announcer say the name and I thought “naaah…can’t be.” Then, I did a little googling and yep it sure was.

Oh yeah, I know who he is. Wasn’t his Dad a famous college player? btw, Mark Harmon & his wife Pam Dawber do a l o t of charity work, keeping food banks stocked and things like that, and they do it without ever wanting any publicity or credit for it. They have spent millions to help others. They are really a rarity in the Hollywood world. Amazing people.

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