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Once more with feeling – weekend light fare!

Posted on: November 8, 2014

wacko criminal lineup

Good Saturday to you Widdershins.   I have decided I like my goofy lineup for my weekend light fare posts so I’m going to keep using it.

My dental issues have gotten better but then I got some bad news from a good friend of mine yesterday.  A really good friend of mine (he and his wife drove me home for the momster’s funeral…I knew I’d never be able to drive) has been fighting some issues with peripheral neuropathy in his right foot.  Essentially the neuropathy had deadened the nerves in his foot and he could not feel that he was having problems there.  He developed cellulitis in that foot and leg and to make a long story short he is going to have to have the leg amputated below the knee.  So far he seems to be handling it well but tomorrow  he and his wife and I are going to check out a few inpatient physical rehab facilities.  However, we have to be done and back to our respective abodes because he and his wife are Alabama fans and I’m LSU so we really cannot be together after kickoff at 7:00 p.m Central Time.  🙂   So because of all of this, this post won’t have as many weird stories or funny youtube clips.

Yeah we’ve all been there…but KFC?  Maybe Popeyes…

So this young woman in China got dumped by her boyfriend.  As many of us have been wont to do, she decided to seek solace in food.

Depressed, Tan Shen, 26, from Chengdu, in China’s southwest Sichuan Province, decided she needed some finger licking good comfort food to get over her ex and turned to what she enjoyed most – Kentucky Fried Chicken.

She said: “I was walking around feeling miserable and decided to stop off at the KFC at the train station.

“I hadn’t planned on staying there long, I just wanted some chicken wings. But once I got in there and started eating I decided I needed time to think.

Okay, I can see the needing time to think thing…”Was it me?  Did I do something wrong?”  We’ve probably all been there after a break-up.  Well Tan sat and she thought.  Oh and had chicken wings and fries.  And she sat some more and thought some more…and had even more wings.  She ended up staying there for a week!  She said she didn’t want to go back to her apt. because it reminded her of her boyfriend.  After the employees from different shifts began to realize that Tan had been there for awhile they got a little concerned.

Worker Jiang Li Lung, 22, said: “We work in shifts here and the restaurant is open 24 hours a day, so we get a lot of people coming through. At first no one really noticed her.

“But after a few days I began thinking she looked really familiar. Then I realised we had been serving her for the past three days and that she hadn’t actually left.

“When we asked her if she was ok, she said she was and just needed time to think. And then asked for another box of chicken wings with extra large fries.”

Well eventually Tan got tired of the KFC, probably the chicken wings too and the scene in general.

“I decided the best thing to do would be to leave the city and go back to my parents. I had already told work I was off sick, so phoned them and said I was leaving.

“And I was getting sick of the taste of chicken so there was no point in staying there anymore.”

Nothing like making a total break, is there?

 Oh Florida…you’re so better than this

Yes I was a teen-aged boy at one time and yes also, the hormones can get the better of you at times.  But seriously, I don’t know about this.

So this 19 yeas old guy was in the Wal-Mart in Brooksville FL.  And while young Sean Johnson of nearby Lake Panasoffkee was in the Wal-Mart he grabbed a stuffed toy horse and took it the bedding dept. where it appears he had his way with the stuffed animal.

The perverted teen allegedly grabbed the stuffed toy from a shelf at the Wal-Mart in Brooksville, Fla. and walked into the bedding department to have some alone time with the toy, store workers told police.

Images caught on Surveillance cameras clearly catches Johnson going to town with the stuffed animal. Once he was finished pleasuring himself, he returned the “contaminated” stuffed animal to the toy department.

Johnson fled before security could apprehend him but Brooksville police later made the arrest.

And what about the stuffed horse?

Wal-Mart gathered the merchandise as well as others that came in contact with it – and removed the items from the toy aisle.

Okay so the Wal-Mart “removed the items from the toy aisle”.  BUT DID THEY THROW THEM AWAY??????
I mean, this is Wal-Mart folks.   I would not be visiting the toy dept. at that particular Wal-Mart for a looong time if ya know what I mean.

 A couple of You Tube vids

You’ve been here…you know it.  It’s the dreaded Customer Service Call.  The only thing this video doesn’t have is the phrase “Please listen carefully as our menu options have recently changed”.   👿

Simon the Cat refuses to “dog”

This cat definitely enjoys corn on the cob

Okay Widdershins that’s all I’ve got.  As I said, I’ve got to be back away from my Bama friends by kickoff.  Bama is a 6 & 1/2 pt favorite, but you know what?  It’s Saturday night…in Baton Rouge…in Tiger Stadium.  Strange things happen there when Les Miles is coaching a football game.  Allons les Tigres! 

