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Picking at scabs…

Posted on: November 18, 2014

A wonderfully, wintry welcome Widdershiners. For all the lower forty-eight, we are colder than normal. To add to the list of things Noam Chomsky warned us about — saying things you never thought you would hear yourself saying — maybe it will warm up by Thanksgiving.

While watching the evening news last night I was struck by the thought that perhaps we have been struck by another typePicking at scabs photo of coldness — a tempered steeliness of acceptance. For instance, remember just a month ago — ISIS and Ebola were deemed existential threats. Last night it was reported in almost a passing mention, ISIS beheaded another American and an Ebola patient died in Nebraska. One Big Yawn. No set your hair on fire, slap your mother hysterics — just, “nothing to see here, move along” — the political sell-by date has expired on such merchandise.

For a country that has ceded gun safety to the merchants of the gun industry and the four or five million NRA gun fanatics who fortress their homes daring someone “to pry their guns from their cold, dead fingers,” I hear no tumult about yet another calculated effort to enter the homes of twelve million working poor and rip the insurance cards from the hands.

When it comes to the immigration issue, count me as an unrepentant wuss since I had to leave the theater during the scenes where families were torn apart in Schindler’s List, but I find it remarkable and so extraordinarily sad that some percentage of Americans want to do exactly that — tear families apart by vengefully deporting parents from children. I calculate the family value in that exactly nil.

As the Governor of Missouri mouths platitudes about public safety while again mobilizing the National Guard over the killing of an unarmed teenager, I remember in some neighborhoods in this country a mother would better serve the safety of her son by sending him to war rather than allowing him to walk the streets to high school.

I listen to alarming new figures confirming at least 2.5 million children were homeless at some point last year, but there is little surprise when I hear that soon 1% of the population will control more wealth than 95% of the rest of us.

Here’s a confession: I want to be continually shocked by this stuff. I don’t want to accept these facts and mumble something about “it is what it is.” I don’t want to become complacently sad about what can only be described as the grotesque nature of indifference.

So I’m an unapologetic advocate of picking at our collective scabs — the stuff that is counterintuitive, illogical, and intellectually bankrupt. We shouldn’t allow festering frailties to heal into hardened scar tissue that would forever serve as a reminder of our indifference.

There’s a Hindu legend about such things.

BrahmaLong, long ago all men were of divine spirit, but mankind so abused the privilege that Brahma, the god of all gods, decided the godhead should be taken away from man. Brahma decided he must hide the divine spirit where man would never find it again.

One god suggested, “Let us bury it deep in the earth.”

Brahma said, “No, man will dig down until he finds it.”

“Then let us throw it into the deepest part of the biggest ocean,” proposed another god.

“Man will learn to dive and someday come across it,” insisted Brahma.

Another, “Then it can be hidden in the clouds atop the highest mountain of the Himalayas.”

“Man will manage to climb that high some day,” Brahma pointed out. “I have a better idea. Let us hide it where he will never think to look: inside man himself.”

As someone who collects such stories, somewhere along the line it feels as if we have fallen victim to the laziness of being negative, fallen prey to the first emotion of fear, and fallen into a lack of patience to explore beyond the shortest, easiest answer. You can bet the fear-mongering peddlers of negativism aren’t plumbing the depths to share an iota of divinity in short, simple sound bites. For them, as Brahma predicted, their arrogant shallowness will always hide the deeper truth.

Take this conversation in any direction you might like since I have provided no direction whatsoever here. Have a great day.


11 Responses to "Picking at scabs…"

I want to be continually shocked by this stuff. I don’t want to accept these facts and mumble something about “it is what it is.” I don’t want to become complacently sad about what can only be described as the grotesque nature of indifference.

I don’t want to either Prolix but I’m convinced that’s the way it is.

When I read something like this it does seem that the Right will be overjoyed if the subsidies provisions are thrown out except for plans purchased through state exchanges:

Contrary to Krugman’s slashing analysis, it’s not “corrupt” to read a clunky statutory provision according to its literal meaning, as opposed to inferring a more logical intention on the drafters’ part. It might be wrongheaded and mechanistic, but it doesn’t seem deceitful to oblige Congress to speak clearly when it is establishing a far-reaching economic and social policy.

The Right wants Obamacare killed but they don’t want their hands dirtied by doing the deed. They want the Supremes to do it for them.

The Right seems to prevail on all. I wonder how much longer this can go on?

@2: Oh forever probably. Or at least as long as the electorate is gullible enough to buy the Republican screeds.

@2 and 3, here’s my guess. We have seen what Prince Reince did between 2010 and 2012 on voter laws and the reduction in early voting, etc. That was a coordinated, behind the scenes commando type operation engineered and masterminded by the Koch’s Heritage Floundation.

It would not surprise me in the least if there isn’t an operation below the radar to change state electoral laws to award electoral votes by congressional district. That is the only hope for the Republican Party because if you count VA and CO as pretty safe Democratic states, that’s over 270. This analysis of the electoral votes isn’t mine, it is by a conservo-droid, and it is well-written. The changing of election law is something that has been around for quite some time — just putting two and two together to make a negative number in World of Koch.

@4, Floundation was on purpose, but I should have called it the Heretic Floundation.

Chat, so glad to have you back — are you making friends with your new computer?

Oh hell Prolix, not used to seeing you here so late in the evening. I love Heretic Floundation. 😆

I spoke to Chat earlier. I’m mailing her some instructions on how to load Win7 drivers for her printer to her Win8 laptop. So far, she is not happy with Win8 and from the couple of times I’ve had to deal with it, neither am I.

@me: Oh and she was freezing to death to because the temp had dropped to the 50s. I think here it was in the 30s and heading down when we were talking.

@1: “They want the Supremes to do it for them” Yep.

@annie: And then the Repubs will say “Who me???” ever so innocently. 👿

I’m going to sleep. See y’all later today. 😆

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