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Activist Monday: MadamaB’s MailBox

Posted on: November 10, 2014

Good Monday, Widdershins. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Not long after the debacle of the mid-terms, which almost all the commentariat blamed (correctly) on Obama’s job approval numbers and the failure to get out the wimminz’ vote, I got an email from Jim Dean of Democracy for America in my Mailbox. Yes, my friends…it’s already 2016! And Jim wants YOU to pick three from a list of potential Democratic Presidential candidates.

There are definitely some long shots on that list. I was a good sport and picked the most liberal Governors (Martin O’Malley and Andrew Cuomo) for my #2 and #3, as I think Governors have a skillset that translates well into the Presidency. For my part, I can’t see anyone who is more qualified than The Titanium Pantsuit, Hillary Clinton.

Seems like a lot of people agree with me on that point, if you check out the latest polls from 270toWin, taken two days after Election Day 2014. Per McClatchy-Marist, Clinton handily beats three of the likely Repub contenders, Jeb Bush (hahahaha, as if, Jeb), Chris Christie (the Giuliani of 2016 – seems like a great idea until you get to know him) and Rand Paul (wayyyyy too extreme for the national spotlight).

More fun with polls is to be had over at RealClearPolitics. These are quite hilarious. The story of the Repubs? No one can pick amongst them – Jeb Bush is only a favorite by one measly point. Not so for Hillary…she is favored by 51 points over the other nominees, including (sorry, “progressives” ) Elizabeth Warren. The RCP average of all polls is Clinton +52. You can also see the Iowa polls at that first link – again, Clinton beats all GOP contenders, although Paul Ryan  comes very close. If anyone thinks that would happen anywhere but Iowa, please raise your hand.

None of this is all that surprising to anyone who has been paying attention. My question to the Democratic Party and the DNC is, are you going to step back and let Hillary run and win honestly? Or are you going to tank her again because you are afraid she might actually fight the one-party, right-wing agenda you’ve been pushing for the past 14 years?

What do you think? This is an open thread.


8 Responses to "Activist Monday: MadamaB’s MailBox"

Don’t forget MB that Hillary is more of a centrist, which is exactly why some of the chattering class on the left are not exactly thrilled with her. They say she’s too comfy with the Wall St. folks. And even though she is center-left I think she’s the best choice we have out there.

Hillary should be the shoe-in; hopefully, things will happen naturally this time around and the dnc won’t get to pull any funny stuff.

Quiet, isn’t it annie? I was watching a dog of a football game but nothing else really on.

Interesting tweet. Nepotism is rampant is every possible corner of the entertainment world. We went to a concert this year where the headliner was a famous old rock band and the main guy had been in an even more famous old rock band in his youth. The opening act was his kid, backed up by his own (the fathers) band. The kid couldn’t sing and laker could play him under the table (guitar).

I don’t know much about Luke Russert actually. I wasn’t a big fan of his Dad, but wouldn’t judge the son without seeing him for myself.

Since we don’t have a new post today, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to all our veterans for their service. Let us hope that someone figures out how to get the VA crisis resolved soon.

@6: He’s pretty awful. (Luke that is)

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