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Good afternoon Widdershiners! It is my sincere hope your senses are not under assault by the polar vortex — it is much too cold this early in the season and just think there’s another hunk of polar air breaking away and headed south. So this weekend enjoy football, go see a movie, or start looking through Thanksgiving recipes you can conspicuously leave around your kitchen as you unpack the finest concoctions of your favorite caterer.

Where there’s a will…George Will

As per the tradition around these parts, Friday’s post is the news of the weird. There’s nothing more abnormal for me than this first item. I’m actually quoting George Will and quoting him favorably — yes, that George Will, the conservative one who is so uptight his last bout of flatulence burst his eardrum.

Mr. Will, as I’m sure Mrs. Will refers to him, wrote an opinion piece published yesterday. The subject of the essay was the amendment of the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) — the sixty-word piece of drivel sold to Congress in 2001 by Dubya as a non-binding resolution whereupon he promptly proceeded to bind us into two wars that continue to this day.

But I digress…back to Mr. Will’s op ed. Mr. Will spends much time and effort secreting a rather frothy tale of verisimilitude and it takes him until the penta-ultimate paragraph to write these words:

The last 11 years have been filled with hard learning. The 2003 invasion of Iraq, the worst foreign policy decision in U.S. history, coincided with mission creep (“nation building”) in Afghanistan. (Emphasis my own.)

I applaud Mr. Will for publicly saying and admitting what the rest of us have known for a decade, but it is unceremoniously buried so deep in the piece few of the fringe troglodytes will trudge deep enough to lay witness to the blasphemy of their sainted George Will. You know what they say, where there’s a Will, there’s always a cold, pasty, stiff guy who’s got something to say.

A British Boo Boo from the House of Honey

Young Luna with a better photographer than a sonogram...

Young Luna with a better photographer than a sonogram…

Honey Boo Boo move over. Amanda Collins, 28, took “beauty pageant mom” to the next level or maybe all the way to the basement. Earlier this year Ms. Collins entered her daughter Luna in Britain’s UK Princess and Prince International competition. Her entry was based entirely on an ultrasound scan at the ripe old age of 20 weeks. Said Amanda, “As soon as I saw her image on the screen…I knew she was a stunner.”

Contest officials accepted the application based upon the ultrasound scan and named Luna the runner-up in the pageant. Luna received her crown six weeks after she had previously more formally crowned.

Here’s your $21,000

Angry taxpayers and retail customers sometimes protest their debt by paying the bill with containers of coins (especially pennies), but what if a company did that to a customer? A court earlier this year ruled that Adriana’s Insurance Services in Rancho Cucamonga, California, (love the name) had unjustifiably ejected and assaulted a 74-year-old from its offices. Mr. Andres Carrasco had complained about a canceled policy and it didn’t sit well with the folks at Adriana’s Insurance and they forcibly ousted him from their offices.

The court ordered Adriana’s to pay Mr. Carrasco about $21,000. In August, the still-irritated and decidedly unneighborly company dropped off at least 16 buckets full of coinage at Mr. Carrasco’s lawyer’s office. Obviously Adriana’s was hoping Mr. Carrasco would “change”.

Bring Enough to Share

Ms. Ashley Tull, 30, was arrested in Selbyville, Delaware, for teaching her daughter to over-share. It seems Ms. Tull dropped her 4-year-old daughter off at the Hickory Tree Child Care Center and her daughter promptly began sharing small individually wrapped baggies of heroin with her classmates. It was going to be “a party” since the girl’s backpack contained over 200 baggies of heroin.

Smoking is Injurious to Your Health

A man in Aurora, Colorado, suffered life-threatening injuries on October 26 when, as he backed out of his driveway, his front driver’s side tire ran over his head. He had jumped out the driver’s side door to avoid a lit cigarette that had fallen into his jacket. As he fell, he landed underneath the driver’s door as the van continued slowly in reverse. If it is any consolation, afterward the jacket didn’t need pressing.

Fokken A as in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's Red Light District after dark

Amsterdam’s Red Light District after dark

Martine and Louise Fokkens are 71-year-old sisters. They retired after their careers spanning some 50 years. Their careers? The sisters were prostitutes in Amsterdam. (“Fokkens” is their “stage” name, supposedly loosely translated as “old whores” in Dutch.)

Louise has not worked since 2010 because of arthritis (no word on whether it was a chronic work-related condition), but both Louise and Martine appeared in a 2012 documentary. Both appeared in an interview last month with the Jewish news agency JTA where they complained about Amsterdam’s “working girls” are now all foreign and young, and the clients are tourists instead of the steady local clientele. No word on exactly why the Jewish news agency was interested in the ladies’ kvetching.

Conservative Media Makes You Stooopid


Love a Good Survival Story


Have a great weekend and take this conversation in whatever direction you may so desire.



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