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Lazy Weekend Music: Talk About It

Posted on: October 17, 2014

Good weekend, Widdershins.  I have a whopping case of laryngitis.  Therefore, it is only reasonable to spend the weekend dis cussing music about talking.  I can live subliminally through these tunes while resting my vocal chords.  My throat is scratchy, but not awful.  I just do not have a voice.  I have even stopped answering the phone, because I cannot croak at a sufficient volume to be heard.  Yes. it is awful.

So, please join me in musical conversation, or whatever else captures your fancy in this wide open thread.

(1) Sweet Talking Guy – The Chiffons

(2) Jive Talkin’ – The BeeGees

(3) Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About –  Bonnie Raitt

(4) Talk to Me – Sunny and the Sunglows

(5) Everybody’s Talkin at Me –  Harry Nilsson



34 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Talk About It"

Now you know: this is a low-down dirty shame.

Oh annie, I won’t be able to see the USC/Colorado game; it’s on the PAC 12 network. 😦

@1, huh. wonder if I’ll be able to see it then. We don’t pay for sports channels. Oh well, I really don’t care. The dudes will have lots of stories when they get home tomorrow nite. They are going early, to enjoy the homecoming festivities.

@8: Maybe it will be shown on another network like ESPN or Fox Sports or something since that is a local uni ?

I’m sorry that you’re ailing, chatblu.
Feel better, soon.
I’ve had laryngitis twice: twice as a child and once in my forties.
It’s a most interesting condition; you open your mouth to speak and nothing comes out; then, one day, your voice is back.

Beata@10: I had never heard that song before.

I didn’t notice that chat had already put in Jive talkin’ so I deleted mine.

We get California Brown Tarantulas here in my area, and they can be pretty big, but I don’t remember ever seeing any that big. They usually come out in summer. Nasty looking things.

My Dudes are enjoying their USC homecoming day today. I guess I should look for the game, it should be starting soon.

@annie: To me, all spiders are nasty looking things. I have a rule: If they get into my space, they don’t get out…alive.

So far, the games I’ve seen have been complete blowouts except for the Baylor-WVA game. Great for the winning team; boring to watch.

Congrats to chat’s Dawgs. Since she’s not around I’ll put up her song.

Congrats to annie’s USC team.

Congrats to my Tigers. This is probably the best we’ll do. Next up: Ole Miss and (bleh) Bama.

So annie, did the guys have fun?

The guys had a great time, thanks. They haven’t been to a USC game in 3 years or so because of hubbies legs not being up to all the walking then all the flights of stairs. The L.A. Coliseum is old and not disabled friendly. Hubbie has gone to Lakers and Clippers games at Staples Center (a beautiful newish arena with great accessibility) and Dodger Stadium many times in wheelchairs or crutches with no problem. However, I called the vendor we bought the tickets from, and they called the Coliseum, who set aside two nice tix for them, on the aisle and in the lowest section, which was great for them. We got the tickets from Goldstar, and I highly recommend them if they service your area. They have every type of tickets, concerts, sports, other entertainment stuff at low prices, and have the best customer service. We go out a lot, and never buy from the big ticket companies, like stubhub, which are a ripoff. We know employees/owners at the places we like to go, who give us tix (we give away a lot of tickets), or hubbies friends and work contacts, who are always giving us stuff, and then we buy from Goldstar or craigslist. So, we do a lot, but pay a fraction (or nothing) of the cost.

Rowdy at the pumpkin patch?!? Halloween brings out the weird in people. I worked at an alarm company (nights) for several years when I was young, and I chose to work every Christmas so I could choose to not work on Halloween which was always the busiest night of the year. Huge hassle, with alarms going off all the time, thanks to the dear little Halloween revelers throwing rocks through plate glass windows to get their jollies.

annie said: they called the Coliseum, who set aside two nice tix for them, on the aisle and in the lowest section

Wow, that was incredibly nice! I would imagine with it being homecoming that it was a pretty full stadium. Glad they had a good time.

I’ll check out the Goldstar thing.

I have been to exactly one Saints game in the Dome and I went with a couple of guys from work at the Navy. They were able to get cheap tix because of being military. However, they were up in the nosebleed section. I felt like I needed binoculars to see the game. Then those two clowns got about half-drunk and I just wanted to get underneath the seat.

I did go to a Tulane f.b. game in the Dome because I got a freebie ticket since I was going to school there part-time in the evening. It was god-awful but you could sit just about anywhere in the stadium.

Halloween working for an alarm company? No way!

Fredster, I have actually never been to a football game. Not since High School! I was invited several times over the years, even to a couple of Rose Bowls, but just never cared to go for some reason. I didn’t pay much attention to football til I married hubbie, and he has bugged me for years to go, but I always tell him to make it a father son thing. I have been to lots and lots of baseball and basketball games, ever since I was 6 years old. My grandma (I had the coolest grandma!) started taking me at age six to the Dodgers, she was a crazy Dodger fan. When I worked at the Country Club, I would get tix from the Dodgers, Lakers, Kings (hockey) & Clippers. I gave the hockey tix to my brother and we went to most of the others.

annie, when I was in college in Ky I saw *lots* of college football since I was in the marching band. Kind of a requirement to go to them. 😉

LOL! Was it fun to be in the band? The guys really enjoy the USC marching band.

Hubbie said the people at the Coliseum were incredibly nice! They enjoyed eating bbq there.

annie@32: Yeah, pretty much it was. We had a damned good marching band and big too. I think we had over 300 people in the band. The director was a perfectionist and we met the last class session in the afternoons on the practice field. There were days we couldn’t wait for dark to fall so practice would be over, but over all, yes it was fun.

Hubbie said the people at the Coliseum were incredibly nice!

Aww, that’s nice and I bet the bbq was good. Folks will go all out in their tailgate cooking at college football games.

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