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Lazy Weekend Music: Counting Our Blessings

Posted on: November 21, 2014

This begins the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Most of us will have lots to do next week, so I suggest that we spend this time thinking about the good things in life.  Heaven knows, there hasn’t been a lot of good news lately.  The latest election results were far from stellar, and they culminated one of the most vicious (Ebola, Ebola), contentious (ISIS, ISIS), and downright nasty (Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi) campaigns that I have ever witnessed.  Enough, already.

Let’s have some music that lets us breathe easily, and makes us feel as warm and comfortable as possible.  Try to select songs that remind us of good times, good friends, and good days.  I couldn’t care less about the era, the genre, the artists(s), or whether the tune hit the top forty or not.  Let’s just go with the flow in this absolutely open thread.

(1) Cool Change – Little River Band

(2) Southern Cross – Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

(3) The Way You Look Tonight – The Lettermen

(4) Clouds – Joni Mitchell

(5) God Only Knows – The Beach Boys

(6) The Sea – Rod McKuen



35 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Counting Our Blessings"

It’s been a blah day.

This one’s always nice and relaxing to listen to.

I liked what the person said putting up this song:

Neil Young’s Heart of Gold. no intro crap, no added stuff, just and only the song.

Always enjoyed listening to this one.

A quick football break. Not my usual, but this needs to be posted at least once:

Lovely collection of songs. Fredster, I was just thinking about Heart of Gold for some reason yesterday. Hows the football outlook?

LSU has a bye week, Georgia won, as did Fuzzy’s team. We are waiting on the USC/UCLA game.

@annie: Yep, a bye for us. Good luck tonight to USC!

Ugh. USC is geting their butts kicked by UCLA. I fell asleep on the couch for most of the game! This has been a stressful week all around. I like the theme of the post, count our blessings. A good reminder.

Chat, your Dawgs are doing great this year. Where are they in the standiings?

We’re 9th in the AP, 10th in the Coach’s and whatever the new poll is.

Looks like Missouri isn’t going to make it easy for y’all Chat.

“Back in the day” (and I hate that phrase) in my more adventuresome period, this group would perform at “Tea Dances” at a bar and club on the lower part of Bourbon Street. The group is called The New Leviathan Oriental Fox-trot Orchestra (phew!) and it’s a revival ragtime band I guess. No one could dance to this stuff but it was campy fun. They were very popular in nola for a long time.

Took a bit to find “the right” organ version of Bach’s “Jesu Joy of…”. And I love to sit back with the headphones on, close my eyes and let the sweet music just flow over me.

@19: Nope, they’re not. Therefore, I have a week to practice this:

I remember buying this on 8-track tape when I was in elementary school. Great album. Great song.

Whoa Beata! 8 track huh?

@24: I was cutting-edge, Fredster. Running with scissors. Get outta my way.

From the same time period:

Another song from the same era.

I once spent a winter in the Berkshires. Never again.

I once spent a winter in the Berkshires. Never again.

Can’t blame you on that one.

Oh Gawd…this is just desperate.

@29: I am speechless.

@30: From the picture it looks like it was some kind of mailer (look under the can at the top) and I’m hoping this was just maybe an attack mailer or something. Don’t want to believe she’s that desperate.

Watching Odell Beckham (LSU!) prove that he’s double-jointed or has a rubber spine or something. LOL!

and that flag was on the Dallas player, not Odell.

I saw it. That was an amazing catch.

@33: Yeah, too bad the Giants lost. LOL!

The only more amazing catch that I can recall is Tyrone Prothro’s catch behind the defender’s neck.

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