Oh and one last thing:  As you may know LSU has Mike the Tiger as their mascot.  We currently have Mike VI.  Folks have been disappointed because Mike hasn’t made an appearance at a game this year.  The vet who is in charge of Mike’s care says Mike simply doesn’t want to get in his traveling carriage.  And as the vet says: “He’s a Tiger.  He doesn’t want to go.  Who’s to make him?”  Really!  And that’s a shame because part of the tradition is that when Mike makes an appearance at Tiger Stadium his handlers have a habit of placing his carriage in front of the doors to the locker room of the opposing team.

Traditionally, Mike the Tiger will get into a trailer and sit outside the opponent’s locker room on the field as an intimidation factor. And it works.

Former Alabama defensive end Marcell Dareus was terrified of it when he made the trip to Death Valley in 2010.

“That thing, that thing scared the life out of me,” he said at the time.

Heh.  We need him tonight.

Okay folks, completely open thread.  Take it where you will.  I’ll be back here after the game either playing a fight song or the Gloom, Despair Hee-Haw song.



39 Responses to "Once more with feeling – weekend light fare!"

I’m back from looking at rehab facilities and my friends and I have withdrawn to our separate abodes. A couple of the facilities seemed really nice for what they do.

Congrats to chat’s Bulldogs!

Picture of the wedding cake at a nerd wedding, in a brewery in nola.

Oh boy…here we go.

Geaux Tigers! We have the game on in our hotel room!

Hubbie says that should be a touchdown for LSU.

Hubbie has a better eye than the ref!


So glad you’re here!

Did u play La. Sat. Nite?

I swear to God I’m gonna have to mute the damned teevee!

Poor Fredster! what a tense game. We thought you guys had it in the bag, and then they tied it.

Trojans don’t play til Thurs.

C’mon LSU! Why didn’t he just go for a 1st down?

Well it wasn’t meant to be. 😦

Really! Good question annie!!

The announcers are now saying what hubs said, that they should have gone for a 1st down instead of throwing to the end zone. That last one, it looked like pass interference, I thought, but I am no expert. What a shame! It was a hard fought game though. LSU has a mighty defense.

I have not had an alcoholic beverage since around last Christmas. Tonight might be a good time to have another.

i thought there should have been a call too but…

We’re having a rum and coke.

Well I ordered a pizza and it has arrived so I guess I’ll seek solace in some food.

Trojans on Thurs? I’ll be able to watch that. 🙂

I’m not even gonna read the online articles on Don’t even want to bother with them. I’ve switched over to Oregon and the Utes.

We got a pizza from Little Italy in SD. It was delicious. We have Oregon on also. Enjoy your pizza, Fredster, and remember…it could be worse…you could be a basketball and baseball fan and live in L.A.!

annie said: you could be a basketball and baseball fan and live in L.A.!

Now that *would* be dreadful! And I bet your pizza is better than mine. Mine is from Dominos. Meh.

😯 Uuutah got a doink!

Looks like the Jets may win their 2nd game all year. I don’t know why they didn’t fire Rex Ryan after that Tebow debacle.

Our basketball program is going through a s***storm. It’s awful here. Three players have been suspended and another is in the hospital with a traumatic head injury after being run over by one of the suspended players. Our football team is playing like crap but it’s nothing like the basketball situation. I’m heartsick about the injured basketball player. He may never fully recover.

@34: I meant a traumatic brain injury.

Beata, that’s horrible about the basketball player. Was there any alcohol or drugs involved or anything making the suspended driver impaired? I mean, I guess you meant run over by a car, right?

Saints also lost today. There will not be enough liquor in nola/La to handle two losses. 😉

@36: The suspended player ( a freshman ) had been drinking. Possibly on drugs too. He was driving an SUV when he ran over his teammate. They may have been playing some kind of “game”. There were other people in the SUV but no one is talking about what exactly happened. Information about the injured player being drunk or on drugs has not been released. He’s lucky to be alive. The other suspended players failed multiple drug tests. The program is a hot mess.

@38: Good grief, what kind of game were they playing; stand there and let me run over you?

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