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Once more it’s time for Saturday Light Fare!

Posted on: October 25, 2014

wacko criminal lineup

Good Saturday to you Widdershins.  Once again it’s time for some of the strange, odd or funny things I’ve found while surfing on the internets.  This episode will be somewhat short due to the fact that I spent a lot of the afternoon and early evening on a couple of Louisiana political blogs discussing the upcoming races there.  All of the typing there has gotten my arms and fingers a bit pooped.

When you’re just too tired to burgle

This burglar either had a busy night or he was just plain pooped…who knows.  However, while he was attempting a burglary at a home in Nokomis Fl,  he was either already tired from a busy night of burgling or else the bed just looked too damned good to pass up a snooze.  Either way he laid down and then was off to slumber land, bag of stolen goodies in his arm.  So anyway, when the cleaning woman arrived in the morning, that’s exactly where she found him and she called the police.  The police arrived and even when they were photographing him, he never moved.  He was arrested, charged with burglary and booked into the jail.


You know, there’s a reason those banks put a limit on this

And no, I don’t mean your local FDIC-backed Chase, Bank of America or other financial bank.  I mean a sperm bank.

It seems that Zheng Gang, 23, had gone to make a, er, um, deposit at the bank.  I guess he enjoyed it so much that it was his fourth deposit of the week.

Zheng Gang, 23, was found dead in a private booth of a fertility clinic at Wuhan University after nurses noticed he was spending longer than usual producing his sample.

Two hours after he first entered the cubicle, medics broke in to find him lying unconscious on the floor.

Despite frantic efforts to resuscitate him where he lay, doctors pronounced him dead at the scene.

The tragic death – which happened in February 2012 –  only came to light after the young man’s family took the sperm bank, in Wuhan city, Hubei province, eastern China, to court saying that they were responsible for his death.

Alas, the court ruled that young Zheng was perfectly capable of making his own decisions and could make up his own mind about how frequently he wanted to make the “donations”.

So I guess you could consider the pig already marinated

A group of people were camping in the DeGrey River rest area located east of the remote Western Australian town of Port Hedland.  While they were camping, a feral pig rummaged through their camping area and made off with three 6-packs of beer!

The animal was seen stealing three six-packs of beer from campers before ransacking rubbish bags for food.
One camper reported seeing the pig guzzling the beer before getting involved in an altercation with a cow.

Now anyone who chugs 18 beers is not going to end up in good shape and I’m sure all kinds of strange behavior will ensue.

“In the middle of the night these people camping opposite us heard a noise, so they got their torch out and shone it on the pig and there he was, scrunching away at their cans,” said the visitor, who estimated that the pig had consumed 18 beers.

“Then he went and raided all the rubbish bags. There were some other people camped right on the river and they saw him being chased around their vehicle by a cow.”

The pig was reportedly last seen resting under a tree, possibly nursing a hangover.

I’m sure there have been lots of folks who felt the same way after a night out on Bourbon Street!  LOL!

Some assorted youtubes

I cannot remember if I previously put up this one of the English Bulldog pup playing hide and seek.  If so, oops, but I’ll delete it from the list now.

In this one Jimmy Kimmel played a trick on some, shall we say “faux” fashionistas at NY Fashion Week.  The results were funny!

I have no idea why I bookmarked this youtube but here it is.

This next one is a short clip that shows a Weimaraner who just loves it when his master opens up the sun roof on the car.

Finally this last one is an old clip that’s been around for awhile but if you haven’t seen it, it’s terribly funny.

Okay folks that’s it for today and the post will remain up tomorrow also.  It’s a completely open thread so comment on whatever you desire.  I’ll be back later when the football games start.

63 Responses to "Once more it’s time for Saturday Light Fare!"

So Edwin Edwards showed up at LSU homecoming.

No comment needed.

Homecoming frat/sorority house decorations at LSU.

Prolix’s Wildcats are giving Miss State a pretty good run for their money; only down by 7 in the 3rd qtr.and they just sacked Dak!

Some very funny stuff in this post, Fredster. Loved the faux Fashion Week designers and designs. That red solid and print burka-type thing was divine even if it was suffocating. Definitely worth several thousand bucks ( of someone else’s money ) .

Great photos of LSU’s homecoming!

No FB game for my school today which is a blessing. We’re having Hoosier Hysteria night for BB. It’s always a big deal.

@6: Hey Beata! Wasn’t that hysterical with the “designers”? LOL! Betsy Ross and Chandler Bing and Bartles & Jaymes. Hahahahaaaa!

Great photos of LSU’s homecoming!

Since I was here by myself I figured I’d just put in some of skooks’ picture tweets. What the hell. 😉

@7: Yes, Betsy has a way with those stars and stripes! And Bartles and Jaymes’ collection was so refreshing!

@6: A walk-on won our dunk contest tonight, beating out two returning starters. It’s going to be a long and painful season for the Hoosiers.

A walk-on won our dunk contest tonight, beating out two returning starters. It’s going to be a long and painful season for the Hoosiers.

Oh Gawd, that’s embarrassing. 😳

LSU down by 4 at the half. Had a couple of really dumb mistakes and a missed f.g. Sigh…could be worse.

Hey, LSU still down by 4 in the 3rd but the score is just 7-3! Can still win this one.

Beata this has been the damnedest game. And now I think the Ole Miss players are getting pissed off and it’s costing them. Got my fingers crossed.


Now just hold on boys and don’t let Ole Miss come back.



LSU with a TD and the lead 10-7.

Fredster, that is quite a crowd at the game. LSU really knows how to do Homecoming.

