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I Was Smeared Online for Being Disabled: How the Internet Amplifies the Politics of Hate

Posted on: October 29, 2014

I wanted to reblog this piece by Lamar White a blogger from La. He made an appearance in support of Wendy Davis for Texas Gov. and the manner in which he  was treated and described afterwards was revolting and I think shows just how dirty politics can be.  Lamar is a scary-smart young man going to law school in Texas.  He is a fantastic blogger and I read his pieces each time he publishes a new one.


My father was a big believer in making New Year’s resolutions. At the end of every year, he’d set audacious, nearly impossible goals for himself- writing a book, learning a foreign language, recording an album, running for political office, training for a marathon. On December 31st of every year, my father was the most ambitious man in America.

But he wasn’t delusional. Don’t get me wrong. He was perfectly capable of doing everything he aspired to do, and in fairness to him, he’d balance out his outsized resolutions with other, more manageable, and more pedestrian goals.

10535592_985195448291_4183952736902386221_oI think he just enjoyed the exercise of making a list of goals, even if some of them seemed way too lofty to achieve in a single year. It was both positive reinforcement and a way to hold himself accountable.

I may have inherited my father’s sense of ambition, but unlike him, I’ve never been keen…

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31 Responses to "I Was Smeared Online for Being Disabled: How the Internet Amplifies the Politics of Hate"

Fredster, I finally got around to reading it and left this comment:

“Lamar, you rock! A thousand thanks to you for fighting for the disabled. My son and husband have muscular dystrophy, so I have my hands full, but thanks to the benefits that are available to the disabled here in California, my son is getting a college education for a fraction of the cost, plus any extra help that is needed for various disabilities. My son is an honor student, loves life and is full of dreams for his future. I’m sorry that conservative idiot blogger and the others disparaged your bold stand for the disabled at Wendy’s press conference, but know you have the support and admiration of many people around the country. I have read all about Wendy and Abbott, btw. She was on John Stewart on Monday night. I so hope she wins.”

That is really despicable that the right wing nut jobs went after a bunch of disabled people. Gahhhh!!!!

Fredster, have you seen Stewart this week? He is in Austin. Pretty funny stuff. Wendy Davis was on Wed. She looks fabulous btw. She must be a tough woman to put up with all the vitriol she receives on a daily basis. God, I hope she wins.

annie: Glad you were able to read the piece. It’s one thing to have political disagreements but those idiots just take it waaay too far. When you have a chance, poke around his blog and read some of the pieces. As I said, he is a scary-smart young man and fantastic writer.

Yes, I’ve been watching his shows that he did there. I swear I’ll never understand their politics, it’s just insane.

Two of my friends moved to Texas between 5 and 10 years ago and have both tried to talk us into moving there because housing is so much cheaper. Although they admit that the weather is atrocious, and the politics are insane.

@1: I’m going to go over to Lamar’s website and “like” your comment. 🙂

Yeah, but their property taxes are sky high. I think it’s pretty even between no income tax and then what you pay for property taxes.

Have you the front page of huffpo? The GOP are supposed to win an historic number state chambers?!?! Unbelievable.

Haven’t seen that yet. Dear Lord, what are people thinking?

Oh and I went over to CenLamar and your comment isn’t up yet. You know how wp is; first comment by you on a blog goes to spammy and he’ll have to let you out. When he does, I’ll give you a thumbs up.

Oh sure, I saw that it was moderated. That only makes sense, the poor guy doesn’t want to be bombarded with hateful comments.

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series in the 7th game. Lucky San Francisco! They have won 3 WS’ in just 5 years. Laker thinks they are a dynasty team now.

Oh I forgot to say congrats to the Giants! To be honest, I thought K.C. could pull it out. Don’t mention dynasty…that’s Phyllis from Mulga. 😆

Oh lord, I’ve got to fix something to eat. I really haven’t felt like it much but hell, it’s after midnight here. Ouch!

Oh, chat is still w/out a computer so guess we’ll leave this one up…not sure.

Fredster, did you see this? Doctors Against Borders fighting Obama admin over the drug companies and their evil policies:

annie@16: Jesus, he’s as bad as when the Repubs created Part D for medicare but refused to let the government negotiate for prices.

I spoke to chat tonight and I told her I was very concerned if Big Pharma develops a vaccine for Ebola because they will want to price it out of reach for most people, probably even those who have health insurance, like they did the cancer drug that was mentioned in the HuffPo article, charging $5k a month for the medicine! The pharmaceutical companies get money from NIH for research and they get tax breaks for the cost of their research. And I think the U.S. is the only country that lets them keep patents on their medicines as long as they do. Grrrr!! 👿

Oh well annie, looks like it’s you and me on the comments front since chat is still under “radio silence”. 😆

I don’t expect she’ll be back until next week from what she told me.

(sigh) In his continuing saga of showing how ignorant people can be, lil booby jindal and his DHH secretary just uninvited some of the 3,600 people who were going to nola for a medical conference on tropical medicine. The “order” said that if a member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene had been to one of the 3 African countries with ebola outbreaks, they should not come to the conference. I wonder how the gret stet of Looziana would stop them?

omg! That’s terrible! He is such a jerk. Poor New Orleans, being stuck with him as governor. (Thats how I felt when we had Ahnold)

annie: It’s part of his pandering to the right wing/tea party people. And this is prime-time convention season in nola. It’s not as hot/humid as in the summer where people will just about swoon from the heat and humidity. And 3600 attendees? That’s a LOT of hotel rooms. Plus, this is the exact group of medical folks you want to get together at this time. If there’s any group of medical professionals who know about Ebola, these are the ones. Plus, these idiots sent the same letter to the American Public Health Association who are going to be in nola in November. You’re right, he is a jerk.

Okay I’m getting ready to see if I can watch the NFL Thurs night game on my smart phone. It’s supposed to be part of my Verizon plan and the game is only on the NFL network which I don’t have. Gonna see how well I can possibly see the game on this phone. LOL! And probably there goes my bandwidth charges too.

Oh yay!! I can get the game on my phone!!! Of course I may regret that before the game is over. 😯

I’ve heard about that football thing. I’ve seen men watching the games on their phones at the Mall and other places.

Agree that lil Boobies cutting out the medical convention will be a terrible blow financially for NO. I can’t believe this. I wonder if the docs will sue.

@24: It’s the first time I’ve tried using the phone. I was in the middle of watching and then got a txt that I had used 75% of my data plan! I thought I had connected to the wi-fi but apparently not. I shut down the app and then made sure I got connected to the wi-fi. It’s a beautiful picture but it’s on a phone. Makes me want to think about getting a tablet.

Oh and I doubt the docs will sue. More likely they’ll never book their convention in nola again. Just a big loss of $$$s.

Rachel Maddow talking about lil booby jindal…basically saying he’s an asshole for telling the docs who probably know the most about Ebola to not come to nola if they’ve been in Africa. 😆

Saints won!! Who dat!!



annie it was great game. The Saints were in almost total control the entire game and won 28-10. Now we’ll have to see if they can keep it going.

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