LSU defense gettin’ the job done!

Beata, this rivalry goes back ovr 100 yrs. And Ole Miss won last year in Oxford and it was really LSU’s fault.

Yay Tigers!

Our QB got creamed in the beginning of the game, and went out for awhile but is back. Hubbie said it was unnecessary roughness, but of course it wasn’t called. The QB is back in and the score is now 7-7, and there was almost a fight. Looks like it will be a long nite! 🙂

Sounds like the LSU game is all defense!

Yep, offense very weak with the 1/4backs. Running is about all they can do.

Damn, keep ’em out of FG range!

Did you guys hear that Jack Bruce died? He was 71. i’ll put up a Cream video after the games are over.

Oh shit! Damned pass interference call. 👿

Yep I heard that.

Oh Gawd..miss the f.g.



Congrats, Fredster. Time for the LSU fight song vid.

That was exciting! I’m so happy for you, Fredster!!!

You couldn’t hold that Tiger Ole Miss! Hotty Toddy my ass!!!

Les Miles’ mom passed away yesterday. I wanna think the boys won that one for him.

Thanks Beata. That indeed was a game. (I just had to take 1/2 a xanax). Gotta call chat now.

Now we gotta cheer for annie’s USC.

Say “Hi” to Chat for us. Hope she’s feeling better.

Congrats Fredster. A well-fought game!

Also send best to chat! Miss her.

USC goes all the way for a TD! Leads 14-10.

Chat says she misses everyone here too and that the “radio silence” is not by choice. 😆

Okay, I’m going to order a pizza and munch down while USC plays.

#@34: Thanks annie. I’ll be curious tomorrow to see how far LSU moves up in the polls.


Aw right now. C’mon USC!

There ya go: Touchdown!!

Utah player was NOT in bounds.

Oh boy…what a heart breaker. 😦

@42, yeah that was weird. All in all, a sloppy game all around. Ah well, its not gonna be a great year for us. Maybe next year. We don’t know what to think about Sark yet.

i’m glad LSU won and had a great homecoming. Fredster, how did the other Widdershin teams do?

@45: Well your game was hard fought. I’m not real familiar with the Pac-12 so I’ll have to check some things out tomorrow.. Is this your 2nd loss?

Ah, as far as Widdershins football teams, Chat and Fuzzy’s teams had a bye week for both. Then they meet each other this week in what’s called “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party”. LOL!

Prolix’s Kentucky Wildcats lost but put up a good fight with Miss. State, and I think Beata said Indiana was off this week. LSU will be off this coming week and then the week after…gulp, Alabama at home in Baton Rouge. Now maybe…just maybe after beating the team that beat Bama….no I don’t want to go there just yet. 😉

This is USCs third loss this year. Funny about the Cocktail Party! We’re counting on LSU to beat ‘bama! We must think positive all week!

Laker & I have been haggling over which Cream vid to put up. There really aren’t any with good visuals; in fact, not too many with great sound. This one is sorta interesting anyway and shows a lot of Jack Bruce, so I picked it:

Oh okay, three. The season isn’t over yet.

We’re counting on LSU to beat ‘bama! We must think positive all week!

From your fingers to the football gawd’s ears. LOL!

Nice clip annie. Wow, Royal Albert Hall!

Here’s another Cream song. This one has the wah pedal. In the 2005 Royal Albert Hall Cream reunion, Clapton didn’t use his wah, which bugs laker, since the wah-wah sound is integral to the Cream sound. He also played a strat at RAH, which bugs a lot of Cream fans because a strat has a higher thinner sound rather than the thicker, deeper sounds that Claptons Gibsons (Les Paul, SG, ES 335). Still, the new reunion videos are beautifully filmed. But I digress, this was supposed to be about Jack Bruce:

Oh I heard the wah-wah here. Good video and sound on this one.

Oh and you’ve got to think positive for two weeks. Both bama and LSU off this week and then they meet on Nov. 8th.

Ok, I can do that for two weeks! Here is a good song from the Royal Albert Hall in 2005. Bruce sounds decent here, by the end of the concert his voice was gone. Poor guy. Aging really sucks.

Laker is bummed that Jack Bruce died. He was hoping for another Cream reunion and hoping to see them. He wanted to see all the great old rockers before they’re gone. He’s seen a lot though: Clapton, Stones, John Mayall, The Moody Blues, Robby Kreiger, Ringo, Bonnie Raitt, Allman Bros, Doobie Bros, Toto, Glen Frey & Tim B Schmidt, REO, Buddy Guy, and many more that I can’t remember right now.

Sounds like he’s met a good number of them annie. That’s just one of those things (insert any trite phrase here that you wish)

@54: Yep that was a good one. From what I read, it said he died of liver disease and read another article mentioning that (naturally) in the earlier days he and the band liked to party hardy. Don’t know if that played into the liver disease or not.

Well I think I’ve got to call it a night. I do believe my half a xanax and then the inevitable relief/wind down from the game is having its effect. I’m yawning like crazy. See ya tomorrow! And now I have to worry about how the Saints are going to do against Green Bay…badly most likely. LOL!

Fredster, Uppity commented on her site today. She had surgery on her heart a few days ago and just moved out of the ccu.

annie, I follow her blog and saw sophiect had done a new post. She mentioned something about upps getting out of the hospital but didn’t know what it was. I’ll go over there to read what they say.

On a good note SAINTS WIN!!! A twofer for the weekend.

Glad you had a good weekend!

I think there has to be a new rule: Saints can only play in the Dome. 😉

check email when you have a chance.

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